"It means," she whispered, centimeters from him, "that I want a real kiss."
"How long?" Nathan asked Fin, hand in hers. They were resting on the beach, surrounded kwa the sparkling ocean reflecting the sunrise. When they'd returned, Batman was not pleased, to say the very least, that the jet was crashed somewhere in the Arctic, but he was glad to know that they were safe. Nathan had whisked Fin away to a place they could talk about everything that had happened between them and what it might have done to their hearts. In the cold, everything was at a risk.
"Since... since we met, I suppose. wewe were just..." Fin shuffled her head a little on his shoulder, her glasses at her side. "You were kinda cute, in a geeky, shy way."
He smiled a little. "You were cute in a pushy, flaunting, over bearing, quirky-" She pushed him onto the ground, laughing. "Ass," she smirked.
"Hey, now."
"Shut up, dude."
He got back to feet and shook the sand off him. Fin protested and held her hands to her face. "Not cool, man."
Nathan sat back down with her. "Fin?" he questioned, all seriousness. "If wewe weren't in upendo with me, would wewe be mad that I kissed wewe like that in the ice cave?"
"Nathan, if I wasn't in upendo with you, we would have never been in that cave. I wouldn't have come after wewe at all." He gaped at her. "Now that I think about it though, that wasn't much of a kiss at all."
He turned. "What's that supposed to mean?" He suddenly found her dangerously close to his face.
"It means," she whispered centimeters away, "that I want a real kiss."
And their lips met once more, but this time, they were both fully aware of it. Fin's emotions got the best of her, as did Nathan, and they both suddenly found themselves as their moto and ice forms. They were completely oblivious to the fact, however, until they heard a sizzling noise. They broke apart, and saw a white wingu quickly dispersing.
"Did we just make steam?" Nathan asked, looking at Fin. A moment of silence followed, then they burst into laughter.
"Takes a new meaning to the phrase 'opposites attract!!'" Fin exclaimed, and he fell over to his side cracking up.
Then Fin heard someone else's laughter. She whipped sound. "Delta, wewe little troll, wewe better not have a camera!"
The other laughter stopped instantly, and was replaced kwa quickly receding footsteps. "I don't think so!" Fin growled, and kissed Nathan on the cheek before chasing after her sister. "Pick me up in an hour!" she screamed.
Nathan simply grinned. What a perfect girl. And all his.