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New series, takes place two years into the future. link. Enjoy!

Hope wewe enjoy!
Jacob was a drug dealer. He worked late nights in Trinity, out in the open. No one stopped him; the police force was corrupted, and the Heroes of the League were always too busy to pay any attention to this city. So he went about his business .
Tonight, however, something seemed different. He could feel someone watching him as he walked home. But whenever he turned, there was no one, no one at all. Shaking his head, he continued on. If wewe studied him, wewe could see how managed to songesha a little zaidi quickly this time....
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Jacob Powell
Alias: Naliak
Age: 16
Powers/skills: -controls shadows
Past: Jacob grew up in less wealthy family than Dariyn, Hikaru and Kaoru. He only got accepted into the academy kwa his academic scholarship. He followed around the three most talkative people he knew. They eventually rubbed off him, and Jacob now talks....rarely.
Others:-Sees better in the dark than the light.
-Wears mostly dark clothing
-The Hitachiin Twins and Dariyn refer to Jacob as "scary"
-Escapes from the world through his headphones.
-Carries around pistols
posted by XxKFforeverXx
I didn’t add Jaime because, well wewe know him. Plus, these are my last OC’s unless I futa some.

Names: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
Alias: Scuro and Edel
Age: 16
Powers/skills: Hikaru: -Powers of bad luck, much like Jinx from Teen Titans.
-hand to hand combat
Kaoru: -Opposite of his brother, good luck
-hand to hand combat
-field tactics
Past: Kaoru and Hikaru were born into a rich family, and still are a part of that. At the age of five, the boys discovered there powers when Hikaru was playing and "accidently" tripped Kaoru. The boys grew up without any Marafiki because no one...
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posted by InfinityYJ
End of the minis! :D Enjoy!

It took them zaidi than an saa to find the three of the girls. kwa that time they had ended up zaidi than 10 miles away from basically any civilization, because the toddlers had somehow snuck onto a train that stopped in the middle of nowhere. But they’d found them.
“Don’t ever do that again, please,” Eric pleaded with the small four-year-old, who was screaming happily in his arms. “Please.”
“Okay!” Fin giggled, grabbing his arm. He slowly handed her over to Hayden, who was looking at her with disgust. “Where are wewe going?” Hayden asked him.
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posted by Robin_Love

listen and read

She looked over at the calendar on her wall. It was circled in dark blue marker, the day's date. She thought back to the day, feeling nothing but a uchungu, chungu feeling. She thought of his dark eyes, his black hair, chiseled form. Her thoughts turned away from him and turned to someone else. White hair, sparkling eyes, lean and chiseled form. A smile lit her face. She exited her room and headed to the living room. The others were in there and they looked at her when she entered. Terror smiled at her.
“Hi guys. Wanna do me a favor?”
The four looked at each other before...
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AN: Red Revenge: International (Man of Mystery) is a large book set to start publishing January 1st and go until April 1st, the premiere of the final RR book. This takes place in 2021. Current timeline is 2025. Also, a certain spy film series doesn't exist in RR's universe.

(RR: International takes place when Sam and holly are 21 and 20. A certain spy-action adventure film series doesn't exist. >:)...))

Holly boarded the elevator, adjusting her jacket. God, they were secret agents. Why the hell did they have to dress up like bank owners and secretaries? 

"Special Agent Fowling says you're...
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posted by RichiYJ
Yup. It's a one-shot about Richi. Enjoy.

November 7th.....It was that time of mwaka again. I stared at the horizon as the sun gently climbed up, spilling its rays across the forest Higher and higher it went, until it finally rose to the spot at which everyone sees it at as they climb out of their beds. Sighing, I leaped down from the tree, and landed on the cold ground with a soft thud.

I walked slowly to the forest's edge, mentally creating a shopping orodha of the items I need from the market, when an arrow zoomed so close to my face, it cut me as it flew past me and embedded itself in the trunk...
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WARNING: The following fanfiction has been rated "M" for mature audiences only. This book does/may contain suggested rape, violence, cruel and unusual treatment of people, sexual references, drug use, adult language, and disturbing scenes that may not be suitable to younger viewers.

You have been warned.

The Watchtower

June 18, 02:09 EST

Sam held the ice-pack to his jaw. A few cuts on his face were all that was left of his fight with Batman. He leaned back in his chair, glaring at anyone stupid enough to look at him. Batman was still arguing.

"His actions were brash, stupid, reckless...
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posted by Red-Revenge

Previously on Red Revenge…

"All squad members ripoti to the briefing room now!" Nightwing ordered. The teens exchanged looks before following Nightwing at a jogging pace to the briefing room.

"No time for a full de-brief. Everyone suit up and meet on the bio-ship in five. We've got a rescue to preform."

"On who?" Cassie asked.

"Red Revenge." Nightwing said.


"Before I answer anything, I want to know what Ra's meant kwa 'family ties'."

Before anyone could respond, the door hissed open Rose tossed something into the room, grinning.

"GRENADE!" Deathstroke yelled, leaping to the side as the rest...
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Endgame Enable

(Part 2)

Previously on Red Revenge…

"Blue Beetle, ripoti to mission room immediately."

Batman walked in and pulled up the necessary files. Beetle walked in.

"You're Marafiki with Red Revenge, correct?" Batman asked.

"Well, zaidi like acquaintances." Beetle started, but Batman cut him off."

"Good enough. Revenge claims he is faking his death to make the Light egotistical so we can cut him down. I don't believe it. I need wewe to track him."

Holly walked into the bedroom and started taking off her green dress covered with a black coat. "You know, we still have to wait on Rose before we...
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posted by Red-Revenge
End Strategy

(Part 1)

New York City,

June 17, 08:09 EST

Holly groaned and rolled over, feeling the cool air wash over her body. There was a certain absence in the kitanda which she quickly recognized was Sam. She sighed and laid in the kitanda for a little while longer before rolling out and walking into the bathroom. She took a quick hot kuoga and threw on a vazi before walking into the kitchen.

Sam was sitting at the meza, jedwali kusoma the newspaper. He had a steaming cup of coffee in his hand which he drank without seeming to notice the temperature.

"Happy Birthday." holly said, kissing him on the cheek before...
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posted by Red-Revenge

(Part 2)

New York City

June 14, 23:09 EST

Batman placed a firm kick on the door and it fell in. Superman and Flash quickly scoured the penthouse while Batman walked into the living room. He bent down on the floor and rubbed his fingers.

"Superman! Flash!"

The two sped into the room and looked at Batman.

"This way." The Dark Knight said, standing up and following the trail of blood down the stairs. It led to a storage closet and just ended. Batman threw open the door and looked inside. Nothing but a mop and broom.

"Damn it!" he exclaimed.

"Nightwing to Batman. I've found Revenge."


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(Part 3)

Previously on Red Revenge...

"Batman, my detective the Question. Question, this-"

"We've met." swali said.

"Ah." Flash said. "So wewe know him Batman?"

"Too well." the Dark Knight growled.

"Hey!" Sam exclaimed. The thief ran out into the hallway and was heading towards the doors when Sam grabbed him and slammed him into the wall. He snatched the mfuko wa fedha, mfuko away. Sam ripped down the man's kofia and turned him around. He froze when he saw the man's face.

"It can't be." Sam said, stumbling away from the thief. "You-you're dead. I saw you-"

"Thank you-Sam? Sam? Are wewe okay? wewe look like...
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Ask the Question

(Part 2)

The Watchtower

June 5, 11:09 EST

"Recognized, Flash. 06." Flash sped from the zeta tubes to a holo computer, typing frantically. Batman raised an eyebrow, looking up from his newspaper and coffee.

"Recognized, Question. Special Access 00."

Batman sat up straight and glared at Flash. The man who had walked into the mnara, mnara wa ulinzi was wearing a suit, with a blue and yellow theme to it. His trench kanzu, koti swept the floor.

"Ah, the Justice League's secret base. Where they're free to discuss their dirty little secrets."

Flash blurred over to Batman and grabbed his arm, dragging him over...
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posted by Red-Revenge

El Paso, Texas

June 3, 12:00 CDT

"Alpha Squad! Move!"

Nightwing leaped at the soldiers somehow dodging all of the lasers that came at him and hitting them. Blue Beetle leaped into the air and fired his plasma cannon, wide dispersal, and knocked almost all of the soldiers into bushes au the upstairs window of a house.

Wondergirl was on the front lines along with Liam, Batgirl, and Nightwing. The four were taking out bad guys left and right. Cassie could see frustration growing on Vandall Savage's face as he watched his troopers get destroyed.

"Cassie!" Beetle yelled. Cassie turned around and...
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May 7, 09:08 EST

The figure clothed in black and silver landed gently on the rooftop in a squatting position. Her kofia covered her face as she stood up and looked around.


"Good, but the police spotted you, they're closing in." the voice came over her comm.

"Alright, can wewe get me an accident?"

"Yeah, two minutes. Can wewe hold out that long?"


The line cut and Alexa grinned, bending down and starting to cut into the roof of a building. She was thankful Sam had sent the electricity user to Manhattan to assist her. With the police and the baddies chasing her, things...
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Baby Sisters

(Part 2)

New York City

April 29, 18:01 EST

Sam quickly shut down the computer and hopped out of his seat. "Artemis! What're wewe doing here?"

"I thought I'd stop kwa to visit my big brother." Artemis said. "Why? Is this a bad time or-?"

"No, no!" Sam said. "It's just Holly's sister is in town and I didn't expect wewe to onyesha up now."

"Double sisters, huh?" Artemis asked, walking towards the computer. "Older au younger?"

"Younger!" Sam exclaimed, shutting the computer off before Artemis could open it.

"You could've just alisema 'don't touch it'." Artemis said.

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"True, true."...
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Baby Sisters

(Part 1)

New York City

April 24, 04:09 EST

Sam yawned and slouched down even zaidi in his seat.

"Sam!" holly exclaimed.

Sam groaned and hauled himself up right in his chair. "How much longer?" he asked, yawning again.

"Thirty dakika ago." holly said, glancing at her watch. "They had a storm over Hong Kong when she took off, but I don't see—"

"She's fine." Sam said, placing a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder. "Except she's late."

Holly sat in silence for herself. Had Sam been awake, he would've noticed his girlfriend fighting an inner-battle with herself.

"Sam, while we're sitting here...
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posted by Red-Revenge

"What's wrong with purple?" Liam demanded.

"Nothing." Cassie alisema quickly, snatching the shati from Liam. "I still think blue looks better on you."

"As you've pointed out so blatantly."

"You've been on this Team for two years and wewe still don't have a civilian outfit."

"Why such a fret about civvies now?"

" cant go to the pizza place with me in a skin-tight suit." Cassie alisema nervously.

"Who alisema anything about a date?" Liam asked, a sly smile on his face.

"Cassie rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "I was operating under the fake confidence wewe would go with me."

"Of course...
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posted by Red-Revenge
Blind as a Bat

"All Units respond to a robbery in progress at Gotham First."

The crackle voice came over Red Revenge's com-link. It was uigizaji Police Commissioner James Gordon's voice. Revenge knew who he was calling: Batman and his friends.

"Batman, wewe pick that up?" Revenge asked, picking up his radio while turning the jet towards the crime scene.

"Yes. I've got Static and Batgirl with me." Batman replied. "We'll meet wewe there."

Revenge cut the comm and groaned at the mention of the punk from Dakota City. The kid would've driven Red Revenge over the edge of sanity months zamani had he been around...
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