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posted by Robin_Love
Erin and Wally sped around the base. Both were having no luck in finding Becca and headed back to the living room. They smashed into each other, falling to the floor.
“Hey! Watch where you're going!” Erin exclaimed.
“Me?! What about you!”
“My base, my rules!”
“Are wewe okay?” Willow asked Wally.
Erin huffed and, in one kick to the legs, brought Willow down on juu of Wally.
“You didn't ask if I was okay! Just your stupid boyfriend!”
“Wally isn't stupid!”
“He is and wewe know it!”
“Enough!” Talia shouted. “You three are uigizaji like children! Now straighten up!”
Talia's tone was harsh and forceful. All three hushed and just glared at each other.
“Better. Now, since wewe obviously didn't find her, did wewe guys find any clues?”
“I did!”
Erin pulled a slip of paper from her pocket, handing it to Talia.
“Where'd wewe find this?” she asked.
“In her room.”
Talia dropped the paper as if it was on fire.
“I'm not picking it up! Erin went into her room! Becca is going to kill you!”
Artemis rolled her eyes and picked up the paper everyone was avoiding. She scanned it carefully.
The others crowded around her but Artemis walked away, ignoring their pestering questions. She read the paper, juu to bottom, before looking at the others.
“Becca resigned from the team. She left Willow in charge but she's gone.”
“What?! How did this happen?”
“Willow, calm down,” Devin instructed. “We must think logically.”
“You're right Dev. I-I just need to breathe, relax. And think.”
Devin went up to Willow, fiddling with her bag. She pulled out some of her magic, blowing it on Willow. Immediately, Willow seemed to relax.
“Wow! How'd wewe do that?” Wally asked.
“It's just dust from an angel's wing. It calms the soul and helps wewe think clearer.”
“Sweet! Can I have some?”
Devin blew some on Wally and some on Robin before stashing the rest of it away.
“I'll get something for people to drink. Erin, would wewe like to help me?”
Devin gave the speedstress a look and Erin groaned. She got up, following Devin into the kitchen.
“This is serious. What are we going to do?” Sylver asked.
“We need to find out where she could have gone,” Talia instructed.
All heads turned to Val, who sat on the couch.
“Becca is in Gotham. au at least she will be.”
“How do wewe know?” Willow asked.
“Becca's soul is lost. I sense it heading out of Happy Harbor, closer to Gotham. But she will not be Lost for long. And then I will have no clue where she went.”
“We need to get to her,” Megan responded.
“We would be too late. She has become determined. We will not change her mind. But we should look for her before-”
“What happened Val?”
“I'm sorry Willow. I Lost her. She has found her way. I can not find her.”
“It's okay Val. At least we know where she went. Now we need to figure out why.”
posted by Robin_Love
Wally's brain was running in overdrive. Finding out what had happened to Robin led him to a fork in the road. After visiting Wayne Manor, it was clear that Robin was not there. In fact, it seemed that every one in Gotham city and surrounding areas knew Robin had vanished. But there were no leads to follow, no change in superhero protected cities. And that meant one of two things.
Robin had decided it was enough and ended his misery.
Robin had just disappeared.
Wally hoped to heaven, hell, and back that it was the latter; if he had made Robin cut is own life short...Wally had no idea what he would...
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posted by KatRox1
 I looked away, a bit scared kwa what he just did.
I looked away, a bit scared by what he just did.
Instinctively I pushed what seemed like the release button. They all fell to the ground. Withen sekunde the clone (with serious anger issues) was on juu of me. I cringed when he held up his hand in a fist. A darker hand with tojo on it grabbed him and held him back. I got up, dusting off my shirt. "Well that was a nice way to say thank you!" I scoffed. "Thank you? wewe were the one who got us here in the first place!" The teen shouted. "I was only following orders!" I shouted back in defense. "Besides, I don't want any trouble, I just want to ask wewe a few things!" There was a long and awkward...
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posted by robinfanforever
Normal POV

A week after the dreaded mission to save Joseph Billing and the Immobilizer, Robin sat on the kitanda updating the security codes for his glove, glovu computer. He felt a lot better with himself after the several missions with the team afterwards, au at least he felt zaidi useful with the team.

Things were still strained back at Wayne Manor between Bruce and him though. Neither one of them were talking with each other, which was making Robin feel like Bruce didn’t want anything to do with him.

He had been spending the last few days at the mountain so he wouldn’t have to hear the silence that...
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posted by YJTTFAN

He was in the training room when he heard it for the first time.

Robin was already at the punching bag, looking for all the world like he was about to ngumi, punch a hole right through the nylon shell. The stereo was blasting some song—it was foreign to Conner, but that was to be expected. No, what surprised him was the fact Robin was imba along.

Now, Conner didn't know a whole lot about music, but he knew that Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber should never be mentioned if he wanted to preserve his sanity, and that Wally's singing, as Artemis said, "sounds like something crawled up his ass,...
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posted by Candy77019
 "He's definitely here."
"He's definitely here."
We landed on juu of a building, and Megan changed the bioship to camouflage mode. My hands were clutched to the edge of my seat, shaking rapidly.
"Okay team," Aqualad unbuckled. "Let's go."
"Okay," I breathed. You could do this, Erica. Just think up of some karate moves.
I followed the team out to the building, where police sirens were heard everywhere.
"There." Megan pointed to the Gotham Treasury, where every door was barricaded with cops.
We ran across the buildings toward the treasury, leaping over the surprised citizens.
"Look it's the Nightfury!" one of them pointed at me.
"Didn't she...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones
“And this is the training room which wewe enter and exit from,” Megan said. “Now wewe know where everything on the base is.”
Samantha Jones smiled. She was a beautiful girl with long black hair, large brown eyes, and a curvy, slim figure. She was very fun loving and sweet, her eyes paying attention to any detail.
“Thank wewe for inaonyesha me around,” Samantha said.
“Your welcome Samantha!”
“Please call me Sam.”
“Alright! Do wewe want to train with us au just watch?”
“I'd upendo to train but with my magic it's a bit unfair.”
“No it's not! Becca has magic too! wewe guys can fight.”...
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posted by YJTTFAN

"Well Heroes Melody seams to have things under control," He cackled as he still controlled Melody
"So I'll leave her on auto-pilot and wewe can have fun watching your Marafiki deaths!" The man shadowed out of the room and Melody continued singing

God bless us everyone
we’re a broken people living on a loaded gun
and it can’t be outdone!
It can’t be outmatched!
It can’t be outrun!

I clench my fists. No way I was gonna let innocent people get slaughtered kwa demons, while I sit in safety like it’s a mpira wa kikapu game. I summon all my magic and suddenly the fence boxing us in from falling...
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Shade B0-15
“Hey guys! Guess what?!” Becca asked running in.
“What?” Robin asked, giving her a quick kiss.
Becca blocked a ngumi, punch meant for Robin, who had been training with Artemis before Becca entered. The two girls looked at Robin, who bowed playfully before stepping out of the way. Artemis gave another punch, which Becca dodged.
“What's got wewe in a ball of excitement?” Wally asked.
“You aren't going to believe this,” Becca said, still fighting as she talked. “But I was able to convince Batman to let a very old friend of mine jiunge the team!”
“How many of these...
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posted by Robin_Love
“This is Samantha Jones. Her alias name is Regalo. She is scheduled to tour the base and train for the day. Hopefully, she'll jiunge the team. Let's not make this another Zatanna affair, shall we?”
Batman's words were firm and his swali was a direct order. Becca raised her hand.
“You're not on the team Shade. wewe can speak freely.”
“Sweet. But um, what are her powers? Cause Regalo is Italian for present so...”
Batman almost smirked at her knowledge but hid it behind his usual mask.
“Her powers are similar to Zatanna's. But Regalo's are stronger and zaidi exercised.”
“So she has...
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posted by KatRox1
She laughed under her breath, knowing that this would be awkward for the both of them. But she needed their help. Batman was standing in the corner, quietly taking with Green Arrow and Black Canary. He looked over at her, then back to the others. Anna hadn't seen Robin for 3 years, and she wasn't sure she wanted to now. But before she could change her mind, they arrived. She was only expecting to see Robin, but 5 other teens followed, one was obviously a Martian. Batman walked up to the team, "Do wewe have a mission for us?" A redheaded boy asked. "No." Batman replied. "Any information on Red...
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posted by Skittles98
 They were of a man in a red helmet, shooting at people, people dying.
They were of a man in a red helmet, shooting at people, people dying.
“That is impossible. My mother worked at a circus” Robin said
“Whenever she had spare time, she would visit the dojo and teach me some new gymnastics moves” I countered “She was like a mother to me”
“Okay then. Back to the present. Are wewe okay? wewe seemed a bit edgy when we talked. Or, zaidi like when wewe asked me for directions” he smiled
“Yeah, I’m fine” I alisema as I walked to the high bar. I climbed up, then started doing chin up’s again.
“Okay, so wewe won’t mind if I bring them here, and get them to kiss?” he taunted
“Nope“ I replied. He left. I jumped up onto...
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posted by Robin_Love
Willow knew there was something wrong with her leader when Becca walked through the door. Becca's eyes narrowed as she looked at two of her teammates.
“Enough!” she shouted.
It caused both girls to stop and all to straighten at her sharp tone.
“Because wewe two have decided that wewe need the practice, three hours in the training room. Each girl! Now go.”
No one dared to groan. Becca was usually calmed and relax. But no one went up against her when she was mad. It was like committing suicide. Becca's sharp look sent them all scurrying out the door. Willow looked back at her leader and determined...
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posted by Robin_Love
“So wewe agree then?”
Brown eyes looked away and instead focused on the pavement. The rain was pouring down, every drop drenching her fabric and hair. There was nothing humorous involved. Nothing about this was funny; nothing. But Becca understood. She knew far too well that things had been rather… tense between them lately. Still, there was a part of her that felt purely terrified of the thought that they were not going to be… to be this close to one another. Sure, Dick had alisema quite clearly that if there was one thing he always wanted it was to be Becca's friend. Never would the Boy...
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posted by Skittles98
I was getting out of kitanda when someone knocked on my door. It was 6:00. I had slept in kwa an hour. I walked over and opened it to find a note on the floor in a plain white envelope with a golden emblem on it, sealing it shut. I opened it and it said:
Beware the Sorceress. Do not trust her.

That’s all it said. I flipped it over, looking for more. There was nothing.
“Hello? Is there someone there” I called. I heard a creaking to my left. I looked around. No one was there. I ran back into my room and grabbed my katana. I walked back out, katana in front of me, looking...
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Cyrus B0-14
Willow stormed into the mountain. She ignored hr boyfriend and went into the jikoni where the others were. Wally followed hr, looking like a wounded puppy.
“Hey Willow,” Artemis greeted.
“Don't wewe 'Hey Willow' me!”
“Whoa! What's wrong?”
“What's wrong?! My girl, my sister, me leader. That's what's wrong! wewe hurt her! All of you. Just because wewe got a new teammate!”
“You're overreacting Willow. Becca was fine when she left.”
Willow barked a laugh.
“She hide her emotions. She was crying! And Becca doesn't cry very often. That means wewe hurt her deeply....
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posted by KatRox1
I groaned. Where was I? What was happening? Why did my arm hurt so much? I stopped for a moment to take in my actual surroundings. It was still the same warehouse from before, I realized. Wait, this one was different, maybe another one? But I was tied to something. It was one of the many pillars that stood through the building. Wait, where was Robin? I looked around as much as the chains restraining me allowed. Nothing. I tried to pick the lock but then felt another pair of hands almost touching mine, but they were motionless. I almost screamed when I felt it. After processing this in my mind,...
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posted by Skittles98
“We’ll be back as soon as possible” I hugged Cat. While Artemis, Megan and I would be heading off to hunt the assassin with Red Arrow, she would be staying with Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Super Boy.
“Be careful, and don’t do anything stupid” she smiled
“I’m not you” I laughed. I waved good bye. Someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned to see Robin standing there. I hugged him tightly.
“Good luck” he whispered in my ear. I let go and walked over to the bio ship. I climbed in and found everyone waiting for me.
“Let’s go” I alisema as I sat down
“So, what’s the plan again?”...
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posted by KatRox1
After my hand was wrapped, Corey was uigizaji like himself again, and the bikes were fixed, we were getting ready to leave. Hastily, I loaded what darts I could find into my last remaining gun and also into my utility belt. Blade opened the door to outside, “Shall we go?” He gestured his hand toward the door. “We shall!” Corey replied, and marched like a soldier toward the door, but changed course at the last sekunde and walked straight through the ukuta to outside. “Doors are for wimps!” He shouted back at us. I just shook my head and laughed, and then walked out the door with Blade...
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