Act Two:

"Funny that wewe should call me kwa such a name." the man said, sitting on the couch.

"What do wewe want?" Sam asked.

"Simply to finish what I started." Reaper replied.

"And what would that be?" Sam growled.

Reaper stood up and put his hand on Sam's shoulder. "Why to take over Grant Industries and mold it into my image."

"To do that would mean..."

"...Killing all of wewe first. Yes, wewe are quite an intelligent boy." Reaper finished.

Sam growled and kneed Reaper in the stomach before darting out the door and sliding down several flights of stairs. He darted into the karakana where his car should be, but he remembered, he had left it at HQ. He had his Red Revenge costume in a small packet in his pocket, but it was useless if he couldn't change into it.

Looking around desperately for another vehicle, Sam spotted his bike and darted for it as Reaper busted down the door.

"Stop! I'll shoot!" he yelled. Sam ignored him and jumped onto his bike as Reaper shot at him.

He screeched out of the garage, grabbing his alert system and triggering it.


holly was typing up something on her computer when something in her dawati began vibrating. She opened a secret compartment and pulled out the communication system Sam had set up. He had triggered a Beta threat. 

"Meaning he's being pursued kwa a top-class villain and he isn't in costume." Sarah said.

"Joy." holly replied via Skype. "I just changed from this costume."


Sam's bike screeched off the road and down the hill. Sam gritted his teeth as he tried to maintain control of the bike. He sped past another figure he didn't want to meet.

"Halt young fellow!" the figure cried out, urging his horse faster. "You art in the territory of the Horseman!"

"Great, pumpkin-face too." Sam muttered.

The horse was soon right beside the teen. "Wherefore art thou on my land?!" the man yelled.

The afore-said man was dressed in a costume as if he was the headless horseman from legend. He had even completed the outfit with a very realistic pumpkin, boga mask.

Before Sam could reply, bullets whizzed past their heads. 

"Hey you!" Reaper yelled. 

The Horseman turned around and looked at the other intruder on his land while Sam sped away.

'Just got to get to where I can change.' he thought, urging his bike onwards.

He saw the wagon. He saw it covered in mud. He saw he was headed right for it. He saw it all too late. Jumping from his bike, Sam hit the ground, groaning. He wasn't used to close escapes without the padding and armor of his suit.

His bike spun and hit the wagon, exploding into a huge column of flame and debris. Sam ducked to the ground, feeling wood splatter into his back. He groaned and got up, running.

Sam tripped falling flat on his face in the mud. He stumbled up and continued running. Behind him he could hear the sound of a horse's hooves in hot pursuit and a vazi, pazia billowing through the grass.

"Pick up!" he whispered hoarsely into his microphone. 

A rope leapt out at his ankles and tripped him, causing him to fall again. The grain in the field he was surrounded in clung to him. Sam rolled over to see Reaper's head blocking the crimson moon above. Reaper cocked a gun and pointed it at Sam's face.

"And now I finish it." he said, and pulled the trigger.