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I made this video about Supergirl daughter of Superman who came from the future and Superboy brought her to the past to jiunge the team. And also she met Lagoon Boy and falls in upendo with him and they had a child too.
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Name: Ethan Huseak ( H-yu-z-ak)

Alias: RedMist

Age: 16 ( would be 20 now)

Status: deceased

Appearance: dark brown hair, green eyes, 5'11, he wore sunglasses most of the time to hide his eyes.

Personality: he had the leadership role in the group and was the team leader. he was calm and handled situations well. He was serious and did just anything that was best for his team. He was someone everyone looked up to.

Powers/Abilities: he was the famous hero for using Logan's teleport smoke bombs and was highly skilled in combat able to outsmart any aponnent he had using his instincts. he had the abilities...
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