Following Mafia's example and creating a zaidi YJ oriented OC~

Name: Fey
Meaning of name: fairy
Hero Name: Valkyrie
Eye Color: soft brown
Hair Style/Color: dirty blonde, curly
Age: 19
Special features: white wings that fold neatly under her clothes when in civvies
Abilities: flight (wings), fast healing, super strength and speed
Species: Amazonian
Birth place: Themyscira

Civvies: comfortable black leggings, grey converse, white socks, dark blue Gotham chuo kikuu, chuo kikuu cha sweatshirt, golden bracelet with green gems and matching earrings
Hero suit: see pic at right

Background: Fey was born from an Amazonian woman and a mysterious winged man who visited Themyscira once nine months before she was born. Fey was raised on the island, training like the other Amazonians. However, she bled and aged like a human, so she was always treated as a weakling. Her wings also made her stand out. She's very self-conscious and anxious, which makes her clumsy.
Fed up with being treated poorly, Fey decided to fly away when she was 18, despite not knowing anything about the outside world. Her mother caught her, but rather than stop her, she gave her the bracelet and earrings that she had made from the stones that her lover had aliyopewa to her.
After hours of flying, Fey fell exhausted onto a freight ship and woke in a shipping yard near Gotham in the middle of a battle between Nightwing, Dove, and Count Vertigo. She helped him win--mostly kwa serving as a distraction kwa flying around Count Vertigo and shouting explicit things. Afterwards, she explained her situation was taken under his wing as a stray. Batman was willing to help her because of her link to Wonder Woman as another Amazonian. Fey now lives on campus at Gotham University, her room and board completely funded kwa the Wayne Foundation. She also helps out on missions whenever called in.

Fun facts:
*Fey has always looked up to Wonder Woman as her hero
*She loves school, but struggles because of her lack of learning some subject growing up, like math and chemistry; her best subject is history.
*She gets anxious easily, but has practiced calming herself for exams and fighting