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I stepped nervously onto the boat. When I was at my old school, I was a competitive swimmer, but with my wings and the strong winds, I was nervous. Would my wings help me au help drown me? I checked and made sure my life koti, jacket was on tight. I sat down at the front of the mashua and held tightly onto the railing. Robin came and sat beside me. He saw my knuckles turning white from gripping the railing so hard.
“Nervous?” He asked
“Just a little” I admitted. I took my hands away from the railing. There were imprints where I was holding. The railing was made of titanium.
“It’ll be okay” he smiled. Over the months since I joined, me and Robin have been becoming closer and closer. Even if he was a jerk when we first met. Now we’re on that fine line between really close Marafiki and girlfriend/boyfriend.
“I’m just nervous about my wings. What if they weigh me down and I can’t swim?” I worried
“Don’t worry. If anything happen in the water, Aqualad and I are on it. Anything happens above the water, the rest of the team is a go” he soothed.
“And we’re off!” Wally called as Super Boy pushed us out, then jumped in to jiunge us. I looked at the water. The waves were small for now, but what if the wind picked up?
‘Stop worrying!’ I scolded myself ‘Everything is going to be fine’. Salty air whipped my face as we cruised along the waves. We were pretty far out from pwani now. I couldn’t see Mount Justice anymore. It started getting darker the farther out we went. I looked up and saw clouds covering the blue sky. The waves started to get rougher and rougher. Water splashed me in the face. I wiped sea water from my eyes and looked around. The sky was getting darker grey and the waves were pounding the boat.
“It’s getting pretty rough out here! Maybe we should head back” I advised
“Oh, is wittle Alex scared?” Wally taunted
“Yes. Unlike you, I’m not so proud I can’t admit my fear” I growled. Waves pounded the mashua and some got on the deck.
“Alex has a point. Maybe we should head back” Artemis agreed
“You guys are just scared of getting your hair wet” Wally smirked. I got up to slap him, but Robin held me back. A huge wave splashed the boat. Another huge wave splashed the boat, dragging me off with it. I went under. As I came up to get my breath, a wave splashed down on my face. When I tried to swim up this time, something held me under. I looked down to find seaweed wrapped thickly around my ankle. I pulled and tugged with all my might. Finally, I ripped free. I frantically swam up to the surface. The mashua was gone, along with my friends. I had no idea which way they went. I heard something. I turned just as a wave came down and plunged me under again. I swam up and checked again. I saw something in the distance. LAND! Maybe it was the beach, pwani near Mount Justice. I swam as fast as I could through the waves. Finally, my limbs gave up and went numb. My vision started to go blurry. As I slipped into unconsciousness, I saw hands. Then, everything went black.
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 "I sat on the ledge of the mountain, where Robin and I had first explained our feelings for each other."
"I sat on the ledge of the mountain, where Robin and I had first explained our feelings for each other."
"Again!" I ordered Niclas.
He groaned and completed an Earthbending move, but nothing happened.
I shook my head. "Why isn't any Earth coming?"
He shrugged. "I don't know!"
I sighed, then thought for a moment. "Try a Waterbending move."
He rolled his eyes, then completed a Water move.
"If wewe could do Water, why not the rest?" I pondered.
"Because I'm not the Avatar?" he alisema through gritted teeth.
I waved him off. "Maybe it's too early..." I looked at him again. "Okay, I'll onyesha wewe all the moves. Do exactly what I do."
He nodded, then followed. It took nearly an saa for him to learn them,...
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 Right side air kick split.
Right side air kick split.
We were at MT.Justice for combat training I could see a bit but not completly just shadows.
Black Canary:
I`ll need a new sparing partner anyone?
I`ll do it im ready.
"You sure?"
Yes,now lets start.I dogded all of canarys moves and used one new songesha i`ve training for.
Right side air kick split.
Black Canary Status:Fail
FireBlaster status:Passed
"Woah Canary wewe got owned!!By a blind fighter!!"
Said the Flash.
"Its just combat training I did`nt fight for real."
Flash was smirking I could feel his smirk just like Wallys:Whatever floats your mashua Canary.
Batman started debreefing:
Nobody stays behind on this...
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 "We sped along the wet roads, ignoring the looks people were giving us."
"We sped along the wet roads, ignoring the looks people were giving us."
When we got closer to the thicker clouds, it started to rain. I regretted not bringing and umbrella, for I couldn't see with all my hair over my face.
Superboy didn't seem to mind. We sped along the wet roads, ignoring all the looks people were giving us. Finally, we spotted a grassy clearing, where a teenage boy stood, completing a Waterbending move.
I hid behind a tree, Superboy close behind me. "I think that's him!" I hissed.
I walked cautiously toward the boy, afraid to startle him. I tapped him lightly on the shoulder, and he jumped.
"Wer sind Sie?" he demanded.
I groaned. "Do wewe speak...
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 "What's wrong, Erica?"
"What's wrong, Erica?"
I slammed my fist on the desk. "It just doesn't make sense!"
Megan looked at me serenly. "What's wrong, Erica?"
I tucked a few strands of my hair behind my ears. "The fact that for one entire year, I haven't been able to find the inayofuata Avatar."
Suddenly, the mission kengele rang. Megan floated in the air. "Wanna come?"
I sighed. "Sure." I followed her to the Mission room, ignoring the fact that I couldn't fly anymore.
Batman was tapping on the computer, as usual. "Erica, there's been readings of rainstorms and tornadoes over Berlin."
"So?" I pressed.
"So," he continued, "we have a theory that a...
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 "I don't get it."
"I don't get it."
The rain pounded on the ground, pelting us with its hard drops, but we didn't care. The mud was starting to wet my shoes, but it was the least of my problems.
Victoria knelt kwa the tombstone and dropped a rose. "Good-bye, Jenny," she sniffed.
Annaliese rubbed her back appreciatively. "I'm sorry for all the times I've been mean to you. I guess... that's what sisters are for." She had stopped crying yesterday, when she ran out of tears.
Christopher shoved his hands in his black suit pockets. "I'll get him back, Jen," he muttered. "I swear it."
I knew he meant the Joker, but I had deep feelings...
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 "So this is how humans die?"
"So this is how humans die?"
"Daddy, make her okay again!" Lian begged, but even she knew that wasn't possible.
Megan's hands were over her mouth. "Poor Jenny..."
"And she was only 17," Robin added. His head was bent down in a formal gesture. His tracker started beeping rapidly, and the Air around us was swirling. "I'll call the League."
Superboy walked cautiously toward us, minding the Kryptonite. "So this is how humans die?"
I nodded, tears falling on Jenny's face. "But she didn't deserve to. I should've been the one who died."
Artemis patted my back awkwardly. "Don't take it too hard on yourself. Things happen."
I pressed...
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‘Phase one, complete. On to phase two!’ I thought
I grabbed a really full glass of water and walked over to Wally.
“Water? wewe must be thirsty from running all the way here from…where were wewe again?” I asked. Behind Wally, Artemis was making gagging motions
“I was in nyota City” he alisema matter-of-factly
“Wow. That’s far for a person to run” I laid the flattery on pretty thick. I offered him the water, spilling it on his shirt. That was not part of the plan. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Megan and Robin laughing slightly. I closed the gates of my mind. I looked at my hands....
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 "Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise?"
"Jenny!" Lian yelled, running into my arms.
"Lian!" I exclaimed. "Thank God you're okay." I had to remind myself that it wasn't her fault that my boyfriend cheated on me.
I wiped away the tears that fell down her eyes. "What happened to you?"
"Hairy man took me, and I ran away!" she wailed.
"Shh," I hushed, hearing something. "Do wewe hear that?"
"Hear what--?"
"Shh!" I hissed. A very familiar laughter thundered in my ears. I heard it coming from a run-down shack.
"Come on!" I urged, taking her hand. We ran into the shack, and looked around. It was filled with garden tools, and all such.
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 "She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
"She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
I dumped my bag on the couch, and ignored Megan's confused expression.
"What are wewe doing?" she inquired as I sat down inayofuata to her.
"Don't worry, I asked my brother first," I replied. "I'm going to live here with wewe and Superboy."
She slid her hand on my shoulder. "If there's something wewe need to talk about..." she looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing.
I was about to deny that, but the Mission alarm suddenly rang. We raced to the Mission Room, where the rest of the team awaited Batman to tell us the mission.
To my surprise, Roy was there, looking worried.
Batman looked emotionless....
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Made kwa Youtube user mybutterflykissesX. The song is "Gives wewe Hell" kwa All American Rejects. Enjoy!! :D
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