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posted by Mclovin_69
" Willow please stop!" Wally yelled and ran infront of her on the beach, pwani and grabbed her shoulders, " let me go!!" Willow screamed, and Wally let go, tears ran down Willows cheeks, " Willow please wewe have to understand i didnt kiss her.." Wally said, " wewe did i saw you!! " Willow alisema as she wiped away a tear and turned away from him. She was going to start to walk away when she felt Wally wrap, upangaji pamoja his arms around her, " Willow... please i dont want to lose you... i upendo you..." Wally said, Willow looked down and wiped a tear running down her cheek she sighed deeply, " i upendo wewe too...." Willow...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow laughed as Wally tried to throw a peice of popcorn in his mouth but kept making the popcorn hit his face. " hujambo wanna watch a movie?" Wally asked putting down the popcorn and putting in a movie, " do i have a choice" she asked laughing, " no.." he alisema in a flirty tone, he sat down inayofuata to her and puthis arm around her as she cuddled into his chest, what Willow didnt know is that the movie was scary.

Willow yelled at the Tv, " DONT GO IN THE CLOSET NO NO!" as she covered her eyes, Wally looked down at her with a smile, just as planned Wally thought to himself, she screamed again and covered...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I changed?”
“Yes. wewe grew weary and bored. wewe became tired of constantly saving me. wewe stopped caring the night Sam entered. And I don't blame you. I've not been easiest to be with.”
“But wewe agreed to us breaking up!”
“What was I supposed to do Robin?! Force wewe to stay in a relationship wewe got tired of? I don't play games. wewe knew that. Everything was for real. And I let wewe go. I'd rather never see wewe again than see wewe when wewe don't upendo me.”
“I have to go.”
“Not yet.”
Robin grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him. Becca looked up at him, fear and...
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Shade B0-14
Becca walked into the mountain to everyone's surprise. Artemis ran to her, giving her a big hug.
“Becca! We haven't seen wewe in months! How are wewe holding up?”
“I'm fine.”
“You sure? After everything Willow told us, wewe seemed really shaken.”
“I was but I'm over that now.”
“Okay. What are wewe doing here?”
“I have somethings to give to Robin. Is he here?”
“In his room.”
Becca made her way down the hall, box in hand. She stopped at his door and opened it. A blush hit her face and tears rushed to her eyes when Sam and Robin pulled away at...
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posted by Robin_Love
* Four Months Later*

“I don't know how much zaidi I can take,” Willow said.
“What? wewe mean with Becca?”
“Yes Erin. All she does is sit in her room, in the dark, watching the news on Gotham. She hasn't left in weeks. Months! I mean, she has a bathroom and everything but I'm worried. Really worried. Does she sleep? Does she eat? How can she do that?”
“Heartbreak can make wewe do crazy things, kid. I know.”
“Well I'm really starting to worry. What's going to happen when she finds out about Robin and Sam?”
A loud crash, like the sound of glass breaking, caught their attention and every...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Two-

It was no big surprise to Aqualad that Revenge and Courage weren't at the rendezvous.

"Where are they?" Robin hissed.

The (remainder) of the Team had been waiting for about five dakika for the other members to arrive. However, they had yet to come.

"I'll contact them." Aqualad said. However, when he tried the comm, he got nothing but static.

"Static" he reported.

Megan touched her hands to her head, but shook her head after a moment.

"We will worry about Revenge and Courage later. For now, we must take down the Injustice League."

"Okay, so there are four of us and six of them. The last...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca was quiet when she returned to base. But her pain didn't go undetected. Devin gasped and touched her heart. She fell onto the couch, eyes closed. A hand lifted up her head and her eyes connected with Becca's.
“Devin. What's wrong?” she whispered.
“You're in pain.”
Becca bit her lip, placing Devin's head down carefully. She stood, making her way through the others. Tears flooded her eyes but she tried to refuse them. Too late. The tears flowed, hitting the floor with a soft ping.
“Becca. You're crying,” Erin said.
“What happened?” Willow asked.
“I-I...Robin broke...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally had asked Willow to spend an evening with him, she was reallly excited because lately she never had any alone time with him, Willow was busy in her room trying to find what to wear when a knock was heard at the door, Willow went to the door and opened it, it was Becca. Becca peared in to see clothes all over Willows room floor, she gave her a look, " Wally ask wewe on a date?" she said, " howd wewe know" Willow alisema trying to keep away from giggling, " oh no reason....." Becca said, Willow smiled, " can wewe please help me with something" Willow asked, " sure what is it?" Becca replied,...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver

I was doing my daily internet routine (fanpop, facebook, email, youtube, fanpop, twitter, fanpop and tumblr)

When I got to my tumblr I was just like I always scrolling down looking at amusing pictures of things when I came across a Young Justice post.

I started to have a mini panic attack Google tafuta because what I read was absolutely horrifying when I read that the inayofuata (or one of the next) episodes entitled
The description was leaked.
And dude. I'm about to wet my pants. So I warn you. All of you. (Especially Robin_Love)

Title: Misplaced...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter One-
23:56 January 17,
Mount Justice

“Recognized, Kid Flash. B-02, Artemis. B-07.”

Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, and Black Canary looked up from their conversation, wondering what the teens could possibly be doing back so early.

They got their answer when Wally stumbled out of the zeta-tube carrying an unconscious Artemis.

“What happened?” Green Arrow asked, sprinting over like the protective uncle he wasn’t.

“Explosion.” Wally gasped. “Broken leg, internal injuries.”

Green Arrow picked up Artemis and headed into the other zeta-tube.

“Recognized, Green Arrow. Black Canary....
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 6-

Robin grappled down and didn't believe what he saw.

And he laughed. 

"Not funny!" Barbara said.

"Sorry." Robin said, trying not to laugh.

Zatanna tried to say something, but the rag in her mouth wouldn't let her use a spell.

Robin looked at the two girls again with a grin plastered to his face.

Babs and Zatanna were tied together hanging upside down thirty feet in the air.

Zatanna alisema something to the effect of 'Cut us down!'

Robin meanwhile was holding his fingers up like someone would if they were framing something.

"Cut us down!" Batgirl exclaimed. "Joker has a nuke!"

Robin sighed and...
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posted by Robin_Love
“So wewe agree then?”
Brown eyes looked away and instead focused on the pavement. The rain was pouring down, every drop drenching her fabric and hair. There was nothing humorous involved. Nothing about this was funny; nothing. But Becca understood. She knew far too well that things had been rather… tense between them lately. Still, there was a part of her that felt purely terrified of the thought that they were not going to be… to be this close to one another. Sure, Dick had alisema quite clearly that if there was one thing he always wanted it was to be Becca's friend. Never would the Boy...
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Cyrus B0-14
Willow stormed into the mountain. She ignored hr boyfriend and went into the jikoni where the others were. Wally followed hr, looking like a wounded puppy.
“Hey Willow,” Artemis greeted.
“Don't wewe 'Hey Willow' me!”
“Whoa! What's wrong?”
“What's wrong?! My girl, my sister, me leader. That's what's wrong! wewe hurt her! All of you. Just because wewe got a new teammate!”
“You're overreacting Willow. Becca was fine when she left.”
Willow barked a laugh.
“She hide her emotions. She was crying! And Becca doesn't cry very often. That means wewe hurt her deeply....
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 5-

"Who is this?" Batgirl asked.

"uhhhhhh..." was all Robin could muster out.

"Zatanna Zatarra. I'm assuming you're Batgirl?" Zatanna said, sticking out her hand.

Batgirl shook it, still unsure of what the girl was doing here.

Robin finally managed to sort out his brains and turned to Zatanna. "What're wewe doing here? I thought your dad grounded wewe for life?"

"You activated the distress beacon."

"He what?" everyone asked at once.

"Heh, heh. Did I mention that before I left after our battle with Red volkano that I put a spell on everyone in case wewe were very close to dying?" Zatanna asked....
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posted by Robin_Love
Willow knew there was something wrong with her leader when Becca walked through the door. Becca's eyes narrowed as she looked at two of her teammates.
“Enough!” she shouted.
It caused both girls to stop and all to straighten at her sharp tone.
“Because wewe two have decided that wewe need the practice, three hours in the training room. Each girl! Now go.”
No one dared to groan. Becca was usually calmed and relax. But no one went up against her when she was mad. It was like committing suicide. Becca's sharp look sent them all scurrying out the door. Willow looked back at her leader and determined...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones
“And this is the training room which wewe enter and exit from,” Megan said. “Now wewe know where everything on the base is.”
Samantha Jones smiled. She was a beautiful girl with long black hair, large brown eyes, and a curvy, slim figure. She was very fun loving and sweet, her eyes paying attention to any detail.
“Thank wewe for inaonyesha me around,” Samantha said.
“Your welcome Samantha!”
“Please call me Sam.”
“Alright! Do wewe want to train with us au just watch?”
“I'd upendo to train but with my magic it's a bit unfair.”
“No it's not! Becca has magic too! wewe guys can fight.”...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow was excited today was her first siku of school with Becca, she was also really happy because she was going to the same school as Wally, but the thing that sucked is that since the public usually saw the young justice team including Willow and her Marafiki fighting crime they were known as a superhero couple and the league didnt want to risk Wally and Willows secret identity discovered. Willow ran ahead of Becca jumping around in joy, " I cant believe were actually going to a school!" Willow alisema with excitement in her voice, " Willow will wewe please stop running its hard to keep up in...
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posted by robinfanforever
Bruce’s POV

It’s been two weeks since Dick ran away. Two weeks, and I can’t find a trace of him. He’s nowhere in Gotham, and the rest of the League alisema they haven’t seen him in their cities either, but then again, Dick would know that I would have the League searching their cities for him. He would stay away from those cities, but where is he?

“Think Bruce.”

“Sir?” Ah, good old Alfred, he’s been bringing me chakula and LOTS of coffee. He wasn’t too happy with me after I was down here for a week, but since it’s been almost two weeks without me even setting foot up in the manor,...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter One-

Revenge threw a few daggers towards the red-headed villainess.

"Nice try." Ivy alisema as the daggers flew behind her. "You'll have to do better than that."

"I did." Revenge said.

Ivy turned around to see the daggers flying back towards her. They Hit her in the head and exploded, tossing her back as a chemical deteriorated the kiti cha enzi of plants she had been sitting on.

"Wow." Robin said. "That"

Poison Ivy glared at the Heroes for a sekunde au two, then stood up and brushed off her costume as if a pleasant idea had just come to her.

"Well," she said. "I guess I'm going to Plan B."...
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Corey was shaking me frantically, “Syd! Syd! Wake up!” I groaned and opened my eyes to see our entire lair was trashed and I was on the kitanda with Corey kneeling on the floor inayofuata to me. “Corey? What happened?” He looked at me; his face was stained with dried tears. “They…. They took them.” I didn’t understand. “What? Who took who?” He slowly stood up and sat on the kitanda inayofuata to me. “Blade and the others…. They took our team and Aqualad’s team.” He said, with obvious hate toward Blade. “I think I know where.” I said, starting to devise a plan, but then stopping...
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