Fang swung at me with his left hand, missing I threw one back at him. It caught his jaw, he stumbled back. Kid Flash came zooming at me I stepped over to the side and stuck my foot out. He tripped and stumbled to the ground, almost falling in the ocean. I heard a loud noise and some and wingu of smoke coming from the forest, not far from Mount Justice. Fang got a running go and leapt into the air, extending his wings, Kid Flash and I took off running.
Standing in the middle of an open area was Peyton, and a young girl in mid-battle. The girl shot a ball of moto from her hands, Peyton ducked down, sending icicles at her. Before they could reach her they were already melted. She ran toward Peyton, he aimed at her. She jumped into the air grabbed his hands burning them. Peyton fell to his knees. She grabbed his head and slammed his head on the ground. She looked at us, and started walking over.
“Who are you” Her eyes lit up with rage.
“Whoa! Calm down. We’re the good guys!” Kid Flash threw his hands up innocently. She powered down, her hair went from fiery red, to a light blonde. She extended her hand.
“My name’s Blaze, au as most people call me Seraphina, my real name.” Fang grabbed her hand.
“I’m Fang, this is Nudge and Kid Flash.” She smiled.
“A hybrid, vampire, and a speedster. Nice.” Fang rose an eyebrow. How did she know?
“I’m sure Batman would be very pleased to meet you!” I took her hand and started to run.
Batman just looked at her. He was getting a bad vibe off her. She sighed.
“Please? My parents are dead, all my other family is dead. I’ve been living on the streets.” She teared up.
“Alright, wewe are welcome to stay here until wewe get back up on your feet.” She squealed.
“Megan, why don’t give Blaze a tour?” Batman alisema walking away.
“ Okay! C’mon Blaze let’s go!” Megan started walking.
“Here is the kitchen.” She kept walking. Blaze didn’t pay much attention. She was looking at Fang the whole time, who had his earphones in listening to music. She just kept looking at him, until he noticed she was staring at him. He pulled an earphone out.
“Do wewe need something?” he glared at her. She shook her head and kept walking.

Blaze powered down (Seraphina)