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 A dream au Predition ???
A dream or Predition ???
Eclipse turned around to find Logan au Wolverine walk in with 6 other heroes. “Umm Logan mind telling me want just happened” Eclipse crossed her arms. “You were put through a test to see how far wewe would go with your emotions and wewe have passed!” Aqua lad stated. As he talked she put her hand behind her back and pulled out a Silver kisu with swirls and spirals engraved into in as well as a silver gun with the same patterns. She clicked the bullet cartage into place before pointing it then ‘BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG’. She poisoned the gun at Aqua lads head “Vorple bullets they can kill anything au anyone” BANG the 5 Heroes lay dead on the floor, bullet holes through their heads and glittering red blood spilling onto the silver steel floors. Robin stood there frozen solid at the site of his dead team mates. “WHAT HAVE wewe DONE? I-I-I THOUGHT wewe WERE A HERO NOT AN ASSASIN!” Robin yelled furiously. Eclipse dropped the gun and started to spin the kisu in her fingers as her gothic costume changed into black leather boots with 5 buckles on then and striped socks, a royal blue dress with a white apron that had 2 pockets and blood splatted on the front. Her mask turned into petals that formed into a skull on the bow of her apron revealing her purple eyes. “Hmm wewe got the sekunde part right sadly the hero part….. YOU’RE DEAD WRONG!”
Eclipse run toward robin and her eyes flickered open before the blade touched his neck. She sprung up suddenly giving her a head rush. Mental note: Don’t think about the past before going for a nap! “Hey it’s rob Batman needs us”. She rubbed her head and climbed of her black silk kitanda sheets with a pink blossom mti embroiled on the front and opened the door to greet robin.
wewe will be traveling to London, in England to the west side to a place called China town where the league of shadows is now operating ….
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I decided to give her a zaidi of an x-men touch enjoy:

Eclipse ?????? (last name unknow to even her)

(weapon name)Weapon x-235
(assasin name)Alice
(x-men name)She mbwa mwitu
(Young Justice name)Eclipse

Silent Magic(no word spells needed unless using dark magic)
Nails can sharpen and extend 5cm
Can turn into pure adamantium
Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and senses
Expert martial artist, pro sword fighter, assassin and demolitions
Angel wings
pro qymnast and ninga

Other Notes:
Hooked on her past
Is being hunted down
Dosn't trust people easily
Socialy Awkward
Is Dyslexic
Has Discalcuar...
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