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posted by Robin_Love
“Becca, I don't feel comfortable doing this!”
“I know. But wewe hated my flirting idea. And if wewe really want Wally back, this is the only thing I can think of to get his attention. Cause wewe will not become a slut because of him!”
“...Wally was right. wewe ARE protective.”
“Thanks hon! upendo wewe too!”
Willow smiled as Becca dragged her into a store. The two looked around a little bit before Willow spoke up.
“You do know this isn't a bridal shop, right?”
“Yes. But wewe wouldn't wear a real wedding dress even if I asked wewe to. So we'll find a dress and spice it up.”
“You really want me to do this?”
Becca turned to her sister.
“Willow, it's a fake marriage. I want to see the look on Wally's face when wewe say you're getting married. Plus, this might just be the kick he needs.”
“I'll need a ring,” Willow pointed out.
“Have no fear, I am here!”
Willow turned, startling at the voice.
“Billy! wewe scared me!”
“Sorry hon!”
He hugged her and Willow felt immediate comfort wash over her. Becca smiled and then aliiba a hug of her own.
“Good to see wewe Billy.”
“Same to wewe Becca.”
“Okay. So apparently we're getting married,” Willow said. “And Billy's helping pick the dress?”
“No. Becca forbid it-”he gave Becca a glare-“but I'm helping with everything else. This is my wedding too.”
“Alright. I just...what are we trying to do? For the wedding thing? I've never had to deal with this so I am absolutely clueless!”
“Same here, hon.”
“I'm your wedding planner for a reason. I know what I'm doing.”
“Becca, what do wewe know about weddings? You're thirteen!”
Becca became very silent as she looked through several racks of clothing. Willow watched her intently, sensing a hidden secret. Becca sighed.
“I just know. Can we please leave it at that?”
Becca's voice was vulnerable and Willow felt a small stab of pain. Becca looked at her, her brown eyes hinting at a darkened blue. Willow nodded and Becca went back to work.
“I'll see wewe two later,” Billy said, pecking Willow's cheek before walking away.
Willow looked back at her sister, joining her in the hunt.

“So did wewe guys find something?” Billy asked the girls over lunch.
“Yes! And I can't wait to get started on it!”
Becca smiled at her sister.
“I told you, Willow! You've warmed to the idea! It's fun even if it's not real!”
“You're right Becca. I was just too obsessed with how Wally would feel. But I don't care any more. He never cares when he flirts so why should I?”
“That's the spirit Willow. Too bad it's fake though. I think wewe and Billy would make a lovely couple.”
“You and me both,” Billy said.
Willow just smiled. Becca looked at her sister. She was glowing and looked very happy as the three of them sat in the shade.
“Oh! I have something for you,” Billy said.
He pulled a silver ring with blue sapphires embedded inside. A diamond sat in the center.
“Oh Billy! It's beautiful.”
“I thought so! And I paid a fortune for it! Twenty dollars doesn't go as far as it used to!”
Willow laughed, holding her hand out. Billy slid it on her ring finger, kissing it after. Becca smiled and hugged her sister.
“I feel like you're really getting married!” Becca said.
“But wewe came up with the plan!”
“I know. seems real! And, to me, it seems like it was destined. Meant to be!”
“Becca, you're a hopeless romantic!”
“I know!”
Becca fell into her sister's lap, swooning dramatically. Willow laughed, shaking her head.
“Oh Becca. I upendo you.”
“Same at you, Willow!” Becca exclaimed with a smile.
She wrapped her arms around Willow's waist, burying her head in Willow's stomach. She took a deep breath. The siku had progressed nicely, but Becca still heard Willow's earlier question. Oh Willow. I want to tell wewe how I know what I'm doing. But I can't. I just can't.
Description of the TV Show:

Young Justice follows the adventures of the teenaged superheroes Aqualad (the team leader, age 16), Robin (age 13), Kid Flash (age 15), Superboy (age 16 weeks), Miss Martian (age 16 in Human years), and Artemis (age 15), who have finally gained independence from their leaders and the privilege to start their own covert operations team (of the very maarufu Justice League).
The series is not based on the Young Justice comic series kwa DC Comics au any comic series in particular, but is simply based on various young Heroes of the DC universe – who are sidekicks and proteges of infamed adult DC superheroes (most of which make up the Justice League).

Airing: 03/09/2013

Episode Summary:
The Light calls a Summit to decide the final fate of Aqualad, the team… and the entire planet Earth!
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how i think jade reacted to Artemis death.

You're a good girl..... Aren't yah?...yes." Jade alisema in the goody goody baby talk as she played with her baby girl. Lian giggled as she held her mother forefinger listening to the her maoni and watching her make a thousand kissy faces .
She grab hold of her mother wide black locks and Jade gushed out,"Awe! Lian that's my hair." She quickly remove the child's tight grip from her hair. She rubbed her head as she held Lian with one hand, balancing the child on her lap.
"Dada," Lian said, as her mother look back at her.
"He''ll be back in sec...." Jade...
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Teaser Trailer for Young Justice Legacy
young justice
young justice legacy
miss martian
kid flash
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'Waky waky '.Someone called. Crystal opened her eyes.She could see Kid Flash's green eyes staring into hers.'AHAAAAAAA!'.She screamed and fell out of bed.

'KF, what are wewe doing,trying to scare me to death?'.Crystal glared at him.'Nah.'Kid Flash answered taking an apple out from the big matunda dish on the table.'Crystal ran to the hall room, 'No ,now I know why wewe came to wake me up ?Because I'm LATE".Crystal yelled and she got freshed and ran to the training room .

'So, I see who's up early this morning?'Nightman asked.'Its KF '.Crystal pointed.'He's late ,is'nt he?'Crystal asked turing a bright...
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'Well that was really busy , who knew juliet worked a lot harder when she trained'.Crystal remarked laughing with Artemis to mount justice.

'Artemis, who exactly is your favourite au has been your favourite person in the Young justice league?'.Crystal asked.

'Well I've liked green arrow my uncle but now i guess its Wally'.Artemis blushed a little

'KF?' Crystal alisema with a frown, we might as well head back now there was some sort of important thing that Batman wanted us to see.

Back at Mount Justice....

Crystal was in her room when someone jumped in and she looked up to see someone wiyh a blue suit...
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'Crystal wake up now wewe have to go to school?'.Megan called to her.'Crystal mumbled in her sleep'Oh Romeo'.

'Crystal'.Megan called. 'What happened ,whose attacking?'.Crystal asked sitting up in bed.'No one, wewe have to go to school'.

'Thanks '.Crystal called. Then she got up and got ready, she went down for breakfast after that she was ready to go to school. She was about to go to pick up Artemis when Superboy alisema he'd take Crystal to her school.

'But what about Artemis?'.Crystal asked.'She'll come kwa herself '.Superboy said. so crystal sat on superboy's bike and then they raced to school.

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'I really made Superboy mad, what am i good at anyway first i can't hardly stand performing with Tryan and then i hit Superboy well i'm sure I'm not fit for this team. Only Artemis thinks i'm kinda cute and nice for this team'.Crystal said. She probably knew whatever happened Artemis would never vote her off the team.

Crystal was already pretty good at spells. She could creat a sheild which was only sensitive to strong attacks. Her power was almost near to the that she had to be on the young justice team, but she was nervous.

'Come down for dinner'.Megan called.'Now there goes that beautiful...
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'Hey wanna jiunge in?'. Robin asked as he was fighting with Kid Flash.'No'. Crystal replied and she walked to her room.

Robin could'nt believe Crystal was in such a bad mood.'What did wewe do Robin upset her at school?'Wally asked.'No way, she just got upset'.Robin replied.

'Do wewe think she knows my secret identity?'.Robin asked.'No did she ever tell wewe she knew a secret?'.Wally asked.'No'.Robin replied.'How about did she ever came to wewe saying "Are wewe really Dick?".Wally asked. 'No'.Robin replied.'Did she hang out with wewe much?'.Wally asked.'What are wewe trying to do make me realize she does'nt...
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At lunch time:
'Hey Dick'. Artemis called as soon as she saw him.'Hello Artemis , have wewe seen Crystal?'. He asked.

'Not a chance, infact i've been searching for her myself'. Artemis said. 'Hello Guys, sorry i was late'. Crystal alisema rushing towards them.'What took wewe so long?' Dick asked.'Well, I was called kwa the teacher and i got this role of Juliet '. Crystal replied.

'Cool'.Artemis exclaimed. 'What how can wewe say its cool, i can't believe wewe there were no auditions and i got the role,its unfair'.Crystal said.'But wewe can do it perfectly'. Dick suggested.

'Yeah, when I are'nt surrounded...
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Beep! Beep Beep!
Artemis wakes up her eyes barely open.
"Morning Arty" Artemis forces to open her eyes to see Wally standing at the end of her bed.
"I guess we need to work on the case?" Artemis yawns. Wally throws her her costume.
"First Robin needs to see us" he begins to walk out.

Artemis appeared in her archer costume and joined the boys in a room like a science lab.
"So I tested zaidi on Sophie. Bruising on her lungs and throat suggest mechanical asphyxiation. Your death-by-mask theory certainly looks solid." Robin explains. Suddenly, there's an excited squeal from the other side of the room....
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Wally and Artemis stop at a Big Red Chinese restaurant with a bright neon sign saying "Zen restaurant" they entered the building. The bartender was cleaning the counter as they entered. His eyes never lifted to look at them.
"Kidflash is it? What brings wewe here?" he asked as he grabbed a bia glass. "You drink?" Wally refused and answered.
"There's been a homiside"
"What? So now your replacing Robin? tsk tsk tsk" he shook his head.
"Robin is working on he case too. zaidi complicated stuff."
"Wondering if you've seen a redhead in her 20s a stamp on one of her arms? Ring any bells?" Artemis lent against...
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