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posted by Obscurity98
 Regularly Dressed
Regularly Dressed
Name: Alcor
ID: Evan Reece
Age: 15 1/2
Status: Hero

Powers:Control's dark energy and matter. And control the gravity around any object. can fly and breath in space w/o a spacesuit. He can create black holes and send ppl au object to other demnsions. Materialize things.

Note: Doesnt need to breath Air like humans do. He can make his own air for himself out of any substance.

Realtionship to team:Freind of Kaldur's

Abandonned on Earth from his real Parents Alcor grew up in the hands of a Soldier in Atlantis. Alcor soon found out what he could do with his powers, aliyopewa t o him when crossing...
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posted by Robin_Love
Serepta walked into the core of headquarters. She typed in several commands, leaning over the desk. Several picha appeared on the huge screen. She smirked. I warned them before. Don't mess with me. Foolish heroes.
“Who to see to first?”
Serepta tapped her fingers on the desk.
“Looking fabulous today, aren't we?”
Serepta smirked over at her boyfriend. Usual flirt that he was. He was good at it too. Just loved to flirt with himself.
“And who would wewe be talking to?” Serepta asked, crossing her legs seductively.
“You of course. I already know I look good.”
Serepta turned back to...
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posted by InfinityYJ
as robinluv14: wewe wont see this two until the sequel of Losing You, which'll be called Petals from the Flame. it should be up in about a month... hence your encounter with Kenzie, saying that she was a mwezi ahead. Yeah... ok.

OC 1
Name: Samantha "Manta" Clouder
Hero name: ray (oh, the tragic irony)
Age: 15
Appearance: short, black hair in a spiked bob, tips are blue and purple, violet eyes, tan skin
Civies: black short shorts, blue sleeveless top, purple studded blazer, black biker gloves, sunglasses on head that are never used, black studded heels
Costume: black bodysuit with blue highlights, the...
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posted by AislingYJ
The room was dark, the air musty and stale. In this underground space, zaidi of a complex, really, it was impossible to tell the outside time. The boy tiptoed into the large main room, hugging the ukuta as he surveyed the dark interior. He adjusted his glasses slightly, shook a few strands of blonde hair out of his face, as he squinted in the gloom.
A scrawny, ratty-looking man was hunched in the corner, absorbed in something. He was crouched on the bare floor, and an upturned box served as a table. A small, flickering orb of light was floating above the table, bathing it in a yellow glow, and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Lex. Luthor. is your dad! " Robin exclaimed with shock, " he summoned me the Santa Prisca...." Connnor alisema as the blur came back to the feild surrounded kwa the jungle. Meagan passed Connor looking at him then looking away and Artemis passed Lucas with fear in her eyes and looked away as well, Becca followed the two girls aswell, " bring them along..." SportsMaster alisema to Bllockbuster, Blockbuster walked up to Connor and Lucas, Artemis watched then suddenly began to run towards them and shot an arrow and a blur came back to the mountain with the team and Artemis spoke up, " ugh... listen.....
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posted by Mclovin_69
" wewe realize we were set up " Robin alisema looking at Aqualad as Batman and ikoni disappeared in the zeta tube, " yes Riddler and Cheshire were ready for us..." Kaldur said, " not the mole thing again " Artemis alisema in an annoyed tone. " mole thing again..? " Willow asked, Robin sighed " we had intell that there was a mole on the team ", " mainly Artemis, Lucas, Meagan, Becca, and me " Connor alisema in an annoyed tone, " it is zaidi complicated then that " Kaldur alisema touching Connors shoulder but Connor pushed off his hand and began to walk away, " but your hivi karibuni behaviour has concerned me.......
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posted by Robin_Love
Terror sat at the edge of a mountain. From his spot, he was able to see across Happy Harbor and look at headquarters. His vision had always been good, so it was no surprise to him when he was able to spot a blonde haired girl talking with a red head. He could tell right away that the two girls were Blade and Mercy. He studied them from his perch. Blade... he pushed her from his mind. She had to choose. The heavy flapping of wings caught his attention and he looked up to see Devin. She landed close to him. She looked a little winded.
“Hello Terror,” she greeted.
“Hey Dev. wewe okay?”
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Prologue to Chapter Nine- "The Beginning of zaidi Troubles"

"Delta Squad, check in."

"Artemis, in position."

"Beast Boy in position."

"Batgirl, in position."

"Wondergirl, in position."

"Kid Flash wishing he was at the buffet."

"Good. Maintain your positions. The onyesha is about to start. Nightwing out."

"See? This transmission was picked up kwa security officials at the olympic celebration." G. Gordon Godfrey stepped in front of the image of the celebration in Rio De Janeiro. "Its obvious that this Nightwing was planning something. On juu of that, Kid Flash admits that he would rather be eating than watching over some of the richest and most powerful men in the world!" Let's watch what else happened that day. See if wewe can find a connection with the heroes, and the murder."
posted by SilverWings13
Sorry this is taking so long! I'll post zaidi when I can!
Worth part VIII
Dust and particles of drywall flooded the hallway. A dark form flew past me. It collided into the ukuta with a clap of thunder. I rushed to the opening, coughing as dust filled my throat.
A path had been created through zaidi walls, three gaping holes total. I exchanged glances with the other teens, who had recovered from the disturbance. Kid Flash rushed ahead, the brunett was suddenly gone, though I could have sworn she had been standing inayofuata to me a sekunde ago, and the others ran past me. I followed, leaping through the...
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Chapter Eight- "Pack your Suitcases"

Chapter 8-

"Why are we still here?" Artemis hissed. "The League of Shadows hasn't tried anything in a month!"

"Because Batman said." Robin replied.

"Batman said, Batman said." Artemis mocked him. "No, I mean a real reason."

"That's a good enough reason." Nightwing alisema over their ear comms. "Watch Grant and stop talking."

Artemis sighed and looked back. She narrowed her eyes as Grant came out of the bathroom, slipping on a shirt.

Robin looked at her and grinned.

"You like him." he said, the grin in his voice.

"Do not!" Artemis exclaimed.

"Yes wewe do! wewe think he's...
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Chapter Seven- "...And zaidi Clashes (With a side of plot twists)"

Revenge leaped onto the roof, landing in a crouch. The assassin had fled to the trees, but she would have to re-appear soon. Revenge's sour, wamekula mood was worsened kwa the archer re-appearing inayofuata to him.

"I thought I made it clear--"

"that wewe can't handle one assassin?" Artemis asked, smirking and putting a hand on her hip. "Yeah."

"She's good." Revenge said, turning back to look at the forest.

"Whatever helps wewe sleep at night." Artemis smirked.

Revenge frowned at her, kwa turned to the park at the sounds of commotion. Police were firing...
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Chapter Six- "More Clashes..."

Central Park was not a very nice place to be wandering around in the middle of the night. Even if wewe were a masked crime-fighter with extreme abilities au super-powers.

It was almost a garantee of death if wewe were just a normal person. Lots of different kinds of slime existed in the park. Drug dealers, rapists, psychopathical murderers. And of course the common crooks who take every advantage they can.

Such as taking a hostage to ensure they go to jail for a really long time instead of the short sentence for robbing a bank.

"Don't move!" the guy warned, pushing...
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Chapter Five- "Clashes"

"Alright, honey." Revenge says, fastening the other end of the handcuff around a flagpole thirty stories above the hard concrete. "Let's have a talk."

Before the villainess can reply a negative, three shots hit Red Revenge in the chest and knock him into the wall. holly leaps down in front of him, her green-white domino mask unable to hide the glimmer of mischief in her eyes.

"Warned you." holly said, grinning.

Revenge growls and pulls the three rounds out of his chest, blood oozing from the wounds.

Holly tosses down the bunduki and Red Revenge can see Cheshire hauling herself...
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Chapter Four- "Behind the Scene"

Red Revenge hoped he wasn't as stupid as he looked. He was currently waiting for an assassin at a location and time she had determined. That just happened to be a dark alley at midnight.

Revenge folded his arms and glanced at the clock on his HUD. The time was 11:59. A few sekunde later, it turned 12:00 and holly jumped down from the moto escape.

"You're right on time." Revenge said. "If the appointment was at 11:24."

Holly frowned.

"You're not that good at hiding in shadows." Revenge said. "What did wewe call me here for?"

"To tell wewe that the setup on Grant is not...
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Chapter Three- "Rest"

It had been three weeks since Sam's last encounter with Artemis and the assassins. Something bugged the back of his mind. It was something holly had alisema on their sekunde battle. If holly was even her real name.

But here Sam was, yet again, rushing to change into his Revenge outfit as sniper shots rang through the school yard.

Artemis was a little faster on the draw this time. She was attempting to make her way past Cheshire and towards Holly, but she was so far unsuccessful.

Red Revenge knew that she had Kid Flash as back-up. The ginger was not that hard to find. But he didn't...
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Chapter Two- "Second Date"

"YOU PRACTICALLY WENT ON A tarehe WITH HIM!!!" Wally yelled.

"That was the mission, Wally." Nightwing said, walking into the room and smirking. "Jealous?"

"What?" Wally sputtered. "No! I just don't think she should be going out with a rich piece of slime!"

Nightwing looked hurt.

"Sorry, dude."

"Was and Is the mission." Batman alisema as the computer recognized his arrival. "Revenge doesn't know how deep this runs. The assassination attempt on Grant was merely a face put on kwa the League of Shadows."

Artemis raised an eyebrow. "Grant seemed fine for a guy that had almost died."...
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Revenge au Redemption

New York City
August 14, 23:56 EST

The city was quieter than usual. Yes, it was night, but even then half the city was awake. The silence of an alleyway was disturbed kwa the sound of a girl running from a dark figure.

The girl was dressed entirely in black. Her boots, jeans, gloves, jacket, and her mask were as black as her pursuer's. She could've slipped into the night quite easily were it not for her long blonde ponytail that waved behind her as she ran.

Her pursuer was the masked vigilante Red Revenge. While his costume did not represent his name, his actions did....
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posted by InfinityYJ
When Dick got there with some of the team, Danna was sitting on the floor, blinking back tears. Dick quickly turned the team away for a sekunde and reached for her glasses. Handing them to her, he mouthed, What happened?
Danna grasped the glasses and placed them on her blue eyes. Then she choked back on her answer and looked up to Dick.
“She lost, Robin. She finally lost.”
Dick shook his head as the team assumed it was salama to come in. “What’s going on? Where’s Fin?” Mercy asked Nathan, who was biting his lip so hard there was blood. “She’s gone. Gone, I saw. But she promised, she...
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posted by MercyYJ
((OOC)) Okay, I got REALLY bored so i started this on my iPad, and i ended up finishing it 5 dakika ago.. (I have no life) So, yeah... this might explain a few things about Mercy....

I guess wewe could say my life was completely and utterly over. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place; with nowhere to go. Jacob had practically forced me to betray my team, my best friends. If I refused, he was going to kill them. If I told them, he would kill them, and then me. Probably, if I told them anyways, they would say that they could take him. They would say that they would take him down. But they...
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posted by Robin_Love
Transmission received.

Hello fools. wewe probably thought this was R_L. But instead, it's me, Tigress. I hacked into this computer, knowing wewe wouldn't listen to me. But anyways, I brought a gift. An update on the Heroes wewe probably think are all okay.

Becca Stevens- Fatally wounded. She won't last much longer.

Erin Mavis- We caught the little speed demon. Now we get some fun.

Devin Grayson- Currently being....reconfigured. Lots of pain.

Terror-Broken, pained, completely willing to do as I say. Thanks Blade.

I know what you're thinking. We can get them back, we can save the siku like the heroes...
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