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It was early December 🎄 in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers were having a krisimasi 🎅 party & having a great time, they were all chattering away like old friends, it was a beautiful winter’s night 🌃, until the Joker 🃏 & Harley 🃏 noticed that Bruce Wayne & his eldest son 👦, 18 mwaka old Dick & Barry Allen & his nephew Wally were under the mistletoe 🌿…[aka the holly!] but even though some of the couples didn’t want to, it was krisimasi 🎅 tradition to kiss 💋 underneath the mistletoe 🌿.
But they were too busy talking 🗨 & flirting 👨‍❤️‍👨 & having an absolute ball to notice the mistletoe 🌿…the villainous couple ran over to the fireplace, Joker 🃏 tapped on Wally & Barry’s shoulders while Harley 🃏 tapped on Dick & Bruce’s shoulders, The 2 couples 👬👬 asked impatiently,”Whaddya want?” Harley 🃏 & Joker 🃏 alisema in a 🎤 sing-song 🎶 voice,”look who’s underneath the mistletoe 🎋!?” but Dick, Wally, Barry & Bruce were both very confused 😕 & asked,“look who’s underneath the…?”
Harley & Joker pointed up & mouthed,“‘look 👀 up 👆!’” Dick, Bruce, Barry & Wally looked upward 👆 & saw the mistletoe 🎋 hanging just above their heads 🗣, they looked at each other & said,”uh oh!” they knew that they had to kiss 💋, the 2 boys & men blushed 😊 bright RED 🍎 in embarrassment: Harley 🀄 & Joker 🃏 whispered,”BTW, ya welcome!” the 2 boys & 2 men gulped hard & looked at each other nervously, but Dick & Bruce admitted that they had never kissed a boy 👦 au a man 👨 before in all their lives, Barry & Wally also admitted that they had also never kissed a boy 👦 au man 👨 in their lives!
but they wondered what the kiss 💋 would be like: but nervously they thought, this will not 👎 end well! But Diana saw that Bruce, Dick, Wally & Barry were nervous 💗 & told everyone to encourage them to kiss 💋, they chanted,”Kiss 💋 them! Kiss 💋 them! Kiss 💋 them! Kiss 💋 them!” then they kissed & the Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers said,”AWWWWWWWW!” but as the 2 boys 👬 & men 👬 kissed…their skin erupted into many teeny tiny little goosebumps.
Suddenly, as the boys 👬 & men 👬 parted their lips 💋, they felt something strange inside…they felt their chests…their hearts ♥ were beating 💓 unbelievably fast, they looked into 2 hand ✋ mirror & saw that their cheeks were bright RED with embarrassment ☺, they were so embarrassed 😳, just then, Dick’s 3 ☘ brothers were talking to each other, until his 2nd 🥈 oldest brother Jason saw Bruce, Barry, Dick & Wally underneath the mistletoe 🎋: they were kissing 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨, then Jason…[or Jay-Jay as his oldest brother 🧑 called him.] stared at Bruce, Barry, Dick & Wally as they kissed 💋.
Dick & Jason’s 2 youngest brothers, Tim & Damian were talking to their 2nd 🥈 oldest brother until they noticed that Jason was staring at something, but when they look 👀 the direction where Jason’s gaze met, then they saw that their oldest brother Dick & their father, Bruce with their best Marafiki Wallace Rudolf Allen-West & Barry Allen-West underneath the mistletoe 🎋.
but what they saw shock 😲 them…their oldest brother & their dearly beloved father were kissing 💋 Barry & Wally! It wasn’t possible: how could this be so!? They ran over to the 2 boys 👬 & men 👬 & separated them, Jason said,”whoa, this can’t 🚫 happen!” but Dick alisema in a gentle voice,”Jay-Jay…it’s all right, everyone’s encouraged us to kiss 💋 underneath the mistletoe 🎋 & we don’t wanna let ‘em down 👇…do we?” Jason looked at everyone, even the niece 👧 & nephew 🧑 of Oliver 🍛 Queen 👑, Artemis 🤾‍♂️ Crock & Roy 🎎 Harper 🎍 Queen 👑, Everyone had sad 😢 looks on their faces, then the 3 ☘ brothers 👨‍👨‍👦 looked back at their oldest brother 👦 & knew 🎓 he was right 👉.
they saw 👁 that Bruce, Barry, Dick & Wally had sad 😢 looks on their faces: they looked at each other & knew that their brother 👦 & Wally were right, so they said,”you 2 🕑 are right, carry on!” They moved out of the way, watched the 2 🕑 boys 👬 & men 👬 & said,”AWWW!” along with everyone else & the 3 brothers smile 😊 sweetly 😁 as they watched Bruce & Barry & Dick & Wally kiss.
oh, it was so sweet 🍬 & impossible 🙅‍♀️ to resist, but they were very glad that Dick & Bruce had fallen hard for Barry & Wallace Rudolf Allen-West!
They fell deeply & passionately in upendo 💘, Dick & Wally became upendo 💘 birds 🐦 & were inseparable: but even if they were miles apart, they would find each other 👨‍❤️‍👨, they always thought 💭 about each other & dreamt 🗨 of nothing but of his lover 💘, but when they were together 👬, they thought 💭 of nothing but pleasing 🙏 each other, It was so sweet 🍬 whenever the 2 played 🎮 together, they were such a sweet 🍬 young 🧒 couple 💑, Ah me, young 🧒 upendo 💘, it’s such a beautiful ✨ thing to have: but Dick Richard John Grayson Wayne & Wallace Rudolph Bartholomew Allen West were the happiest 😃 couple wewe ever did see…they were together 💑 for the best 👍 of times ⌚ & the worst 👎 of times ⌚.
Dick & Wally were so cute 😊 together, but very soon, Wally’s aunt 👩 & uncle 🧑 had a fight & Aunt Iris mgawanyiko, baidisha from Wally’s uncle, Barry Allen, Poor Barry was heartbroken 💔, but he looked on the bright 🌝 side: at least he was free to marry 💑 Bruce now, Bruce comforted 🙂 Barry after the split, but Bruce & Barry had also fallen deeply & passionately in upendo 💘 with each other 👨‍❤️‍👨.
so while Dick & Wally were dating, they started to tarehe 📅 as well & soon enough, Bruce, Barry, Dick & Wally were the 2 🕑 happiest 😊 couples 👬 👬 that wewe ever did see 🙈, But very soon…in the springtime 🌸🌺🌷🌴🌳🌼🌻🌹🏵🌸, everyone in the Justice League & the Team rejoiced when Bruce, Dick, Barry & Wally were married 💍 & they had a double ➿ 👰 👰 wedding, they were very happy to be together 💑 at the wedding 💒 reception 📶, they danced 💃 until their feet 🐾 hurt 🤕, then finally, it was time to head to the Hall…but before ⏮ they left 👈 for nyumbani 🏠, the 2 🕑 couples 👬 👬 threw their bouquets 💐 💐 to see 🙈 who was inayofuata to be married 💑, the 2 🕑 lucky 🍀 couples 👦 who caught the bouquets were Speedy & Jade & Conner & M’Gann!!!!!!!!
Then years later after the double ➿ wedding 💒, there was great joy 😂 again when Dick, Wally, Bruce & Barry had discovered that they were pregnant 🤰: when the other Justice Leaguers & Young Justice Leaguers found out…they were overjoyed at this news, for they had long awaited for this wonderful siku to come, but they were so excited for the baby 👶 boys 👬 au girls 👭 to be born.
They were very bubbly & excited 😃 that were having a baby 👶 au babies 👶👶👶: oh how they wished for 👬 au maybe quadruplets 👬👬 au septuplets 👬👬👬👬, even though they had emotional 😭 breakdowns sometimes & the occasional craving 😋 since they had gotten pregnant 🤰, they supposed that the baby 👶 was hungry 🍽 & thirsty 🥛 all the time.
but that evening at chajio, chakula cha jioni 🍽 140 months later, Bruce Dick Wally & Barry felt a pain 😦 in their lower 👇 abdomen, they looked 👁 down & alisema when they saw the big puddle of water 💦 under their legs,“uh oh!” they knew that the puddle of water 💦 underneath their legs meant only one thing & 1 thing only. the babies 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶 were coming! They nudged their Marafiki & family 👪, pointed down 👇 to the puddle of water 💦 & told them,”the babies 👶👶👶👶👶 are coming!” The Justice Leaguers & the Team panicked, they grabbed Bruce, Dick, Wally & Barry, packed their hospital 🏥 bags 🛍 & got them to the hospital 🏥 just in time, they went into labor…Bruce gave birth to a healthy baby 👶 boy 👦 & a healthy baby girl 👧: twins 👫! he named his baby 👶 boy 👦 Willy & his baby 👶 girl 👧 Willa.
But from 3 🕒 rooms down to the right 👉, he heard Dick, Wally & Barry’s blood-curdling screams 😫! Then Wally gave birth to quadruplets 👶👶👶👶…4 🍀 babies 👶👶👶👶 at the same time, Wally named his 2 baby 👶 girls 👭 JoJo & Coco & he named his 2 🕑 baby 👶 boys 👬 Maui & HeiHei, Barry gave birth to quintuplets 👶👶👶👶👶👶, he named his 5 🕔 baby 👶 boys 👦 Roxas, [after a friend from Kingdom Hearts!] Liam, Tomolie, Aijeni & Iainai & he named his 4 🍀 daughters, Talua, Moana, Leilani & Lajuana, but from one room down Dick gave birth to triplets 👶👶👶, he named his firstborn son 👦 Hayden & his daughter 👩 & Hayden’s twin sister 👧 Aurora & he also named his youngest daughter 👧 Liana.
The Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers came into their 4 🍀 best friends’ room in groups, then they rejoiced when Bruce, Dick, Barry & Wally were released from the hospital 🏥 days 🌤 later, it was relief 😌 to see them nyumbani salama 🎰 & sound 🔈 …they hoped that the babies 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶 were as cute as they had hoped that they would be, then later, the 4 🍀 of them came in & they all greeted 👋 them eagerly 😁, they were happy 😊 to be home: but they were happy 😊 to see the new 🆕 babies 👶👶👶👶 who were fast asleep.
They were so adorable, Superboy was extra gentle with Dick’s son 👦 baby 👶 Hayden, M’Gann was kissing 💋 Hayden’s twin sister 👧, Aurora & Kaldur was playing with Dick’s youngest daughter 👧, baby Liana…but just then, Jason Tim & Damian came into the room & asked,”what on Earth 🌐 is goin’ on?” just then Dick, Bruce, Barry & Wally alisema that they were all playing 🎴 with their babies 👶👶.
but raising an eyebrow, they asked,”babies 👶👶?” the 2 boys & men showed his 3 brothers their babies, they were shocked when they saw that they had babies in their hands, playing with them…they wished to hold the babies, they asked their brother, father, father-in-law & brother-in-law if they could hold the babies.
Damian held baby JoJo gently as if she were a piece of glass that would break at any minute, the 2 boys & 2 men seemed to be happy & content with their babies, but years passed, the babies made life in the Hall of Justice hectic, but they were satisfied at how they were living their lives, they felt blessed to have 18 babies in their lives, the 2 boys & the 2 men were content, until many years later, they fell sick. Very sick.
They were running out of time & they looked for Princess Rapunzel & her husband, Eugene Fitzherbert to tell the golden haired girl that she had a job to do, finally, Roy & his cousin, Artemis reached the city of Corona, the guards welcomed the 2 archers, but they told the guards why they had come to their city & requested to see the King, the Queen, the Prince & the Princess immediately, when they found the King, the Queen, the Prince & the Princess of Corona, the archers told them that their best Marafiki Bruce, Dick, Barry & Wally were dying from illness, the King looked at the Queen & alisema that his daughter & her husband would go with them back to Gotham & Mount Justice.
But Poor Rapunzel & Eugene were very worried about Bruce, Dick, Wally & Barry for they had known them for as long as they could remember, they were their great allies & Marafiki & feeling concerned for them, they knew that they just had to save their Marafiki & allies…finally after many days, they came to Mount Justice & when they entered the room of Dick, Wally, Bruce & Barry, the Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers welcomed the Prince & Princess eagerly to their home, but when they saw their best friends’ condition, they were very upset to see them so sick.
But seeing them breathe so shallow breaths broke their hearts, they knew that they had to save their friends, they hurried over to the 4 superheroes’ bedside, the Princess sprang into action: she knew that she had to save them before it was too late! then Rapunzel wrapped her magical golden hair around her 4 ailing Marafiki & she sang her healing song & once she was done singing, she & Eugene desperately hoped that it worked…at first, nothing happened, then the Justice Leaguers & the Team thinking that it was too late, bowed their heads in respect for their 4 friends.
But au was it? it wasn’t too late…See them move, they were alive: Thank goodness! they looked up & the Young Justice Leaguers were very happy that their Marafiki were okay, seeing their old Marafiki smile…well, let’s just say that it brought warm feelings to her & Eugene’s hearts, it was then that they shed tears of joy when they saw their best Marafiki smile & stroke their hair for the first time in a week, they were alive & that’s all that mattered to them.
They were happy to be back with their families & friends, It was such a great relief to finally be back home, Artemis & Roy were greatly relieved when they heard that Wally, Dick, Barry & Bruce were alive & well, especially happy, they made a grand feast to celebrate the reincarnation of their friends, it was a miracle! but it was wonderful to such great Marafiki rejoin them in the land of the living, but great sorrow came over the other villains & their families when they came over to mourn for the 4 people who were dying, but there was great joy when they heard that Dick, Barry, Bruce & Wally were alive!
They were pleased that their enemies were alive & well, but suddenly, they were all bubbly inside when they heard the news, they were salama & that was all that mattered to them, but they were very concerned for the safety of their enemies, then they vowed to Rapunzel & Eugene that they wouldn’t let the Heroes out of their sight for a minute.
This vow greatly pleased the Princess & Prince, the villains asked Dick, Jason, Tim & Damian what their inayopendelewa song was, but when the 4 brothers answered that their inayopendelewa song was Yo ho yo ho the Pirates’ life for me, they were flabbergasted! But they asked why they liked Yo ho yo ho the Pirates’ life for me was their favorite, so Dick answered,”why? Because we can never get it out of our heads!” Damian said,”if wewe don’t understand, we’ll sing for you!”
The 5 Grayson Wayne brothers & their father sang the song Yo ho yo ho the Pirates’ life for me, it was the greatest song that they had ever heard in their lives! but Bruce, Dick, Wally & Barry were ever so happy to be nyumbani that they danced in great upendo & joy for their return, it was then that the League, the Grayson Wayne brothers & the Team were so moved kwa their Marafiki dance that they danced along.
But Bruce & his 4 sons…Dick, Jason, Tim & Damian were kwa the moto on such a dismal day, it was such a relief to be kwa the moto on this cold winter day, they were freezing cold, the poor things! But just then, the Team & the Justice League came over for a visit, they were invited inside, aliyopewa blankets & hot chokoleti to keep warm.
 TOO CUTE! SO ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TOO CUTE! SO ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Normal POV

A week after the dreaded mission to save Joseph Billing and the Immobilizer, Robin sat on the kitanda updating the security codes for his glove, glovu computer. He felt a lot better with himself after the several missions with the team afterwards, au at least he felt zaidi useful with the team.

Things were still strained back at Wayne Manor between Bruce and him though. Neither one of them were talking with each other, which was making Robin feel like Bruce didn’t want anything to do with him.

He had been spending the last few days at the mountain so he wouldn’t have to hear the silence that...
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He was in the training room when he heard it for the first time.

Robin was already at the punching bag, looking for all the world like he was about to ngumi, punch a hole right through the nylon shell. The stereo was blasting some song—it was foreign to Conner, but that was to be expected. No, what surprised him was the fact Robin was imba along.

Now, Conner didn't know a whole lot about music, but he knew that Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber should never be mentioned if he wanted to preserve his sanity, and that Wally's singing, as Artemis said, "sounds like something crawled up his ass,...
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 "He's definitely here."
"He's definitely here."
We landed on juu of a building, and Megan changed the bioship to camouflage mode. My hands were clutched to the edge of my seat, shaking rapidly.
"Okay team," Aqualad unbuckled. "Let's go."
"Okay," I breathed. You could do this, Erica. Just think up of some karate moves.
I followed the team out to the building, where police sirens were heard everywhere.
"There." Megan pointed to the Gotham Treasury, where every door was barricaded with cops.
We ran across the buildings toward the treasury, leaping over the surprised citizens.
"Look it's the Nightfury!" one of them pointed at me.
"Didn't she...
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Wally crossed his arms and looked at Batman. The dark knight recieved a few uneasy glances from Dick and Conner as well. "So we have to break into Sportsmaster's hideout. Because that is going to be easy on any level." he says sarcastically. Batman narrows his eyes. "You have 15 dakika to get yourselves together and on the Bio-ship. Good luck." Wally turned and faced Dick after Batman had left. "I'm going to go out on a limb and say that only us three are going." he said. "I guess so." Dick says sighing. Conner shrugs. "I don't want to go." the kryptonian says. "Well, Bats orders." Dick said....
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In Central City Wally ran at superspeed to his house and opened the door, " mom, dad!?" Wally called closing the door behind him, his mom and dad walked out and Wally smiled with relief and ran to his mother first hugging her tightly as his dad came in hugging them both.

In Gotham city Lucas walked into his uncles apartment, " uncle flinn!?" he called opening the door and closing it behing him, his uncle wheeled out in his cheelchair and Lucas ran to him sinking to his knees and hugged him tightly, In Gotham aswell Artemis hugged her mom dearly.

Billys uncle in Faucett city looked in sadness...
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“I’m sorry but there is not much we can do, to recover it all has to come from her. But we are going to take her to theatre and try to close the wounds. I wish I could do more, I’m sorry” The nurse in her light floral pink juu and darker pink pants walked off with a silver clip board in her hand. Robin slumped lower in his chair; Artemis leaned mbele twiddling her thumbs and Aqua lad crossed his arms wondering if to call the cave. “What are we doing here we don’t even know who she is!”Artemis wined; she reached into her pocket and pulled out a silver devise with a white X in...
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 Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones
“And this is the training room which wewe enter and exit from,” Megan said. “Now wewe know where everything on the base is.”
Samantha Jones smiled. She was a beautiful girl with long black hair, large brown eyes, and a curvy, slim figure. She was very fun loving and sweet, her eyes paying attention to any detail.
“Thank wewe for inaonyesha me around,” Samantha said.
“Your welcome Samantha!”
“Please call me Sam.”
“Alright! Do wewe want to train with us au just watch?”
“I'd upendo to train but with my magic it's a bit unfair.”
“No it's not! Becca has magic too! wewe guys can fight.”...
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Conner came out of an out of order payphone. (How many out of these out of order payphones are there?) And turned the corner. Immediately he saw the giant building. He walked in. He looked around when a receptionist interrupted him.
“Clark?” Conner turned.
“Oh I’m sorry it’s just that wewe look a lot like Clark Kent. Can I help you?”
“Uh actually I’m here to see him. I’m Conner Kent I’m his uh uh” he alisema not knowing what to call himself.
“Conner?” A voice asked. Conner turned and saw Clark in a suit and dorky glasses.
“What are wewe doing here?”
“Batman alisema that I...
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 ...the city lights...
...the city lights...
Hauntings- The Past

SilverWings's PoV

It was hot as Hades. Maybe hotter.
The trio moved through the inferno, avoiding the flames that climbed the walls and dripped from the ceiling. The youngest of them dug her head deeper into her father's shirt. Squeezing her eyes shut, she concentrated in the sound of his beating heart, loud against her ear.
Thump, thud. Thump, thud. Its rhythm was interrupted kwa a shudder as he coughed.
"Straight ahead," he yelled over the roar of the fire. The girl opened her eyes as the heat receded, replaced kwa the chill of the cool night air. Her father set her down in...
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Phoebe did one finally brush through her brown hair before styling into bunches. Taking a purple coloured ribbon from a little white box with silver details she tied her hair in place. Giving one final loom in the mirror ‘The miracle of silicone wins again’ she thought genially touching her face. Pulling up her black tights she walked to the door and took a deep breath, it was February 14th, the siku she had been dreading as she did live with 7 other guys. Her automatic door slid open she stepped out then made her way to the kitchen.
“I just think that we should wait till 4:00 because...
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The screen came on as the 16 watch their mentors and hereos that they looked up to be disinigrated,most watched in horror as Red Tornado finally came up to them, " we have Lost most of the justice league if i and the others shall fail the responsibility shall fall to you.." Red Tornado said, everyone looked at Red Tornado with different expressions, some were scared, some were in tears, some were angry, and some couldnt even think of an expression to relate to this. Aqualad looked around at the others, " We stand ready this time..." Kaldur said.
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"Well Heroes Melody seams to have things under control," He cackled as he still controlled Melody
"So I'll leave her on auto-pilot and wewe can have fun watching your Marafiki deaths!" The man shadowed out of the room and Melody continued singing

God bless us everyone
we’re a broken people living on a loaded gun
and it can’t be outdone!
It can’t be outmatched!
It can’t be outrun!

I clench my fists. No way I was gonna let innocent people get slaughtered kwa demons, while I sit in safety like it’s a mpira wa kikapu game. I summon all my magic and suddenly the fence boxing us in from falling...
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Recognized: Shade B0-15
“Hey guys! Guess what?!” Becca asked running in.
“What?” Robin asked, giving her a quick kiss.
Becca blocked a ngumi, punch meant for Robin, who had been training with Artemis before Becca entered. The two girls looked at Robin, who bowed playfully before stepping out of the way. Artemis gave another punch, which Becca dodged.
“What's got wewe in a ball of excitement?” Wally asked.
“You aren't going to believe this,” Becca said, still fighting as she talked. “But I was able to convince Batman to let a very old friend of mine jiunge the team!”
“How many of these...
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“Just open the door! Maybe she's asleep.”
“Erin! Calm down.”
“But Willow, I haven't seen her for several weeks! I miss her!”
Erin gave Willow her puppy dog eyes and Willow groaned.
“I hate when wewe do that,” Willow muttered, unlocking the door with the key Becca had hid.
“I know. Wally's been helping me with it!”
Erin smirked and ran through the open door way. Willow followed slowly. Erin suddenly came back. Willow examined the almost worried look.
“What's wrong?”
“She's not here!”
“She knew we were coming Erin. I'm sure she went out to grab breakfast and is...
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“This is Samantha Jones. Her alias name is Regalo. She is scheduled to tour the base and train for the day. Hopefully, she'll jiunge the team. Let's not make this another Zatanna affair, shall we?”
Batman's words were firm and his swali was a direct order. Becca raised her hand.
“You're not on the team Shade. wewe can speak freely.”
“Sweet. But um, what are her powers? Cause Regalo is Italian for present so...”
Batman almost smirked at her knowledge but hid it behind his usual mask.
“Her powers are similar to Zatanna's. But Regalo's are stronger and zaidi exercised.”
“So she has...
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20 ways to piss off Fang.
1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s emo.
2) Put fake blood on your hands and tell him wewe accidently killed Phoebe.
3.) Dye his hair pink while he’s asleep.
4.) Lock him in a room with bright pink walls. (And a barf bag)
5.) Take a toy kisu and ask Fang if he’s Lost his.
6.) Tell Fang that wewe upendo him.
7.) Hack into his blog and change his status update too “I upendo Hannah Montana.”
8.) If wewe ever get in a room alone with him, sing the emo song over and over
9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.
10.) When Fang appears...
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“You're WHAT?!”
“Calm down Wally. It's not like wewe care about her. Right?”
“No! I'm surprised! au is that not an emotion wewe have?”
Billy clicked his tongue.
“Doubt and hostility. wewe sure are over her.”
Wally glared and Billy only smiled. He threw his mpira wa kikapu towards the net, scoring another point.
“Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to base. But let Willow know I'm waiting for the alter. She's very tempting. But the kiss will be sweeter if I wait.”
Billy strode away, whistling. Wally felt his blood boiling and ran faster than he ever had before. He made it to the...
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