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***This is a bila mpangilio little story that me and InfinityYJ decided to collaborate on. The characters of Mercy, Becca, Delta, Scarlet, and Blade are NOT ours. Neither are the original team (well wewe already knew that). This is supposed to be a kind of weird and bila mpangilio story, but hopefully you’ll like it! Enjoy! ***
It was early evening in the Cave, and the Team was clustered in the main room, waiting for Batman to speak. Aisling’s stomach grumbled loudly; she wondered whether they would be getting chajio, chakula cha jioni tonight. If Batman had come to send them on a mission, highly unlikely.
Getting impatient, she spoke. “Do wewe have a mission for us au something?”
Batman shook his head. “No. But I do have plans for you. wewe are to spend the night at the cave, all of you, as a team bonding night. Please get to kitanda at a reasonable hour.”
Like that’s ever going to happen, Aisling thought.
“You will be spending tonight and all of tomorrow performing team-building exercises. Black Canary and I have compiled a orodha of activities wewe are to perform.”
The team let out a collective groan. None of them liked the way this was going.
“I will be back to check in at eight o’clock sharp tomorrow, and again at three o’clock. Aqualad, you’re in charge. Make sure they stay on track.” He handed Aqualad a thick stack of papers, held together with a black binder clip. “I will be off.”
With that, he stepped into the zeta tube, and was whisked away.

“Do we really have to do all those?” Wally whined, flipping through the packet that Batman had aliyopewa them. The team was piled in the lounge; with all fifteen of them, it made for quite a tight fit. Kat was perfectly content to be slumped in the corner, but the battle that had ensued over the tight kitanda space was not a pretty sight.
“Yeah,” Mercy added. “These are really stupid.”
Aqualad shrugged. “I guess not. We need to do something, though. Batman will not be happy if we do not.”
Kat had to agree with that. “So...” she said, addressing the cluster of teens around her. “Anyone know any team building games?”
The room was silent for a moment. “Name game?” Aisling suggested.
“But we already know everyone’s names...” Kat alisema pensively. She was trying to rack her brains, come up with a game they could play.
“Ooh, I know!” Wally squealed, eagerly raising his hand and bouncing up and down like an overexcited kindergartener. “We can play duck-duck-goose!”
Kat rolled her eyes. “Let me rephrase that. Anyone know any team building games that aren’t completely idiotic?”
Everyone fell silent for quite a while. Out of the corner of her eye, Kat saw a grin slowly spread on Robin’s face, and he leaned in to Fin, whispering something in her ear. Her eyes lit up, and she cackled gleefully. Robin stood up.
“We have a game,” he announced. All heads turned to face him. Kat didn’t like the devilish look on the Boy Wonder’s face, and she knew nothing good could come out of it.
“So, what we’re going to do is this. Everyone has to write down two of their secrets and...yes, Wally?”
Wally had raised his hand, and now he looked up at Robin. “What kind of secrets do we write? Like bila mpangilio and embarrassing secrets, au serious stuff?”
“Let’s go with bila mpangilio and embarrassing,” Robin alisema quickly. Kat knew the Boy Wonder had certain things he was not ready to reveal to the rest of them. “So, as I was saying, everyone writes down two secrets, then gives them to the judge, who...Artemis? What is it?”
“What if we don’t have any secrets?” Artemis asked innocently. Robin rolled his eyes; he looked exasperated.
“I’m sure everyone has secrets,” he said, an edge in his voice.
“But what if we don’t?” Artemis persisted.
“You do,” Robin growled, clearly annoyed. “Anyways, once wewe write down your two secrets, wewe give them to the judge. The judge will mix them up, and give each person two bila mpangilio secrets, that aren’t their own. wewe have until tomorrow at three to figure out whose secrets wewe have. wewe can do whatever wewe want to find out, but wewe can’t ask the person au share the ones wewe got with anyone. At three tomorrow, wewe turn in whatever wewe have to the judge, who will give wewe points for your right answers. wewe can make multiple guesses, but the zaidi guesses wewe have, the fewer points wewe get for the right answer. Person with the most points wins. Any questions?”
There were none.
“So, who wants to be judge?”
Artemis raised her hand, but Robin ignored her. “How about...Aqualad? wewe wanna be the judge?”
“I suppose I could,” Aqualad replied.
“Okay then. Let’s get started!”
Megan used her telekinesis to get fifteen sheets of paper, and fifteen pens, and distributed one to each person, Robin, Connor, Wally, Megan, Artemis, Aisling, Kat, Fin, Kaylee, Fang, Mercy, Blade, Becca, Delta, and Scarlet. They all spread out across the floor and began to write.

Aqualad sat at his desk, spreading out the thirty slips of paper in front of him. He was actually quite intrigued kwa some of the secrets his Marafiki had shared. Some were quite unusual, others were just plain awkward, but there were some that were very unexpected. This would be interesting, he thought. He read each secret over and over, trying to figure out how to distribute them.
The Secrets:
1) I’m terrified of stuffed animals
2) I used to think I was Eeyore
3) I have an inner desire to grow out my nose hair and braid it
4) I still play Webkinz on a very regular basis
5) When I was 5 I would only wear princess dresses
6) I swallowed a worm...yesterday
7) I sing Justin Bieber in the bathtub
8) I have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
9) I have 240 shades of pink nail polish stashed in my room
10) I still sleep with a night light
11) When I was little, I was traumatized for life because the van had no candy
12) I find overweight aquatic wanyama to be very attractive
13) I tripped over a ladybug once
14) I sometimes wonder what it would feel like to make out with the guy on the men’s bathroom signs
15) When I was 4 I wanted to be a train when I grew up
16) I think Oscar the Grouch is really sexy
17) I’m afraid of heights
18) I used to think that a blow job was a type of hair style
19) My ultimate goal in life is to read every encyclopedia in the library
20) I’m madly in upendo with Kyra Grayson
21) I’m not a pedophile, but I find Billy Batson somewhat sexy
22) My inayopendelewa vitabu are the Hannah Montana series
23) I went on and my only match was the Forever Alone guy
24) I’m deathly afraid of Jesse McCartney
25) I have a teddy kubeba named Pookie that I tell all my secrets
26) I used to think I was a ballerina
27) I have anatidaephobia (the fear that somewhere, somehow, a bata is watching you)
28) When I’m in the bathtub I pretend I’m in a witches kitoweo, mchuzi and she’s gonna eat me up
29) I idolized Spiderman
30) I swallowed a butterfly, kipepeo once

Aqualad sighed. He still didn’t know how he would decide who got which secret. He knew one thing, though: he couldn’t leave the secrets on their original papers. Too many people on this team would be able to analyze the handwriting and figure their secrets out that way. He pulled out a stack of paper, grabbed a pen, and began to copy them down. He could distribute them later.
***So that’s it for part 1. Don’t forget to guess who’s secrets are whose! Part 2 will be coming soon!***
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13 years into the Forseen Future:

Kaldur is 29 yrs old
Robin is 26 yrs old
Wally is 28 yrs old
SuperBoy is 29 yrs old
Roy is 31 yrs old

M'gann is 29 yrs old
Artemis is 28 yrs old
Zatanna is 27 yrs old
Harley is 27 yrs old

SuperBoy and M'gann have baby girl named Miranda
Wally and Artemis have boy named Alex (AGE-3)
Zatanna is Pregnant with girl (Five months)
"I cant believe it, they whole team will be getting together again." alisema Artemis over the phone to Harley,"ever since The team disbanded...
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