The boy wonder stood up aiding his head.
"Did wewe just zap me?" he replied in a squeaky voice. The two Heroes stood still staring at him. Robin looked up at them.
"Do I have something on my face?" robin touched his face. "Seriously, stop staring at me!" The Heroes kept on staring. Robin picked up his batarang. "Your not hypnotized are you?" Robin asked facing his audience. He groaned. "Geez Zatanna, Bats stop staring it's creeping me out!" Zatanna and Bats exchanged glances. "Your back!" Zatanna hugged Robin. Bats smiled as he watched the young teenagers. "Well I did go on a mission where we met a giant octopus and-" Screams of familiar voices echoed around Mount Justice. Kidflash and Artemis ran out of the jikoni into the room the three Heroes were in. "Wally Arty wewe escaped! How?" Robin asked in suprise getting out of Zatanna's touch. Artemis held a mirror in her hands staring at herself. "I'm Conner right? Am I dreaming?" Artemis panicked. Wally ran his fingers through his hair. "Someone cast a spell on us!" he cried. Batman got out his phone and snapped a picha of them. Robin raised an eyebrow. "Bats, no time to take pictures for your picha album!" Zatanna burst out laughing. Bats turned to the male teenager. "One. I don't have a picha album of pictures of the team au the league" Robin smirked. "Sure wewe don't" he whispered to himself. "And two my camera is like a mirror" Bats replied. Robin put both hands on his hips. "Hello Robin!" he alisema in a girly voice smacking his forehead. Bats starred at the picture his jaw dropped. Zatanna and Robin approached Bats. Zatanna looked over his shoulder. "Oh my-" The picture showed Artemis as Conner and Wally as Megan. "It all makes sense!" Robin ran to the teleportor. As he exited Conner (in Artemis's body) collapsed to the floor. "I don't want to be Megan forever!" A tear ran down his cheek. "Megan?" Bats asked taking another picture of the two teenagers. It remained the same. Megan jumped up trying to fly but fell to the ground. "Oww!" Conner cried his hands on his head. Zatanna scratched her head. "I don't get it!" Silence grew upon the room. Bats spoke quietly to himself working out what the hell happened to Conner and Megan, while Zatanna crossed her arms trying to work it out herself.
About 3 dakika later Bats broke up the silence.
"A spell was cast on them but if they appear to us as Wally and Artemis then the real Wally and Artemis are in Conner and Megan's body. When they look at each other au at themselves without a mirror, they see their-selves in the person they were with during the spell. Wally must see himself as Artemis and Artemis as Wally. When they look in the mirror they must see Wally as Megan and Artemis as Conner. If we look at them we'll probably see Conner and Megan. But if we look at them in a mirror we'll see them in their own bodies. I guess the only thing they kept on their bodies is their touch. So if Megan hurts herself, Conner will feel it" Batman looked around at the teenagers all eyes wide open, they didn't get it. "Wheres Robin when I need him" Bats sighed.
"Conner thinks he's in Megan's body but he really is in Artemis's body. Megan thinks she's in Conner's body but she really is in Wally's body. Wally thinks hes in Artemis's body but he really is in Megan's body. Artemis thinks she's in Wally's body she really is in Conner's body. If Conner hurts himself Megan will feel it and vise versa. If Artemis hurts herself Wally will feel it and vise versa" Batman explained slowly to the teenagers. They nodded understanding what Bats just said. "But if Wally is really in Megan's body but thinks he's in Artemis, how come Artemis feels when he hurts himself?" Conner asked walking over to Bats. Megan followed. "I'm not 100% sure if Wally is in Megan's body. He might actually be in Artemis's. The spell tricked our eyes. We need to reverse this spell before we chase after the witch boy." Conner punched his hand (not hard) in his other hand. "Klarion did this? He's getting a knuckle sandwich!"
Zatara, Green Arrow and three teenages appeared from the teleportor. A young teenage boy ran infront of the Heroes at the far end of the room. "Missed me?" The other two teenagers jumper besides him. Megan (in Wally's body) gasped. "Wally? Artemis?" Wally stepped up to Megan. "Hey there hottie!" Conner made his hand into a fist squeezing hard as Wally kept on complementing himself. It felt weird in a females body he thought. He poked himself in unfamiliar places. Artemis groaned stopping Conner from touching her body. Zatara looked at the body switched teenagers. He scratched his chin. "This may take some time mind waiting?" GA and Bats nodded.The body switched teenagers stood side kwa side as Zatara closed his eyes, put his hands out and started his spell. A hurtful zap shocked the teenagers. They cried hurtfully. Artemis took hold of Wally's hand and squeezed hard. Artemis felt pain but it didn't matter. Robin snickered "After this, I'll pay wewe 100 bucks to make Wally and Artemis make out! I'll rise it if it could last for zaidi than 10 mins!" he whispered to Zatara. "Deal!" Zatara finished the last of his spell and the teenagers collapsed to the floor. Wally and Artemis still held hands. Megan stood up and grabbed the mirror on the floor. "It worked! I'm Megan again!" Artemis and Wally stood up and hugged one another but not fast enough to avoid Robin's camera phone. "Since your all back, your mission is to find that witch boy" Batman interrupted. They nodded and headed to the teleportor. "We need to talk" Bats whispered to Robin grabbing his shoulder. They entered the jikoni and Robin helped himself to Megan's kuki, vidakuzi laid out on the bench. "I'm trusting wewe to be leader for this mission" Bats alisema to his adopted son. Robin looked up at him. "Okay. I won't let wewe down." He shoved the last cookie in his mouth. A loud click surprised him. Bats took a picture of Robin eating his cookie. "I'm not in another body Bats. Why are wewe taking a picha of me?" Bats smiled and shrugged. "Photo album"
"Ha! I knew it!" Robin pointed a finger at his mentor then ran out of the room to his fellow teammates. "What took wewe so long?" Wally asked stepping into the teleportor. "Father and son kind of thing." Robin replied. "Now lets take Klarion down!"