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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Two-

Wally was zooming around the Mountain, exclaiming his joy at the disappearance of Artemis.

"Somebody is feeling the aster." Robin muttered, heading towards the living room.

He had no sooner sat on the kitanda and touched the remote when Wally zoomed in at super-speed.

"Whatchawatchin'?" he asked at super-speed.

"News." Robin replied, switching on the aforesaid program.

"Bummer." Wally said. "Watch something exciting!"

Wally snatched the remote away and pressed a few buttons. A onyesha about teddy bears sipping chai came on.

"Exciting?" Robin asked.

"Not the channel I wanted." Wally said, flipping...
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posted by Mclovin_69
At mount justice everyone sat in the cave on the furniture, as Meagan was in the jikoni baking kuki, vidakuzi and Becca was pacing back and forth. " Becca i dont understand why your so scared Willow should be back any minute" Robin alisema watching his girlfriend pace in worry, " what if she doesnt come back we need to go out and find her something could have happened to her" Becca alisema with tears in her eyes. Wally sat there with his arms up behind his head and with his leg crossed over the other loosly, he looked as though he didnt have a care in the world if Willow came back au not, but inside Becca...
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posted by Robin_Love
“You're mother?!”
“And one of my sisters. I can't go home. Not now.”
“But Becca...”
“Will wewe really deny me the chance to see my family?”
Robin hesitated. He didn't want to hurt her but he definitely wasn't going anywhere without her. Becca waited for an answer. When she didn't get one, she sighed.
“I see. Well then I guess wewe need some time alone. au at least with someone who won't refuses to do as wewe say for once.”
“I'm sorry.”
Becca looked away, shame and fear written on her face.
“What's wrong?” Robin whispered.
“I need time to think. I want to spend...
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posted by Robin_Love
A knock sounded on the door and Luna answered.
“I want to talk with Becca.”
Luna turned to her master. She was on her bed, kusoma a book of spells. Luna gave a sharp whistle and Becca started. She looked up at her guardian, then past her.
“Robin! Let him in Luna.”
Luna did as directed, ushering the boy in. Becca sat up and smiled as Robin came towards her. Luna looked wary as she closed the door, locking it.
“It's okay Luna. Robin is my boyfriend.”
Luna nodded her head in understanding and went into a room just off of Becca's kitanda chambers....
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posted by Mclovin_69
The justice league had sixteen members, all that would eventually end once either the Heroes retire au die trying to defend their planet, but what happens when the justice league disappears. Young Justice now has its sixteen members, i know wewe might think each member would be either the child of sidekick of the hero, but some Heroes deserved to be seen and heard of. Many of the Heroes that are involved into into this new justice league include Aqualad, Robin, Kidflash, Miss Martain, Superboy, Artemis, Cyrus, Shade, Neon Nature, Gravity Boy, Dream Catcher, Sound Barrier, Bullet, Blossom, Beast...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The rain poured down hard on Wally as he kept running, he didnt stop, he never would not until he found her, it finally began to thunder, and lightning lightened up parts of the sky that had been struck kwa it, then they disappeared. Wally was distracted kwa something then he slipped and fell, he finally stopped infront of some woods. He felt Willow coming from in there but he wasnt completely sure, " Wallllllllyyyyyy....." the voice said, " Willow!" Wally screamed and ran in to find her.


Robin sat in the cave and heard the thunder and lightning...
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posted by justjill
Gotham City,
12 January, 12.04am

I woke up with a start. How long? I'm not sure. I'm covered in bruises and cuts. I started to stand up but suddenly I felt a painful sensation shoot through my chest.Ouch. there's a cut right in the middle of my chest. Where am I anyway? I limped out of the dark alley. Suddenly a sign catches my attention. "Gotham City." Gotham City?! Why the heck am I in the middle of Gotham City? I tried to recall something but I only remembered one thing, Amnesia. Damn. I suddenly heard something tinkled around my neck. Its a locket, it had a Ying-Yang sign on the front. I...
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posted by KatRox1
*Sorry, but i have been really busy the past few days, and was unable to write, so here is what i could squeeze out...*

“Hey, Babe? Let’s forget the little boo-boo and work this out? Ok?” Blade asked, looking at me. I didn’t know how to reply. “Um, I’m just going to-“ I stopped myself and sighed. “Can I have my Marafiki back?” I asked in a much zaidi calm manner than before. “Hold, on.” Cheshire alisema suspiciously. “Take off the gear.” She ordered. Carefully, I took a step back and shook my head ever so slightly. Cheshire let out a growl and motioned her hand. Chameleon...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Becca we need to talk.”
“Talk Erin. We are alright now.”
“Okay. WHAT happened to you?!”
“What do wewe mean?”
“You are uigizaji like a spoiled brat and talking as if wewe own the place!”
“I am not! And I do own this place!”
“Becca is Princess, Jewel of Attalin,” Luna answered.
Her answer seemed to shock the others into silence and it allowed Becca a chance to calm herself.
“Becca is nothing like that wewe think of. She is a warrior but her unique abilities are because she is Wiccan. One hundred percent. Full blood. She is future Queen of the realm...
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posted by YJTTFAN
Eclipse jumped over Cyborg as he tried to blast her again, she was breathing heavily now. The 'fight' was getting harder, they have been dogeing each others moves for about three hours. She didn't want to hurt him. His mind was taken control of, if she struck he might not fight back.
"Eclipse! LOOK OUT!" A girl screamed from the observatory. Eclipse spun on her heel to get slashed square in the jaw kwa a long blade, from her chin to her cheek was a deep cut she could feel her own blood dripping into her suit. OK mental note, DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!


Eclipce want faring too well, she was really...
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posted by 66Dragons
A Non-Revenge Earth-16 world based around the group known as 'The Birds of Prey'

This is a tie-over until Revenge of the Soviets. Enjoy!

Chapter One-
17:23 EDT November 6,

"Recognized, Artemis. B-07." the computers voice announced the arrival of the young archer.

"I can not wait to see what Black Canary does to her for missing training! Ow Robin!" Wally protested to the Boy Wonder's slap.

"Uh-oh." Artemis muttered at the sight of the entire Team and Black Canary waiting at the zeta-tubes.

"Um, did I miss something?" she asked.

"Training Practice." Wally said. "And wewe are in sooo much...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Mother! Release them!”
“These are my friends. They must have come looking for me.”
Kendra nodded to the guards and the two teams were released. Luna stood beside Becca, eying the two groups.
“Hey! That's the girl I told wewe about! The one that took Becca!” Erin shouted.
As if on cue, both teams went into fighting mode. Luna arched her eyebrows. But before she could pull her swords free, Becca stood in front of her.
“Stop! There is no need to fight!”
Luna looked stunned while the others looked at Becca as if she had Lost her mind.
“Are wewe crazy?!” Erin exclaimed....
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posted by Robin_Love
“How did Becca end up in the Rocky Mountains?!”
“That girl. She must have been able to teleport,” Devin deduced.
“Yeah. But why take her there?”
“I'm not sure Robin. There must be some connection. We'll have to go over there and find out.”
“All of us?”
“Yeah. I'm just not sure what the connection is. It seems too easy. But if we leave now, we can make it there kwa sunrise. The girls and I will take our air craft. We'll meet wewe guys there.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
“C'mon girls,” Devin ordered. “We have a Sparrow to rescue.”
“Oh I hope it ain't from cats,” Erin...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Queen Kendra
Queen Kendra
Becca opened her eyes. She saw blue ones staring at her and eyed the silver-haired warrior who had become her abductor.
“Where am I?” she whispered.
“You are home. I am sorry to bring wewe back like this. But my duty was to bring wewe home. My duty now is to protect you.”
“Protect me? From what?”
“Let me explain the situation first. Becca Stevens, wewe are not a normal human.”
“How do wewe know my name?”
“You were born here, in Attalin. wewe are of royal Attalin blood. Your father has turned against us and killed your family. All but two.”
“Me and Serepta.”
“Yes. wewe became...
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What happens now changes everything.
This is the Epic Beginning of the End

Chapter Fourteen-

Sam's leg was in a temporary cast as he pulled his mask off and shoved it in his backpack to take home.

He was just about to limp off when the theatre glowed. He looked up to see holly storming out.

"Whoah!" he said, catching her arm. "Where've wewe been?"

"Germany." holly spat.

"What happened?" Sam asked, ignoring the place she had been.

"Those no good, low pieces of scum sent me over there to 'kill Luthor' but rigged it so I couldn't. The test was to see if I would actually kill au not. And get this:" she...
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posted by Robin_Love
The silver haired warrior took care of the girl in her arms. Her blue eyes roamed over the girl, searching for the mark. When Becca moved her head, Luna saw the lightning shaped birthmark on Becca's neck. Luna stood still for a minute, getting over the small dizzy spell she had received. She walked into the force field, happy to leave the deserted mountain plains and enter the lush kingdom hidden from any eyes. Luna walked into the ngome at the far edge of the kingdom. Her ability to teleport made the trip faster. When she entered the golden gates, a murmur went through all who saw the girl...
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posted by Robin_Love
“It is time Lunarithia. Retrieve her.”
“Yes my lord.”
“Guard her at any cost.”
“Yes my lord.”
“Bring her home.”
“Yes my lord.”
“Let no one harm her.”
“Yes my lord.”
“You were trained and became juu of all your classes. Now I am sending wewe out into the world of humans. Retrieve your young master. At all costs.”
“Of course my lord. I will obey.”

Becca wasn't too happy on fighting Poison Ivy again. But what made it even worse was the fact that Ivy had it out for her. So hanging upside down while on of Ivy's plants held onto her ankles was definitely on Becca's list...
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posted by Robin_Love
A smile lit her face as Robin came towards her. Becca had purposefully stopped in Happy Harbor, choosing to visit Mt. Justice. Being with a team of her own was fun, but Becca had missed Young Justice zaidi than anything.
“Robin,” she alisema happily as he wrapped his arms around her.
“How are things?”
“Challenging. Being a leader is difficult work. Which can be fun.”
“How many bruises on your last mission?” Robin teased.
“Only ten! I'm improving.”
“If that's even possible.”
Becca stuck her tongue out at him but a blush was evident on her cheeks. She exited from his...
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posted by robinfanforever
Bruce’s POV

This whole week has just been so stressful. Dick has been making mistakes that I would’ve expected him to make when he first started, not four years later. I had a stern talking with him about it, but he’d also been uigizaji out as Dick Grayson. He got into a fight with one of the kids in school and I’d just found out this morning that he got a “D” in history. I’m gonna have a talk with him about that when he comes down to eat.

We got a break from being Batman and Robin last night and I think that helped zaidi than anything. It let me think about the past week, and now...
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posted by robinfanforever
Robin’s POV

It had been a long night. A long siku actually. Now that I think of it, it’s been a really long week. A very long week. This whole week was stressful, not only for me, but for Batman as well.

First the Joker broke out of Arkham and threatened the entire city. Bet wewe can’t guess with what. Anyway, I botched that one big time. Batman lectured me for two hours. TWO HOURS!!!! Boy did I feel bad. Then I almost got Commissioner Gordon killed, the police station blown up, our identities revealed, every bad guy I ever faced freed, and that’s not the only thing that made us so stressed...
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