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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Can't wewe phase outta here out something?" Darien leaned against the wall.
"Don't wewe think I've tried that already? I don't know why my powers won't work!" I pushed on the bars, they were slighty bowed, but not enough to tell.
"Well, I think it has something to do with your emotions." he voice was scratchy, probably from the lack of liquid in this place.
"Darien, there's someone coming, get down and act unconscious!" I sat down against the wall, closing my eyes just enough to look like I was out, but just enough to see. I saw a young girl, about 12. Three years younger than me. She had black hair that came down and fell on her shoulders, and emarald green eyes. The Riddler shoved her in the cell across from Darien and me, and left. The young girl opened her eyes and looked at me. I walked over to the edge of cell, sat down and motioned Darien to come over, he walked over and sat inayofuata to me.
"What's wewe name?" he spoke up.
"My name's Leah, I was riding my bike nyumbani when someone grabbed me. Aren't wewe too superheroes." I just nodded.
"Do wewe remember how wewe got here?" she looked down.
"There was this huge building with a W on it. I couldn't red what it alisema under it." I hit my head.
"Hello Nudge! I know where we are now! I have a feeling the rest of the team does too!
"La, la, la, la, la." I heard someone come skipping down the steps, sounded like Harley Quinn, it was, she dont a front flip off the front step.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Prisoners? Mr. J will be so proud of me!" she squealed. Darien rolled his eyes, she grabbed his shati and pulled him against the bars.
"You gotta problem punk?"
"Yeah, I've got 99 problems and you've caused them all!" he smirked. She let him go and left. I hit his arm,
"Way to go! wewe could have got us killed!" he shrugged and leaned against the wall
I crouched inayofuata to the ukuta and waited for Harley Quinn the come through the door. She came out with a rose,
"he loves me, he loves me not." I snuck behind her and grabbed the door before it closed and snuck in with Volt behind me. I stood up, the hallway was dimly lit. I opened the door leading into the chambers, I hope this was the right place.
"Fang, this way! I know where they are!" Volt took off running, I chashed after her.
"Fang! Volt!" my sisters voiced traveled through the chambers.
"Nudge! Keep talking!" I followed the sound of her voice. I reached the cell and bent the bars back. Nudge slipped through them and threw her arms around me. I hugged her tight. She started crying. I picked her up, she was lighter than ususual.
"Come on Nudge, let's go home."
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Artemis and Zatanna have some fun times
posted by Robin_Love
Willow felt worried. After all they'd done to get the antidote, it was a fake. And now she was running from security guards and assassins. I hate Lex Luthor zaidi than ever! I should've payed zaidi attention when Becca was teaching me how to hack! Narrowly missing a bullet, Willow ducked under the closest thing. Unfortunately for her, it was a large dumpster. When she saw their feet go past, Willow crawled out from under there and wiped herself off. She turned as a gun shot was heard. The bullet was pointed right at her. There was a blur of blue and white. A teenage boy stood in front of her,...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What did wewe do?”
Wally looked up from eating his sandwich, sandwichi to stare into Robin's upset face.
“Rebecca's upset and won't talk to me. alisema wewe did something.”
Robin leaned in close, anger visible through his mask.
“What did wewe do?”
Wally scooted back a little. He'd seen Robin angry but this was weird. Didn't the Boy Wonder know that she was only playing with his head?
“Nothing! I just...warned her not to hurt anyone on the team.”
It wasn't the truth but it was close enough for Wally's taste.
Wally rubbed the spot on his head that Robin had slapped.
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posted by Candy77019
 "Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
"Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
kwa 8:30, Nightwing had already handed the tips for the waiter.
"Umm, thanks for the...dinner," I thanked him awkwardly.
He smiled. "No problem."
Our meza, jedwali was kwa a large window, where we had a nice view of Gotham City at night.
" used to work in a circus?" I asked the crusader sitting across from me.
He nodded. "Yep. The Flying Graysons."
Suddenly, a bright light caught my eye. Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham.
"That's the Bat signal!" I exclaimed, pointing at it.
Nightwing stood. "Yeah, I have to go. See ya."
He was almost out the door when I grabbed...
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I have learned to like this song, but I upendo the video.
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posted by justjill
"So...Have wewe found any girls yet?" Wally asked me. Here we go again, another one of his talks about his social life when I could be paying attention to battle field where Aqualad and Artemis fighting on the field. Artemis flipped Aqualad on the ground, before I continued,"Nah, The B man doesn't want any drama in the cave, we get enough emotions from Alfred." "Alfred?! Seriously Rob ? Are wewe gonna keep on staying single until wewe grow old and die?" I broke into a grin,"You know this is coming from you, the ladies man who haven't even got a lady.""Hey, at least I know I could give...
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posted by Skittles98
The people came down, accompanied kwa an ‘old friend’. It was Red Arrow.
“Apparently, wewe guys don’t know the meaning of: leave and don’t ever come back and stay out of my way” I growled
“Phantom, we’d like to know if wewe wanted to jiunge our team” offered the one I saved.
“Who are you?!” I asked
“I am Aqualad. This is Robin, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Super Boy and Artemis. And Red Arrow, wewe already know” Aqualad introduced
“Great, now leave” I said. I started to Usher them out. They didn’t budge.
“How about a deal. wewe beat one of us, and we stay out of your way. We...
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posted by Skittles98
Red ran to the bars and attempted to pull them off.
“Let me take care of that” I shot a couple beams of darkness at the bar and they broke apart. We ran through to the hole. Cheshire and some guy in a metal mask were running along the roofs to a helicopter. I made a flat disc for Artemis and Red to stand on. They got on. Megan and I flew.
“Okay, wewe two shoot, Megan, wewe play defense and I’ll keep wewe guys in the air.” I ordered. The archers shot arrow after arrow at the targets, but they seemed to have no affect.
“Megan, use wewe telekinesis to keep them in the air. I have a job to...
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posted by Candy77019
 "I expected Batman to be here, but life isn't fair."
"I expected Batman to be here, but life isn't fair."
"Are wewe sure wewe want to patrol Gotham kwa yourself?" asked a very concerned Erica.
I sighed. "How am I ever gonna practice my new moves if wewe never let me do anything on my own?"
I heard her laugh on the other line. "You're right. Have fun, but be careful."
I put the phone in the left pocket of my new costume, feeling proud. I had it made based on Batman's costume--black all over, with a few pockets to hold my belongings, but no cape.
I stepped away from the edge of the building, not wanting to fall. Tonight, Gotham was quiet.
Huh. Maybe I don't have to patrol tonight after all. I was about...
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