Young Justice: Invasion had no shortage of surprisesthis season. From secret invasions to covert missions, the onyesha had us shouting at our screens on a regular basis? Here are our most shocking moments from Young Justice.
10. Miss Martian/Superboy Breakup
A lot can happen in 5 years. Superboy and Miss Martian went from power couple to awkward teammates in no time. Their off-screen breakup had us scratching our heads. It turns out Conner broke things off with M’Gann because he didn’t approve of the way she used her telepathic powers.
Even zaidi shocking; Miss M started dating Lagoon Boy?! WHAT?!?
9. Blue Beetle Prophecy
Impulse comes from a future where things are so not crash. The Reach have enslaved the planet Earth all thanks to the help of one former hero: Blue Beetle! WHAT?!?
8. Red Arrow and Cheshire have a Daughter
Red Arrow’s obsession with finding the original Roy Harper consumed his life. So much so that his wife, Cheshire, left him without telling him she was pregnant. She shows up out of the blue and presents him with his daughter, Lian Nguyen-Harper. WHAT?!?
7. Mount Justice Destroyed

As a final test to prove himself to the Light, Kaldur destroys Mount Justice and kidnaps several members of the Team. WHAT?! But that’s where Superboy keeps all his stuff!
Kid Flash calls Aqualad’s allegiance to the Team into question. Is Kaldur a double agent au is he a triple agent? Could he be playing the Team for fools?
6. Speedy ReturnsŠ and is a Jerk
After years of searching for the original Roy Harper, Red Arrow finally finds him locked in a cryogenic chamber in a Tibetan monastery. The Light removed his right arm as biological material for their programmable clone. WHAT?!
Roy’s thirst for vengeance leads him to take on Lex Luthor single-handedly (literally). But in the end, Roy accepts Luthor’s offer of a cyborg arm and joins the Team as Arsenal. DOUBLE WHAT?!?

5. Artemis Dies!

Nightwing asked Artemis to come out of retirement for a special mission. During a standoff with Black Manta’s forces, Kaldur stabs and “kills” Artemis. WHAT?!
It turned out to be an elaborate ruse to allow Artemis to go under cover with Aqualad. Nightwing and Kaldur faked Artemis’ death, and gave her a new identity: Tigress. And Wally’s in on the whole thing, too. WHAAAAATTTTT?!?

4. Blue Beetle’s Betrayal

The Green Beetle, B’arzz O’oomm, seemed to be working with the Team, but when Jaime asked him to reboot his scarab, Green Beetle turns Blue to the control of the Reach! WHAT?!?
3. The Light’s True Plan

The Light appeared to be partners with the Reach, but Aqualad’s hologram laid out the truth. It turns out the Light was just using the aliens to draw the attention of Mongul and his Warworld. Their real plan was to take command of Warworld, and use it to seize control of the Milky Way galaxy. WHAT?!?
On juu of that, Vandal Savage travelled to Apokolips and got all “Business as usual” with Darkseid!? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!
2. Wally Dies!
Kid Flash couldn’t keep pace with Flash and Impulse. His slower speed made him an exit valve for excess chrysalis energy. Wally vanished without having a chance to say goodbye to the woman he loved, Artemis. WHAT?!?
1. Aqualad’s Defection

We learned early on that Aqualad had betrayed the Team and gone to work for his father, Black Manta! Kaldur made a convincing villain, too. He blew up Mount Justice, kidnapped members of the Team, and “murdered” Artemis on the battlefield. But in reality Kaldur was working for Nightwing on a deep cover mission to infiltrate the Light! WHAT?!?
In the end, Aqualad did zaidi damage to Vandal Savages plans in one night than anyone else had done in 30,000 years! WHAT NOW!