"Slade... did some stuff..."
"Kaylee, that doesn't tell me anything I don't already know."
"Russel's pretty much my baby brother. au older. Depends on your view on how clones are-"
"Right, right, sorry."
The two girls sat in a room with a real nyasi rug and flowers bed. Kaylee sat in a small field of carnations. Everyone else was downstairs, eating up. Fin was demanding an explanation for Kaylee's new 'brother.'
"It was that... that bastard!! He messed up the first DNA sample and accidentally made a guy wewe instead!! Then Slade has the freaking nerve to send Rus after me, still controlled! It took weeks to fix him! And to stay alive! Rus contorls and creates tech, wewe know, and I'm constantly surrounded kwa electronics! I hate that man- no, he's not even good enough to be human, that son of a-"
Fin clamped a hand over the eight-year-old's mouth, then breathed out deeply in a heavy, worn out sigh deep with pain. As soon as the hand was dropped from her mouth, Kaylee saw that Fin was bothered. "Sorry," she whispered softly, trying not to aggravate Fin any more.
"S'okay.. s'not..your..." The eyes closed behind the mask and the teen fell to the ground unconsious for the sekunde time that day.
"F-Fin? Fin?!" The younger girl entered a small panic mode. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshiiiiiiit... her mind thought rapidly, knowing full well of what was happening. "Um... oh, god... Robin? Artemis?! Aisling?!? Delta! Becca!! Lucas, Charm, Scarlet, Mercy, Phoebe, Blade, anyone!!!!" Kaylee screeched, and footsteps began to quickly fill the once-silent cabin. She was aware of the sudden blonde-haired girl inayofuata to her. "Again?" Blade inquired, noticably worried for her friend.
"No, she's taking a damn nap!!" Kaylee muttered miserably, the sarcasm thick in her usually preppy voice.
"Don't take that tone of voice with her, Kay, she's only trying to help," Robin ordered, busting through the door and kneeling kwa her sister once more. The rest quickly followed, including Rus, who went to Kaylee and help her arms tightly. She was on the verge of a breakdown, and she simply curled into his arms, shaking. "You're alright, you're fine," he calmed her quietly while the others surrounded Fin.
"I brought that seizure potion-" Phoebe began, but recieved a glare from Delta and decided to shut up.
"Wait.. where did we leave Nathan?" Scarlet suddenly realized.
"Oh, my god, did we seriously leave him alone?" Aisling gasped. "What the hell?"
"You go find him then, Aisling, but take someone with you," Robin insisted, already checking Fin's vitals.
"Well who's willing to go?"
"Why not?" Charm volunteered, and Lucas shrugged. Mercy nodded, pointing out he was somewhat important to the team. Phoebe, too, decided to come along, and the five started out the room, aiming to head back the way they came.
"No!" came a voice from in their heads. They all turned to Fin, who was strangely still asleep on the grass. "You- wewe can't go," she continued, not stirring from where she had collapsed.
"Why not?" Delta inquired mentally, hand on her sister's shoulder.
"Because.. it's too late. Chelsea already got him!"
"No," Mercy hissed in her mind. "No way."
"Yes way," a voice sneered from the doorway. They turned to find a girl with jet black hair and blood red eyes. "Fin, uh, do wewe have.. um, another clone we should know about? Lucas watched the other girl with a wary eye, she practically screamed trouble.
"No, Lucas.." Artemis noted. "I.. I do believe this is Chelsea.."
"Good guess," the girl sneered, before throwing them all to the ground with a deafening mind blast.