"Figured wewe needed a ride home."
When I woke up, I was in my room on Mount Justice, tucked up in bed.
I sat up and stretched. The sun was pretty low in the sky, which meant it was still pretty early.
I washed up in the shower, and changed into a new set of clothes, noticing I had slept in the clothes I wore the night before.
I looked at the time. I couldn't believe it was inayofuata week already. I headed for the Training Room, where Aquaman, Red Tornado, Batman, and Nightwing waited for me.
"What're all wewe guys doing here?" I asked, standing inayofuata to Aquaman.
"Erica, this is Red Tornado. He'll train wewe for the element of Air," Batman introduced, ignoring my question.
"We'll be switching out every week," Aquaman added.
"And that just leaves you," I alisema to Nightwing.
He shrugged. "Figured wewe needed a ride home."
Red Tornado glanced at me through his helmet. "Show me Air..."
It was kind of weird, performing the elements with so many men watching me. But I couldn't help thinking of Nightwing the whole time. How did he know the coordinates of Mount Justice?
And why did he care enough to send me back home?
I had a new feeling sprouting from inside of me, but I couldn't pinpoint it.

kwa the end of the day, I had completed 37 new moves, thanks to Red Tornado. In a way, I liked his training techniques zaidi than Aquaman's, but I kept that to myself.
As I headed for the door, Batman was back on the computer. "You'll have the night off, Erica. The team will be handling things today."
I nodded. "Thanks, Bats."
I walked back to the lounge, when I realized that I had skipped breakfast and lunch today.
I opened the fridge, but nothing appealed to me.
Guess I'll starve. I unwillingly washed the dishes that were left in the sink, when I heard footsteps behind me.
I spun around. "Well, aren't wewe a creeper?"
Nightwing was leaning against the counter, smiling. "It's my turn to ask the questions."
I went back to the dishes. "Go on."
He stood inayofuata to me and grabbed a dishrag. "How can wewe fly?"
I handed him a plate. "I guess I inherited it from my dad."
"What happened to him?" he asked as he dried the plate.
I looked at my reflection from the soapy water. "My parents divorced when I was 12."
"And?" he seemed interested.
"He died saving us. My mother and I were inside a burning building, and he pushed us outside, making it crush him."
He frowned. "I'm sorry."
We were done kwa now, but I was still staring at the sink.
"So...you and Tim, huh?"
Things were getting awkward between us, so I sat on the couch, pretending to watch TV.
"I wasn't done," he alisema as he sat inayofuata to me.
"What do wewe want?" I snapped.
"I was just going to ask if you'd want to go out for dinner," he admitted.
I felt guilty for being mean to him. When I didn't say anything, he went on.
"You haven't eaten anything today."

I sighed, giving in. "Alright. I just need to get ready."

"We were done kwa now, but I was still staring at the sink."