Becca-Shade Costume
Name: Rebecca “Becca” Stevens (Now Stevenson)
Alias: Shade
Occupation: Vigilante; On and Off member
Powers: Teleportation, mystic arts, sorcery, magic, spells
Skills: Any and all martial arts,/combat/street-fighting, weaponry, potions, flexibility, stealth, technology, hacking
History: Becca Stevens has had a very confused and traumatic childhood. She is the youngest of seven royal children, a princess of Attalin. She grew up with the training of a warrior and the grooming of a princess. She was always told she was the “chosen” and was shunned away kwa her siblings; all but three. Even with all the training and guarding, she was still subject to her mad father's scientific tortures and his own games. She was isolated completely for four weeks as a trail of her skills. In those four weeks, Becca became the protective warrior people always see. Becca ended up being “reborn” as the human daughter of the Stevens couple and grew up in the Haley Circus. There she met her first upendo and human friend, Dick Grayson. But Becca, even in the “second life” always knew the prophecy of the Dark Age. She eventually followed Dick in his superhero ways, but knew the darker side of herself. She eventually faced a situation she couldn't over-take and broke off her relationship with Dick. She met and fell in upendo with Tyler Stevenson. She is now married to him, but still aware of her own darkness and the prophecy.
Notes: Becca is, in a sense, a man-hater. She feels that men are not as superior as women and enjoys beating the junk, taka out of them. She has grown up mastering all of her abilities and is the perfect soldier despite everything. Because of her powers, she is almost incapable of being trapped au contained. Becca adores chokoleti so much, she is willing to kill for it. She is zaidi often serious than anything but still has her share of emotions. Sh is a sassy girl when she wants to be. Her eyes are brown but she casts an image spell when she's in hero form; her eyes are blue as Shade.