Megan groaned after a while of flying.
Megan groaned after a while of flying.
"What's wrong?" Aqualad asked her.
She sighed. "I could see Red kofia from here, but the bioship can't come close enough!"
I unbuckled and stood up. "So we run from here," I concluded.
The hatches opened under all of our feet and we headed toward the man in the red helmet.
"Megan, Superboy, and Erica, since wewe three can fly--"
"Leap," Superboy interrupted.
"You three must stay ahead of him. The rest of us will attack him from behind."
"Got it!" The three of us shouted at him.
We flew (or super-leaped) over the Red kofia and made a ukuta right in front of him.
He ran back, towards the rest of the team.
"Get him!" Megan shouted.
I flew over to him, but stopped dead in my tracks. Artemis, KF, and Aqualad had their hands over their heads.
"Let him go," Aqualad pleaded.
My eyes slowly switched to Red Hood, then down. His arm was tight on the Boy Wonder's neck, with a dagger just a centimeter away.
"Leave now, au the Boy Wonder gets it," he threatened.
I sighed and lifted my hands. Superboy and Megan followed suit.
"Let him go!" I yelled at him. I hoped nobody could hear the shaking in my voice.
He pulled out a gun similar to Batman's grapple gun, and shot at the sky.
But what I didn't notice was a helicopter floating above us. Red kofia was still holding onto Robin when he elevated into the dark helicopter.
"ROBIN!!" I screamed, flying after him.
Red kofia got onto the helicopter and punched Robin in the face, making him faint. He pulled out a circular object from a bag and threw it down.
"Erica! It's a bomb!" Artemis yelled at me.
Shoot! I flew down and pulled a forcefield of water over the team before the bomb could hit us.
Large clouds of powder filled the night sky, making it seem even darker. The explosions threw themselves at the forcefields, making the loudest of noises.
Faintly, I saw the helicopter fly away.
Finally, the explosions stopped and I let the water sink to the ground.
I flew about six feet into the air when Aqualad grabbed my ankle.
"Erica, Black Canary said--"
"Do wewe think I CARE about what she says?!" I yelled. "We can't let Robin down! We have to save him!"
"The Justice League will do that," he alisema soothingly.
"What happened to 'Leave no man behind'?"
"I never alisema that," he said.
I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, I heard it in movies."
Kid Flash put his hand on Aqualad's shoulder. "She's right. Rob's only 13; he can't possibly survive this Red kofia guy."
The others nodded in agreement.
Aqualad sighed. "Alright. For the Boy Wonder."

We went back to the Bioship and headed to England, the location of our inayofuata battle.

"What happened to 'Leave no man behind'?"