Becca stood inayofuata to Willow. She put a hand on her shoulder, making the other girl look at her.
“If wewe want, Willow, I could always add this to Wally's antidote.”
Becca held up a pink colored vial of liquid.
“What is it?”
“...Let's just say I got this from Ivy. Her plants are worth studying.”
“No way Becca! If he doesn't upendo me anymore, I'll live. But I want to know the truth.”
Becca groaned and put the vial away.
“I never get to use it,” she muttered as she poured a white liquid down Wally's throat.
She moved away when the speedster coughed and his eyes opened.
“Wally! You're awake!”
He grabbed her, giving her lips a kiss she wouldn't soon forget. Willow pulled away, looking at him.
“Wally. I want wewe to know something.”
“Hang on Willow. I need to apologize. I made a mistake. Letting wewe go was the worst thing I've ever done. So wewe don't share everything with me. I should learn to accept it. And I should also know that it's hard to talk about your past. I'll never ever push wewe again as long as wewe get back together with me.”
“Oh Wally!”
Willow practically jumped with joy as Wally brought their lips back together. She could feel Wally vibrating with pleasure and she smiled against his lips. They pulled away and Willow couldn't stop the smile that spread from ear to ear.
“Becca and Robin are awake too!” she informed.
Wally looked over her shoulder and smiled.
“I'll say hi to them later. Their too busy in a liplock.”
Willow laughed and looked at her boyfriend.
“I upendo you.”
“I upendo wewe too Willow.”
“C'mon! Let's grab everyone else and live another day.”
“Sounds good to me but...leave the two birds. Something tells me they'll need each other.”