"Great. Now they can here what I'm thinking."
"The Spirits do not have any business with knowledge of the earth..." alisema the Dragon Spirit while I was meditating.
"But Earth is apart of me! wewe HAVE to tell me who Red kofia is!" I protested.
"Red Hood? I know who he is!" Kid Flash shouted in my head.
Great. Now they can hear what I'm thinking.
"You could've asked us..." Megan alisema mentally.
I sighed and opened my eyes. The Spirit World faded away in an instant, and I was back in the lounge with my teammates.
Fortunate for my sanity, Nightwing survived the gunshot wound, all because he wore a vest beneath his costume.
"Thanks for saving me, Erica," he had told me when he was about to leave.
Don't mention it.
Robin put an arm around me on the lounge sofa. "Red kofia is a crimefighter, but killing IS an option for him. I've never met him, but Batman--"
At that moment, Batman entered the room. "Erica, I need to talk to you." He looked at Robin. "Aqualad, Kid, Robin, and Artemis, head home."
"See ya!" Robin pecked me on the cheek before I followed Batman to the Mission Room.
On the big computer screen, was a videotape of Red kofia nearly exploding Nightwing and me to pieces.
I crossed my arms. "What did wewe want to talk about?"
Batman zoomed in on the unmasked Red Hood. "Tonight, you've aliyopewa me a new light on Red Hood. Luckily, Nightwing had his mask-cam on au I wouldn't have this tape."
I went closer to the computer. "A new light?" I repeated.
He nodded. "We have some of his DNA on Nightwing's costume, and we have a voice sample."
Was his voice shaking? I wasn't sure.
"So?" I prompted.
"Jason Todd." If it weren't for my superhearing, I wouldn't have heard him at all.
"The sekunde Robin," I whispered.
He didn't say anything--he just kept staring at the computer.
"But Joker killed him!" I remembered. "Robin told me--he beat him with a crowbar and blew him up!"
Batman stood and started to leave the room, when I flew right in front of him.
"Where are wewe going?" I demanded.
"To the man who did all this," he gritted through his teeth.
Without asking, I followed him to the transporter, which led us to a dark cave. In it, was a computer screen similar to the one back in Mount Justice.
And then it hit me: the Batcave.
Batman still didn't say anything. We hustled to a black plane, and climbed in.
When we were in the air, I finally had the nerve to talk to him.
"Where are we going?"
"The Tower of Babel."
"What's that?"
He didn't answer this time, so I looked away.

Even if I had hopes of ever going on an adventure with Batman, I would've never expected it to be like this.
"But Joker killed him!" I remembered. "Robin told me--he beat him with a crowbar and blew him up!"