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posted by Robin_Love
“Becca, I don't feel comfortable doing this!”
“I know. But wewe hated my flirting idea. And if wewe really want Wally back, this is the only thing I can think of to get his attention. Cause wewe will not become a slut because of him!”
“...Wally was right. wewe ARE protective.”
“Thanks hon! upendo wewe too!”
Willow smiled as Becca dragged her into a store. The two looked around a little bit before Willow spoke up.
“You do know this isn't a bridal shop, right?”
“Yes. But wewe wouldn't wear a real wedding dress even if I asked wewe to. So we'll find a dress and spice it up.”
“You really want me to do this?”
Becca turned to her sister.
“Willow, it's a fake marriage. I want to see the look on Wally's face when wewe say you're getting married. Plus, this might just be the kick he needs.”
“I'll need a ring,” Willow pointed out.
“Have no fear, I am here!”
Willow turned, startling at the voice.
“Billy! wewe scared me!”
“Sorry hon!”
He hugged her and Willow felt immediate comfort wash over her. Becca smiled and then aliiba a hug of her own.
“Good to see wewe Billy.”
“Same to wewe Becca.”
“Okay. So apparently we're getting married,” Willow said. “And Billy's helping pick the dress?”
“No. Becca forbid it-”he gave Becca a glare-“but I'm helping with everything else. This is my wedding too.”
“Alright. I just...what are we trying to do? For the wedding thing? I've never had to deal with this so I am absolutely clueless!”
“Same here, hon.”
“I'm your wedding planner for a reason. I know what I'm doing.”
“Becca, what do wewe know about weddings? You're thirteen!”
Becca became very silent as she looked through several racks of clothing. Willow watched her intently, sensing a hidden secret. Becca sighed.
“I just know. Can we please leave it at that?”
Becca's voice was vulnerable and Willow felt a small stab of pain. Becca looked at her, her brown eyes hinting at a darkened blue. Willow nodded and Becca went back to work.
“I'll see wewe two later,” Billy said, pecking Willow's cheek before walking away.
Willow looked back at her sister, joining her in the hunt.

“So did wewe guys find something?” Billy asked the girls over lunch.
“Yes! And I can't wait to get started on it!”
Becca smiled at her sister.
“I told you, Willow! You've warmed to the idea! It's fun even if it's not real!”
“You're right Becca. I was just too obsessed with how Wally would feel. But I don't care any more. He never cares when he flirts so why should I?”
“That's the spirit Willow. Too bad it's fake though. I think wewe and Billy would make a lovely couple.”
“You and me both,” Billy said.
Willow just smiled. Becca looked at her sister. She was glowing and looked very happy as the three of them sat in the shade.
“Oh! I have something for you,” Billy said.
He pulled a silver ring with blue sapphires embedded inside. A diamond sat in the center.
“Oh Billy! It's beautiful.”
“I thought so! And I paid a fortune for it! Twenty dollars doesn't go as far as it used to!”
Willow laughed, holding her hand out. Billy slid it on her ring finger, kissing it after. Becca smiled and hugged her sister.
“I feel like you're really getting married!” Becca said.
“But wewe came up with the plan!”
“I know. seems real! And, to me, it seems like it was destined. Meant to be!”
“Becca, you're a hopeless romantic!”
“I know!”
Becca fell into her sister's lap, swooning dramatically. Willow laughed, shaking her head.
“Oh Becca. I upendo you.”
“Same at you, Willow!” Becca exclaimed with a smile.
She wrapped her arms around Willow's waist, burying her head in Willow's stomach. She took a deep breath. The siku had progressed nicely, but Becca still heard Willow's earlier question. Oh Willow. I want to tell wewe how I know what I'm doing. But I can't. I just can't.
posted by EmeraldYJ
Aisling stared in surprise at the small girl standing before her. She had black hair pulled into two ponytails with metal pins pushing her bangs back from her face. From behind a small pair of glasses green eyes peered curiously at Aisling. The girl looked about 2 years old.
“Hey, kid, wewe lost?” Aisling asked. The little girl nodded then pointed to the bracelet in Aisling’s hand. “This yours?” Another nod. “Here.”
The girl latched onto Aisling who was once zaidi shocked. She pulled the toddler away and looked into her eyes. “What’s your name?”
The girl tilted her head to the...
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posted by EmeraldYJ
OOC: wewe waited for like ever, so...

2 Weeks Later

They weren’t deathly devastated. Not anymore. The team had accepted Fin’s passing. They promised themselves not to forget her. Even if they wanted to, how could they. That one rose burned brightly, siku and night, in a place for everyone to see. And everyone lived on.
A new girl had joined the team. Her hero name was Ray. But she pronounced her name was Samantha with a certain accent, Wally heard ‘Samanta’ and dubbed her ‘Manta.’ Her joking and light manner was a reminder of Fin, and the team naturally liked her.
“So...” she asked...
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posted by EmeraldYJ
OOC: wewe guys are VERY lucky that i'm so nice and giving wewe this days early.
Emerald: okay, yeah, sure they are.
OOC: what? don't believe me?
Em: no, i get it...
OOC: oh i see, wewe tried to convince me not to.
Em: yeah. i did. and it DIDN'T WORK!
(we start arguing)
Russ: dude, why are we here? can't believe wewe brought me here..
Ryan: I brought wewe here?
Russ: well DUH.
(they start arguing)
Em:Nu, esti un idiot, şi aţi făcut acest lucru pentru tine!
Manta: QUIET!!
(we all stop and stare)
Manta: Um.. Hi.
OOC: Well... have fun kusoma this... this is the sequel...
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posted by Robin_Love
She flew over the rocky terrain, breathing in the fresh air. Her blackened wings flapped gently, pulling her above the ground and towards the clouds. She folded in her wings as she got closer to the ground. She landed on her feet gently. She walked around a little, relishing the cold breeze flying through the summer air. She found a patch of yellow wild roses and picked one.
She heard a flapping noise behind her, turning to look. Nothing but a bluebird. She went back to walking around. When the sun started to set, she turned to go back. She got closer to the edge of the mountain, about to open...
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