A warning sounded before the ukuta to the mountain collapsed. Megan used a shield to Protect them, Talia producing a sekunde one for strength. The dust cleared and they saw an army of demons and Lost souls.
“What do we do?” Megan asked.
“We fight! We stand our ground. Whatever happens, don't let them past.”
“But Willow there are thousands of them and only thirteen of us!” Erin protested.
“We have two aliens, two speedsters, one clone, one Atlantian, several super powered humans, one angel, and two amazing Heroes who saved the entire YJ team. And wewe are telling me we can't win?”
“Well, when wewe put it that way...”
The shields were lowered and the battle began. Devin was flying through the air when a ball of black moto was thrown at her. She looked to her left, freezing at the sight. Vita was flying, her black wings sharp and darkened.
“Hello Devin.”

Salva headed down the hallway in frustration. He could feel her nearby. Bialya waved him over to an open door.
“Master, I have found her.”
Salva ran over, peering into the room. Sure enough, Becca lay on the bed. She was hooked up to a million different machines. He approached the kitanda carefully, aware of how she was no longer unconscious but not awake either.
“Watch the door. Get ready for our departure.”
“Of course Master.”
Salva ran a hand over Becca's hair, peering down at her. He wanted nothing zaidi than to kiss her but his instincts told him not to. He detached the various machinery from her, bringing her into his arms.
“Bialya. We're ready.”
The girl nodded, a black mist slowly covering the intruders.
“Don't worry Sparrow,” Salva whispered. 'You will soon be home.”

“Vita?! But...you're a good angel!”
“I used to be. But a certain Widow never remembered me! I was in there with you, remember? wewe promised to come back for me the night wewe escaped. I waited for three years! But wewe never came. My hatred for wewe finally grew and now survives as cold revenge.”
“I-I don't understand.”
A black mist slowly curled up Vita's body and she smirked.
“You will soon enough. They really appreciate this. Take care now.”
In an instant, she and the army was gone. Devin landed, her mind on Vita's words. Everyone looked around in confusion.
“What was that all about?” Erin asked.
“Vita alisema there was zaidi than one. That they thanked us for something. Could it be a trap?”
“I have no clue. But it was not whelming at all,” Robin answered.
It suddenly clicked.
Robin and Devin ran (flew in Devin's case) to where Becca had been kept. The room was empty, the machines quite. The others entered a sekunde later.
“No!” Robin cried. “No! Why?! Where did they take her?! Why do they want her?!”
Robin clenched his fist and hit a wall. There was deep indentation where his fist was and the others had no idea how to respond. Reaching into his utility belt, Robin released all of his birdarangs. In one huge dust storm, they all exploded and hid them from each other's sight. When Megan cleared the dust away, they saw Robin sitting on the floor, crying into his hands. They started off quiet but soon grew into heart-wrenching sobs. And they had no idea how to help.
“Salva was here,” Talia announced.
Robin stood suddenly, running out of the room.
“Where are wewe going?” Wally asked.
“Salva has been in upendo with Becca for years. Do wewe know what he'd do if he got Becca alone? Especially when she's unable to fight back? I Lost Becca once. I'm not going to let her get hurt again.”