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posted by CoaxochYJ

Fang backed against the wall, then kicked a Whitecoat off of him. I stabbed another, then kicked an Eraser off of him.
"You need to get. Out!" I shouted over the chaos. He shook his head.
"I'm not leaving wewe alone to die!"
"Yes wewe are!" I grabbed Fang's neck, then stopped,
"Oh no. No!" Tears streamed down my face. The prophecy.
"You are leaving. Right. NOW!" Fang shouted at me.
"I can't!" I screamed back at him, pulling away from his neck, and kicking a Whitecoat off myself.
"Mel....I cant....loose you!" His voice was solid, made of steel. zaidi tears streamed down my face. This...
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posted by Robin_Love
She woke to a strange murmur, like that of a buzzing crowd. She had expected them both the night before. She hadn't been disappointed. Now she dressed for the day, slipping on her sunglasses. Making sure her weapons were in place, she opened the door. She could hear talking, an occasional shout, and a hint of growled out threat. She walked closer, this time hearing her name.
“What's going on?”
Everything stopped. All eyes were on her as she stood in the doorway.
She walked further in, heading over to Alek. He was in front of the team, looking worried rather than his usual calm...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: unknown

Hero Name: Bloodmist

Age: 16 turning 17 soon

Appearance: he wears a pull over mask so its unknown what he looks like other than him being a well built person and is tall.

Personality: he has the habbit of sneaking up on people and is very mysterious, he has a very cocky and sarcastic attitude which often ends up pissing of certian people ( cough cough Blade)

Powers/Skills: has no powers, but has skills in sword combat and hand to hand combat. His suit often helps him with his skills, he has grappling hook wrist compartments in his suit so he can swing from building to building, he...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Finally! Done!
Anyways-These are my OC’s, some of them are my old ones that are have been redone (Those ones have a * on the side of them) and the others are some new ones.
P.S I know. Its a lot. But its not like I'm RPing them. Its overcrowding in this place. This is just for a fanfic. (Which will come out shortly-promise!)

*Name: Steel
Secret ID: charlotte Valerie Hale
Age: 15
Occupation: Hero
Appearance: Straight long blonde hair, blue eyes, slight build.
Powers: Superhuman strength, superhuman reflexes, longer stamina, mind reader, telekinesis, flight, superhuman eyesight and superhuman...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
“You want to get out of here. Do wewe not?” Jeb stepped from the shadows,
“Yes, I do.” The boys’ hands sparked with electricity, his eyes glowing white.
“You’re a do gooder, no? Never seen evil nor done it?” Jeb paced around him.
“Not true, I’ve done evil.”
“But as an accident, dear boy. wewe see Scott, wewe were brought back because, well we have reasons that shouldn’t be explained.”
“I was dead for two days.”
“But you’ve been here since.”
“I couldn’t songesha for most of that.” Scott crossed his arms.
“Your point?” Jeb stared.
“You wanted to make a change....
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posted by AislingYJ
Heh. Prepare for the rushed, horribly written battle scene that probably has tons of plot holes, as usual. Whatevs it was fun! I'll try to do these a little faster, which should be easier now that I don't have that battle scene hanging over me...:P BTWs if wewe need a refresher, all parts are in my favorites!
A loud thunk came from the back of the bioship, and three small shapes tumbled to the floor. Brushing themselves off, the kids got up, and walked to the front, legs wobbly from having been cramped in the same position for hours straight. Luckily, the Leaguers had left the cameras on, and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
He layed asleep on the kitanda his eyes closed lightly and his breathing shallow and gentle. She walked in in her tight blue jeans and a violet long sleeved shati with her combat boots and her eyes fixed on him, her lips surpressed a smile watching him. She walked over and sat across from him on the coffee meza, jedwali and gentley brushed his hair out of his face and ran her hand down his cheek, he didnt awaken from his slumber. She watched him in intrest, he looked so relaxed and defenseless as he slept, she tilted her head to the side staring at him still. Never would she see him like this when he...
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posted by Robin_Love
He stood before her in the complete darkness. His eyes pierced hers as she looked at him. She had expected him. She knew he would come.
“You did not come when I asked.”
“You are correct.”
He watched her, but she showed no emotion where he was concerned.
“You disobeyed me. And after all I've done.”
“You couldn't save them yet wewe gave me no warning.”
“You are lucky. I admire your fiery spirit.”
“Luck is not the word.”
“Quite true. Be relieved I don't harm you.”
“That's a threat.”
They stared at each other for the space of several minutes. He moved closer, tilting her her...
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posted by The_Writer
The inayofuata few vitabu of Red Revenge may confuse some people, so I (with my professional little self) am going to try and clarify things:

Sam's father was killed in (surprise!) 2012 when Sam was (surprise!) 12. After two years of not being able to legally have vengeance, Sam (you'd never guess) donned the mask of Red Revenge and went out to kill the man who murdered his father. He was stopped kwa a police ambush, but the man who killed his father (later known as Reaper) was arrested, escaping judgement kwa faking being insane.

During a battle with muggers, a girl from Sam's school witnessed him unmasked...
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
Probably should have ilitumwa this 'bout 5 au 6 months ago... *shrug* No regrets!

Name: Niccollo "Nic" L Canis

Alternate: Blaze

Age: 16

Physical description: 6'2", pale skine, dark blue eyes, brown-almost-black hair

Stats: Single.

Hometown: Liverpool, England.

Personality: acts cold and commanding toward most people, doesn't like to onyesha any emotion au weakness, a bit egotistical and flirty sometimes.

Powers: can control flames and create them; if he flames up completely he can fly.

Civvies: jeans, leather jacket, Green siku t-shirt, (his biological father's) dog tags,

Hero uniform: not really a hero,...
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Fang struggled against the ducktape that bound his hands behind his back. We were in the bathroom, Fang was propped up against the wall. He looked at eleven mwaka old me.
"Mel! Let me go!" He shouted. I only giggled.
"Not untill I get your eyebrows!" I said, smirking, holding up the strip of cloth. His eyes widened. I giggled evily. Fang struggled even more.
"No! Dont touch my eyebrows!" He yelled, struggling, growling. I pulled the stick, half covered in sticky, hot wax, out of the bowl. Then spread it on two strips of cloth.
"Mel! Dont wewe dare!" He said. I giggled more, then...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
“I know where they’re taking us.” Jamie alisema with his eyes closed.
“Where?” Lexi looked up at her brother,
“The School.” Jaime didn’t songesha from his peace of mind,
“How do you?!” Lexi gave her brother a odd look.
“I can read minds.”
“Since when?!”
“Since always.” Jaime opened one eye, “Why?”
“You lied! wewe alisema wewe didn’t have any powers!”
“I never alisema that.”
“BULLSH-T wewe NEVER alisema THAT!” Lexi raised her voice,
“Temper sister dear. I simply told them I didn’t know.” Jaime sat relaxed, ignoring his sisters’ temper.
“You lied to our parents...
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The valet opened the door and Samuel Grant stepped out of the limo with Barbara Gordon.

Grant was wearing a typical tuxedo. His hair was combed and pasted to his head, he had his charming smile back, and slipped his arm around Barbara’s.

Barbara looked absolutely magnificent. She was dressed in a sparkling black dress. The back was open in a “V” and the neckline was a few inches from her shoulders. The dress stopped halfway down the lower portion of her leg which the visible section was covered with the long, fancy patter on her high-heeled boot. Her red hair was slightly curled, but still...
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The following excerpt contains major spoilers for the finale of Divided We Fall. If wewe wish to read the book with no spoilers, please exit this page. wewe have been warned.

New York City
June 18, 08:09 EST
Sam groaned and rolled over. He didn’t find Holly. Sam slowly sat up, looking around for his girlfriend. This was strange, holly never got up before him. Sam rolled out of kitanda and tried to flatten his hair before pulling on a vazi and walking into the living room. He was about to start worrying...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I wasn't allowed on the computer... We get kind of a flashback in the beginning.

The sekunde Eric left the cave, Fin turned to the other two teens, eyes glittering with trouble. Hayden glanced at her, nudging Fang. "What's with her?"
Fin's innocent smile grew into a mischievous smirk. Hayden began to feel a growing sense of worry, turning to the bird-kid. "She's smirking. Why is she smirking?!"
Fang, who was zaidi focused on the over-hyper Aisling, ignored this. "We gave Ash sugar, didn't we?"
"Yeah, but is that important?"
"Yes! She goes insane off sugar! She's as...
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posted by Mclovin_69
She placed a warm towel on the little girls forehead and sat on the coffee meza, jedwali across the kitanda staring at her sadly, " Sil maybe wewe should just go relax..." he said, she turned to Bentley and sighed " what if she doesnt wake up... what if she doesnt have any parents... " she muttered out. Bentlley looked at Aryess and sighed " just go relax please.... well figure this out.... " he muttered, she let out a shaken breath and stood up walking over to Bentley " if i couldnt relax last night what makes wewe think i can now... " Aryess gazed up at him with tired eyes. Bentley sighed and looked...
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posted by Mclovin_69
She placed a warm towell on the little girls forehead and sat on the coffee meza, jedwali across from the kitanda staring at her sadly, " Sil maybe wewe should go relax..." he said, she turned to Bentley and sighed " what if she doesnt wake up..what if she doesnt have parents...." she muttered out. Bentley looked at Aryess and sighed " go relax please....we'll figure this out.. " he muttered, she let out a shaken breath and stood up walking over to him " if i couldnt relax last night what makes wewe think i can now... " Aryess gazed up at him with tired eyes. Bentley sighed and looked at her not knowing...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
So, since my sister was begging me, I let her, dont kill me!

Name: Alex Jephin.

Alias: White Lotus

Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

Civvies: Jeans, white tank top.

'Stume: link

Weapons: Sword

Powers: Invisibilty, Sonic Scream, Levitation.

Skills: Acrobatic, Swordskill. Martial Arts Master.

Past: Has been trained hardcore since childhood. Trained to be fast, and able to escape an organisation called "The Undead". Mastering all movements but, one her father called "The Wind Willow". She struggles with the move, but wont accept help. Her mom died giving birth to her. She went to the League after...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
The boy opened his eyes to white light. 
"Whaa?" His speech was slurred, he tried moving his body, but it was stuck to the table. 
"Don't move. It's worthless." A figure in the shadows spoke, only inaonyesha their white shoes. 
"What...?" the boy blinked, trying gain his vision. 
"Your paralyzed as of now, but don't worry. When wewe leave, you'll be able to....walk." The boy studied the burns and bruises on his body. 
"What did wewe do to me?" 
"We helped you..what else?" the figure moved and crossed his arms. "I'll be back later. Try not to go anywhere." The figure opened the door and left the...
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A sharp knocking came at the door. Artemis jerked awake from Wally’s shoulder and looked up. “I’ll get it babe.”

The blonde stood up and slid on the vazi she had laying over the back of the couch. Artemis walked out of the bedroom and through the living room before opening the door. A man in Bermuda shorts and a hawaiin shati stood outside the door. A low straw hat hid his features, but he was deathly pale.

“Hello,” Artemis said, somewhat nervously.
“Hello, Miss Grant.” The almost sinister voice came.

“This is Miss West.” Artemis replied.

A small chuckle. “I’m looking...
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