Just a little heads up, this story takes place between season one and season two.

The siku started out the same as all the others. Connor was sitting on the kitanda watching TV, although for once it wasn’t static, M’gann was trying out a new cookie recipe, Kaldur was curled up on the recliner with a book, Wally and Artemis were snuggling on the opposite side of the kitanda and Dick and I were sitting on the other side of the kitanda watching the news. All the sudden the words “Breaking News” flashed on the televisheni screen. Everyone leant mbele as if it would help them hear the news to come.
“This just in,” the blonde reporter announced. “Just moments zamani the Gotham City Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon, was shot outside of the police department…” As the reporter continued I tuned her out as I registered the facts that were just presented to me. I vaguely heard Dick asking if I was alright. I stood up and ran towards the zeta tubes. I didn’t hear Dick run up behind me and take the same zeta. Once out of the out of order telephone booth, the disguised zeta tube in Gotham, I started to run to the Police Department with Dick following close behind.
When the Police Department came into view I stopped short to let the scene in front of me sink in. Police officers, that I have known since I was young, were running around interrogating witnesses and pushing reporters away from the crime scene as my father was being slid onto a gurney. When I was my dad the tears that I didn’t realize were falling came down quicker and saltier.
“Daddy!” I screamed as I sprinted towards him and pushed my way through the swarm of people.
“Barbara!” I heard Dick holler after me as he followed the suit. I was stopped once I slid under the yellow police tape kwa an officer that recognized me from all those times I would come to the station after school. I tried to wriggle free of his grasp and failed to do so.
“Barbara, the paramedics are treating your father right now. I’m sorry, but wewe can’t get in the way of their work because every sekunde counts,” the officer told me.
“No, I need to see my dad!” I yelled at him as I watched my father being pushed on the gurney. When they walked in front of me I Lost it. I broke free of the officer’s grip and ran to my father’s side knowing that the officer and Dick were following closely behind. When the paramedics spotted me kwa the gurney they politely shooed me away and pulled my dad into the back of the ambulance. I became weak in the knees when Dick stopped inayofuata to me because I saw the damage that the bullet had done.
It was a clean shot that was about three inches below where the collar, alama bone starts on the shoulders side. The bullet went straight through his body and there was blood. Lots of blood that seemed to gush out of his wound on both sides faster and faster kwa the second.
Dick caught me before my legs collapsed into heaps of bone, flesh and muscle. He pulled my into a kubeba hug as I limply hugged him back. Immediately I started to bawl into his chest as he occasionally kissed the juu of my head to comfort me further. He never let go of me and I didn’t want him to.

I put this story on Fanfiction too if anyone wants to read ahead. It's called "One Shot Marks Only the Beginning".