Here is an exclusive sneak-peek for the inayofuata episode of The New Adventures of Red Revenge! Please enjoy!

"What Chief?" Revenge asked, dropping inayofuata to the police chief. The head of police was standing in front of a burning building while emergency officials tried to put out the moto and tend to burnt citizens.

"One of your Marafiki dropped kwa for a visit and left a present." Draxx said.

"What kind of present?" Nightbird asked. "And for who?" 

"For wewe two." Draxx replied. "Couple packs of C4. Thankfully no one was hurt. I just can't believe she did it."

"She?" Revenge asked. "Ice Crystal?"



"No, look I know wewe want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but-"

Draxx was interrupted kwa a police officer yelling "There! Open Fire!"

Bullets whizzed through the air towards a slim figure who somehow managed to dodge them all, cape flowing in the cool breeze of the night. 

"I don't believe it." Revenge muttered.

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