Wally woke up turning his head in different directions. They were in Scrambled Square.
"How did we get here?" Amy was texting au doing something with her phone. Wally stood up and looked over her shoulder.
"Nice photo" he said, making Amy jump.
"Wally! Oh my wewe gave me a fright!" Amy put her hand on her chest.
"What? I gave wewe a fright? Are we in the 16th century?" Wally looked at the screen of Amy's phone. "Who's that?" Amy turned her head to Wally.
"Oh um. That's me and my friend, Jessica. We were best friends" she sighed.
Beep beep!
Amy's phone instantly came up with a message.
"Wait what? But we just had a mission!" Wally whimpered.
"A siku has gone past" Amy read out the message.
Find the possessed statue and defeat the Noise. Fail and face erasure
Their palms covered with moto and the timer appeared again.
"Timer..." Amy trailed off.
"Possessed statue..." Wally scratched his chin.
"Ohhh! The Statue of Mikki" Amy squealed.
"What is the statue of Mikki?"
"Mikki was Prince Yannick's dog. Yannick was the prince of Mikkimo but died fighting for us."
"What was he fighting?" Wally began to swali again.
"Wah? He was in the game too?" Wally gasped.
"No. But ever since he was little he could see the game. The Players, the Noise, everything"
"And he was alive?"
"Yep." Amy put her phone in her pocket.
"Okay lets head to Mikki" Wally ran off again with Amy on his tail.
"Wally! Stop!" Amy cried waving her hands in the air.
I wonder if I can still run. Well if I am Kidflash. That would be totally crash if I was! Wally thought while he ran. He began to pick up pace but then everything began to blur. A white light covered his eyes again.

"Careful kid. If wewe are what wewe say wewe are, it crash the whole time stream" a red head entered the house with a brown kanzu, koti and black gloves.
"Crash it. If only" replied a young boy in red and white.
"Wally-" Barry was cut off.
"Nightwing called. Thought I would be of some help with this mess-" the boy ran up to him and squeezed him in a hug.
"Wally West! My first cousin once removed!"
"The operative word, being removed" he slowly push the young boy away from him. Ring ring.
"Hello?" Barry held the cellphone to his ear.
"Babe it's mine" a woman with reddish brown hair said.
"Don't answer that! I mean why interrupt the reunion?" the boy said.
"It's my boss at GBS" she held the phone to her ear. "What's up Pete?" she put the phone down and looked at Barry. "They're evacuating Down Town. The new super powered lunitic is calling for blood. Your blood"

Wally's vision came back into view. Wally Lost control and tripped over landing face first in the concrete. Amy was behind him and screamed.
"Wally are wewe okay?" Wally rubbed his head.
I am in the flash family. But did I die from the lunitic looking for our blood?
"Wally get up!" Amy pulled Wally up. She brushed him off.
"Sorry stalker girl-"
"Uh yeah right. I must've uh, Lost control. I think my mind is going crazy..." Amy gasped.
"Oh my! Why don't we rest a little?"
"What about the mission. We will be erased if we don't-" suddenly the timer on their hands disappeared.
"Woah!" the both of them said.
"Yo, what happened?" a voice said. Wally looked behind him to see a very muscled guy with a black beanie with a white skull on it. He wore a white singlet with a skull mkufu over it. He had long baggy pants and blonde hair. inayofuata to him was a boy. Well that's what Wally thought. The youngster also had blonde hair with a black beanie and skull on it. It wore a peach, pichi colored baggy sweater probably to big for him/her. Also wore black shorts and looked about 13 years old.
"Beat, I think the mission is complete" the youngster alisema with a cute squeaky voice.
"But how?" the big guy called Beat asked.
"I think if one pair of Players complete the mission, I think we complete it too!" Amy, surprised kwa the conversation, jumped up and ran to the two odd pact.
"So we don't need to do the mission?!" Amy's voice surprised Beat. He jumped backwards.
"Uggghhhh! Hey! wewe scared me, yo!" Wally smirked.
"Sorry but this seems so interesting!" Amy said.
"Well I guess we don't. But if every Player does nothing, no one will survive" Rhyme replied.
"Yeah hes right" Wally alisema as he walked up to them. Rhyme was wide eyed so was Amy. Beat stepped in front of Wally with an angry look on his face.
"What wewe say about Rhyme?" he punched his fist into his hand. Wally knew he made a mistake.
Rhyme is a girl.