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posted by Mclovin_69
Teekal meowed and walked to the right, Klarion looked around feeling as though he heard something, Artemis, Robin, and Lucas shot stuff at him but Kalrion turned around and blocked it with a red shield knocking the weapons down infront of him, " thats the best wewe can do..." he muttered evily. Artemis,Robin, and Lucas stood looking at him, he shot a beam from his hand throwing a moto ball at them creating a small explosion. The three jumped out of the way just in time though but were hidden kwa the smoke.

Connor ran infront of him and Kaldur ran up behind him, as Wally ran to the right side of...
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posted by NekoTheif
Zatanna wanted out. She really did so badly. Nabu was Dr. Fate he was suppose to be kind. But he wasn't being r elastic anymore. Something was going on outside her mind. Someone was trying to negotiate with Dr. Fate. "Please just give me my daughter back!" a voice reached her. "Dad" she mumbled. Her mind got a spurt of bravery. "Give my body back!" she screamed angrily. Forcing her hands up she imagined her self taking the kofia, chapeo off. She imagined how her father would hug her. She let her moyo take hold. And forced the kofia, chapeo off her. She collapsed from the air and Superboy caught her. She...
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posted by DeltaYJ
Roy stalked into the Mount Justice rec room, huffing under his breath about stupid archers and their stupid rules and their stupid mustaches and—

He froze mid-step, about to leave the room, and slowly turned around. There was a long moment of silence as he stared at the members of the Junior Justice League.

"…what the hellare wewe guys doing?" he shrieked. Everyone one of them wore an identical yellow hat with a little red feather in it, going about their everyday business.

"Aw man, wewe beat me again!" Wally groaned, slumping in defeat as Robin cheered over his latest video game victory. The...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Do wewe have any idea where they could've gone?" Fang looked at Volt. 
"I mig- no wait he wouldn't. Darien hates him." Volt rolled a piece of rock between her thumb and index finger. 
"Volt we could use anything wewe might have in mind." Fang looked at Volt.
"I really don't really want to call on him now." Volt walked away
"My uncle..." Volts voice trailed off.
"Which would be?" Fang stepped in front of Volt.
"Heh, Uhm.. It's kinda a long story." She looked away from Fangs glare.
"Make it short." Fang crossed his arms.
"Alright fine. My father is Hades, and Zeus is my uncle, the one who gave...
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posted by anime-niac
This is a story about my OC's past so it's told through her point of view not mine.
The only memory that I can clearly remember from my past is that horrible siku when my powers went berserk, but I'm getting ahead of myself. My name's Scarlet Adenfeld and this is the story of how I became what I am now.

"Bye Mom I'm headed to school!" I shouted

"Be careful, and have a good day." Mom called back

As I made my way to school I alisema good morning to my dad, he died when I was two so I only know what he looks like from pictures my mom has. Notice anything...
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Found this on Wikipedia, it's a summary of the inayofuata 4 episode: 20; 21; 22; 23. ENJOY!! :)

Episode 20 COLDHEARTED March 10, 2012
Wally West comes oh-so-close to fulfilling his birthday wish to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, a massively disappointed Kid Flash is taken off the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way.

Episode 21 IMAGE March 17, 2012
A covert operation against Queen Bee in Qurac forces Miss Martian to finally face her greatest fears and her biggest secrets. But will she reveal those secrets...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Fang was getting off the floor when Volt came running in the blown up entrance.
"Fang? What happened?" Volt looked around.
"Cave was under attack" He coughed.
"Who was it?!?" Volt looked at Fang with worry in her eyes.
"Blaze, Peyton, violet and....." 
"Fang! Who was it?" Volt shook her friend.
"Darien. Your brother. They took Nudge, I have no idea where though." He dusted his jeans off. There was a red mark around his wrist and a bruise on the side of it.
"What's wrong with your wrist?" Volt grabbed his wrist. He instantly jerked it back with pain written across his face.
"Darien probably broke it...
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posted by InfinityYJ
I wasn’t shocked- not really, anyways. I had kind of expected this kind of thing. But everyone else was once again placed in their statuesque feature. “What are wewe here for?” I asked, my voice barely escaping the quiver of fear.
Nix’s smile quavered, and for the first time her face fell. “I-I came for help. My world- your future is in serious danger.” She glanced to where the portal had disappeared, and drew up a holographic computer. She muttered something- silently and in Latin, I came to believe. On the screen, it changed from the local news to the world I’d seen in my dream-...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Amazo hit Willow back with a sonic scream making her skid across the gym floor, Becca threw a magical spell at Amazo but he stoped it with his heat vision. Willow gasped in pain rolling up her tight sleeve inaonyesha a number of floor burns, " access Captain Atom.." Amazo alisema pointing his arm at Willow with a humming noise of the beam about to shoot, Wally scooped her up and ran past Amazo just in time. Robin threw his bombs at Amazo but he used martain manhunters ability and the bombs flew right through him. Wally ran behind the stands putting Willow down and examining her arm, " wewe okay.."...
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posted by Robin_Love
Roy narrowed his eyes at her and Becca stared at him calmly. He smiled and turned to Artemis.
“She's definatly a keeper. Don't let this one go.”
“I won't!” Artemis exclaimed proudly.
“Okay smarty,” Wally stated. “If wewe can pin point people so well, do him.”
Wally pointed to a black haired boy smaller than the last.
“Easy. Gymnast. nyota of the team, mathlete as well. Excels at just about everything. Hides behind a mask of kindness to keep people at arm's length though he never use to. His father is a rich man and his son gets whatever he wants. But it isn't enough and he has to...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Shade, wewe have some explaining to do,” Batman said.
Becca stood with New Justice and Young Justice in front of Batman.
“Yes sir. I guess I should start kwa apologizing. Not just for the recent...problem, but also for lying. The first time I got here, I was still working for Talia Al Ghul. I should have told wewe sooner, but I never thought this would happen. I was sent to collect DNA from Young Justice. Since I was an old friend of Robin's, Talia expected me to do it. I did what I was told. I aliiba DNA. But I also did much worse. I cloned Young Justice and turned them into New Justice....
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posted by Robin_Love
Robin came closer to her and Becca turned her head away. He turned it back and forced her to look at him. When he spoke his voice was soft.
“Becca. Listen to me.”
“Stop. wewe are toying with me. I already told wewe that I won't be with wewe unless-”
“Shut up,” Robin muttered gently, placing his lips over hers.
Becca wanted to songesha away but two things stopped her; her moyo and the hand at the back of her neck. Her hands moved from her sides, under the cape, to wrap, upangaji pamoja around Robin's neck. She moved closer, shivering as a hand moved down her back. She felt herself kissing back, despite her...
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posted by Robin_Love
Shade leapt over to another building. She looked behind her. Robin was still on her tail. She smirked. She wanted to get a little farther away. She knew Megan's mind link had a limit. If she could just get him to follow her, she' stop when they were out of range. She looked back to the front, this time choosing to flip over the gap. She stuck the landing and kept going. C'mon Robin. Just a little farther... She jumped the last one, this time hiding behind the AC unit. If he thought she was ahead, he'd follow. Her breathe came out faster. She tried to slow it down. The mask over her eyes was...
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posted by Robin_Love
They stood around calmly, waiting for the others.
“So Tach's going to be our leader?” Speed asked.
“Yeah. It's time wewe got on your feet and time I go back to my other friends.”
“You're worried, Shade.”
“I know. But I have reason to be.”
“Care to share?”
“Not really.”
“How much longer?” Talon asked.
“Not long now. I say...five dakika at most.”
“Shade, will wewe visit us?” Echo asked.
“Of course. I just...can't work with teams anymore. I'm better off on my own.”
“Ever since Talia, huh?”
Speed looked down at the burglars they had snagged...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca's fingers hovered over the keys. She had only played the kinanda a few times but was willing to try again. She couldn't remember who had taught her, but Becca couldn't care less. She put her hands on the keys, her hands instantly playing a haunting melody. It was the only thing she knew. But she also felt like she needed to play it. Something about the way it called made her want to find out how she had remembered it. The muziki was eerie, sending chills down the spins of all who heard. But for Becca, it seemed zaidi like a balm to her moyo than a chill down her spine. The muziki seemed to...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Have wewe guys seen Willow?”
“Not since wewe yelled at her, no.”
Wally glared at Artemis, who was sitting in a chair with a book. She looked up at him, eyebrows raised.
“I'm serious Wally. We could all hear wewe yelling at her. Why can't wewe just leave her be? She's probably flirting because she misses Becca. People act out when someone goes missing. Well, most people do anyways. And Willow did nothing wrong.”
“So everything is my fault?!”
“Between wewe ad Willow? Pretty much.”
Wally turned away from Artemis with another glare.
“Where's Rob?”
“His room,” Megan answered.
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posted by Robin_Love
“I-I'm sorry. What did wewe say Becca?”
Becca smirked again, calmly resting her head in one of her hands.
“You heard correctly Willow.”
Said girl could only stare at the warrior in front of her. Becca seemed so calm Willow thought she could see horns and a tail.
“You WHAT?!”
“Chill Willow. It's not that bad.”
Becca looked at Willow now and the red in her eyes seemed to get darker. She stood, walking to an inch infront of Willow.
“I'm sorry! I thought I was talking to my sister! But I guess Billy brought nyumbani the wrong person! Cause...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca opened her eyes. She hadn't realized she;d blacked out but now she lay in her bed. She saw shadows playing along the crack between the floor and her door. She sat up, running a hand through her hair. She could hear voices but no words. Becca pulled the covers off, fixing her hair as best she could. The door opened and her sister came in. Billy gave Becca a wink before closing the door.
Becca ran into her sisters arms, feeling a healing sensation overtake them both.
“Becca! I've missed you!”
The two hugged for several dakika and Becca barely held in her tears. Willow pulled...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I don't know why you're complaining,” Willow said.
“You don't know WHY?! Them let me tell you! My girlfriend decided to FLIRT! With someone other than me! wewe may as well have kissed him!”
“I only kissed Billy once!” Willow defended. “But that was when we broke up!”
“So wewe like him?!” Wally shouted.
“No! What-that's completely irrelevant to the subject!”
“Then tell me WHY wewe flirted with IF wewe didn't like him!”
“Don't yell at me,” Willow whispered.
She looked away from Wally's gaze, feeling scared and hurt. She hadn't yelled at Wally, just raised her voice a small...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca entered the gym a little over three hours later. She watched them exercise for a few zaidi dakika before blowing a sharp whistle.
“Time's up. Go cool off and have a rest.”
“But it's only been three hours!” Billy said. “You ordered five.”
Becca smiled.
“It's funny. Time flies when you're waiting for five hours instead of three, doesn't it?”
“Reverse psychology,” Beck said. “Nice.”
Becca smiled, giving a playful bow.
“Now go kuoga and get relaxed. And I expect wewe to obey orders inayofuata time.”
All six heads nodded before they disappeared. Becca smiled. She looked around...
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