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posted by Skittles98
After the long ride home, I walked to the cave where I had been staying for the last little while. I had covered the entrance with vines, but inside was bright thanks to the oil lanterns I purchased. I also picked this particular spot because it had a constant trickle of water slashing down the side of the cave wall. I crushed up some moyo shaped herb to enhance my senses. I rubbed it on my palms and my face, then let it sit for a moment. Then, I rinsed it off, felling refreshed. Kid Flash zoomed in.
“Ooh! What’cha making?” he asked, eating some. He instantly spat it out.
“EW! wewe eat...
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posted by Skittles98
“Teela, Pois, dispose of the outsider. I will deal with the cub” Lady Liger growled. She got off the kiti cha enzi and walked down to the muddy ground. I grabbed my vibranium energy daggers and stood in a defensive position.
“Back down now cub and maybe I’ll spare your life” Liger threatened
“No” I said. She roared and lunged at me, four hundred pounds of human coming right at me. I flipped over her and kicked her back. She spun around and lunged again. This time I slid under her legs. When she lunged a third time, I punched her face, then her stomach, then her underarm where the pressure...
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posted by 66Dragons
This isn't mine, but I thought it was hilarious. Enjoy!

Mount Justice, 8:15 a.m.

"I can't believe you!"

Those four words rang out towards the entire building and found its way to the jikoni where Aqualad, Robin, Megan and Superboy were busy eating breakfast. All four of them looked up at each other. Kid Flash and Artemis were fighting… again…

At the same moment Wally and Artemis walked into the kitchen. Artemis was soaking wet with a towel wrapped around her and Wally's face was red from laughing. It didn't take a genius to figure it out.

"Sorry, it was an accident." Wally said, apologizing....
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posted by KatRox1
Tonight was different, it had a zaidi erie feel in the air. It was just 2 years zamani that Grandma had died. No, not died, murdered. The clouds seemed to cover the sky like a blanket. Only the glow of the moon showed through small cracks in the mist above me. A silent tear slowly rolled down my cheek, and I lifted my had to grab onto my locket that she had aliyopewa me the siku she died, as an early birthday present. Out of the corner of my eye a shadow quickly ran by. I started to chase it, quickly letting go of the locket and onto a mini-explosion pellet from my utility belt. As I raised my hand...
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posted by Skittles98
“We’ll help you” Robin decided
“You are not the one to make that choice: Aqualad is” I said, turning to him.
“Yes, I am. And I agree with Robin. We will help you, Princess” he said
“Thank you. We must hurry” I said, rushing to the bio-ship. I waited while everyone filed into the bio-ship and stood beside Miss Martian.
“Take this route. It is safe, but only if we go through Torment Forest, past Piranha Cove, but avoid the Chasm of Chilling Mist’s, then over Wakanda” I instructed. “If we go any other way, we will be spotted” We started going straight over the jungle I...
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posted by Skittles98
I heard the alarm before anyone else. I tried to run, but the one known as Kid Flash caught me. I stood still. My suit emanated the sound waves of vibranium and he was thrown back. I kept running. I extended my claws and took down whoever got in my way. Finally, I had seen enough.
“Enough” I said, putting my hands kwa my sides.
“You’re surrendering?” Robin asked
“No. That was a test. I was testing your abilities” I said. I pulled back my cowl of a cat with purple eyes. My brown eyes were a typical against my dark skin and hair.
“Did we pass?” Miss Martian inquired
“Yes” I nodded...
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posted by Skittles98
My name is Zina. It comes from the word meaning secret spirit. I live in Zkanda, sister tribe to Wakanda. They are very similar, except our tribe is matriarchal, so women are the rulers. My mother’s name was Efuru, meaning Daughter of Heaven. We follow the old ways, unlike our brother tribe Wkanda, who follow new rules. I am Princess, while my mother was Queen. One day, a large woman who called her self Lady Liger came. She sought to rule our tribe, but my mother would not let that happen. Lady Liger challenged my mother to a duel in which my mother lost. Not just the battle, but her life....
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Lily sighed. She was gonna miss the cave. And mostly the people inside it. She thought about her first week, a secret crush on Robin.Lily's sekunde week, girl's night out with Artemis, M'gann and Zatanna. Her forth week. Getting over the crush. And today. The siku her powers got taken away.
(5 hours earlier)
The team was in a heated battle between themselves and Abra Kabra. His so called "magic" was getting the best of them. Lily ran at him and an in the blink of an eye he used his wand and a zap of electricity went through her.
"SHIFTER!" Artemis called, seeing her friend land rather hard...
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It was three weeks zamani since I talked to Dick. I was in the mall with the orphans. It there was a special onyesha au something. And because Audrey was “sick” at home, I diced to come with them. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fights. The two fights had a main thing in common. The truth. Audrey thought I lied to her. Just because I understand her. In her opinion way to good. Dick accused me of being two different people. I yelled at him before going. It was bugging me for three weeks. Not that I was afraid that I hurt Dick but because I didn’t understand what I said. “Sometimes I wonder...
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“What is wrong with you? Robin.” Wally was looking at Robin. “There is nothing wrong with me. Wally.” There really was nothing wrong with me. I’m happy. I have great friends. I have an awesome father. I have a great team. And I saw Rachel for the first time embraced. What can a guy wish zaidi for? Wally: “Robin? wewe have a weird aura around you. Are wewe mad au something?” I looked at Wally. He really was worried. “I perfectly fine. I’m just happy.” Artemis looked up from the book she was reading. “You? Happy? You’re joking, right?” I laughed. “No, I’m not joking....
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posted by Robin_Love
“Hurry! We could be too late!”
“Wally, stop it! Don't make me nervous au it'll be too late for you!”
Wally shut his mouth, looking over Becca's shoulder instead. She groaned but the code was accessed. They ran down a secret corridor, following the once Dark Angel. When they got to a fork, Devin turned to them.
“We'll have to mgawanyiko, baidisha up. Becca and I will take the left. wewe guys go for the right.”
Before anyone could object, both girls turned and ran down their hall. When they were out of sight, Devin opened her wings in the bigger space.
“Did you...know this would...happen?” Becca asked,...
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“What's the plan?” Wally whispered as he and Becca danced to the song.
“Just keep playing as we are. I had Devin let the others know. We're the inside spies. Any sign, we let them know. And vice versa.”
“So we have to keep faking liking each other until we find find Robin?”
“That would be correct.”
For some odd reason, Wally felt his moyo sink. There was something about Becca that drew his attention. It made him want to focus. And that was saying a lot, considering his long record of NOT being able to pay attention. He pulled Becca jut a little bit closer and was surprised when...
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posted by Robin_Love
A smile lit his face.
“As long as we find Robin, I don't care what we do.”
Becca nodded. She led him to a secluded area and pulled a tux out of her belt.
“What?! How'd you-Why's that in there?!”
Becca smirked.
“Take a guess Kid Spaz.”
Wally blushed a little as he took it and the answer came to mind.
“In case wewe and Robin go out after missions?”
Becca nodded.
“Devin can use a little of her guardian power to make it fit you. Now if wewe need me, which wewe shouldn't, I'll be back soon.”
Becca slipped off and Devin sprinkled a bit of magic on the suit. It grew to Wally's size and she...
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posted by Robin_Love
The escrim sticks twirled in her hands and Wally noticed it as a nervous habit. They were spinning almost faster than he could follow. His eyes followed them round and round. He was starting to get dizzy and pulled his gaze to her face. She was biting her lip as she searched for an answer. But she suddenly slammed the weapons to the ground; thank goodness they were shatter proof.
“Where did they take him?!”
Wally felt uneasy. He was alone with Robin's girlfriend who was, at the moment, pretty pissed about her boyfriend's disappearance. They had been hunting for weeks, Becca continuing when...
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His head pounded and his eyes were sore. He tried opening them but found he couldn't. But he could still feel the fabric of his mask on his eyes. He sighed inwardly. His hands and ankles were strapped to a hospital bed; judging kwa the bars at the sides of the platform, he guessed it was a bed. He could feel a warm liquid entering his body. Sounds and hums filled the room (he guessed it was a room). Pain ran up and down his legs and his arms felt heavy. He heard voices.
“How is our patient?” a man with a heavy German accent asked.
“Everything shows as normal. Sir.”
“Excellent. Vhat...
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posted by DaPeople316
I threw up a force field and shouted "this force field lets out but not in."
Me, Artemis, and Robin took down the aliens. We got to the control room were a particularly large ugly horse headed beast was torchering a kid around my age. 
"So this is your last sight of earth before I destroy it."the beast teased.
"I doubt that Seth." the boy said.
"Why is that Daniel?" Seth retorted "you can't do any thing to stop me."
"There's no way number six could do that"Daniel alisema "and besides theres some one behind you."
He turned around and saw us, he momentarily loosened his grip on the kid. Daniel broke...
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From up in the air, the marks from the earlier fight had made a warning mark. It was Robin's symbol but a sword was “drawn” through the infamous “R”. Megan grabbed Becca in her arms, taking them down to the ground slowly.
“Megan! Let me go! I have to find him!”
The martian ignored the girl's please and held on tighter as Becca struggled to get free.
“What's wrong?” Artemis asked; if Becca needed to be held back it was a sure sign something was wrong. Almost everything was.
“No. Nonononononono! Megan!”
Becca sank to her knees as Megan landed on the ground, still hugging the girl...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Describe the people wewe were fighting,” Becca demanded, walking around the scene some more. “How intelligent were they? And no stupid majibu Wally. This is important.”
“They seemed able to mimic our abilities in a way,” Artemis offered. “Smart enough to bow out gracefully when we beat them but not very smart besides.”
“And how did they fight? Did they seem...learned in certain forms of combat?”
“Yes. Artemis and I both seemed to be even with them,” Megan said.
Becca nodded and her eyes narrowed. She switched off the infra-red but kept her night vision on.
“What did you...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Where's Robin?”
An uncomfortable silence filled the room. No one answered the Batman's question. All were ashamed and beaten. A mission had been successfully unsuccessful. Not only had they Lost their contact and the leader of some villainous band, but they'd also gotten beat up kwa phony ninjas with special abilities.
“Where is Robin?”
Wally flinched at the Dark Knight's tone. Daddy-Bats was getting angry and someone had to answer. When no one stepped forward, Batman spoke again.
“This is the last time I will ask wewe and I expect an answer. Where is Robin?”
With a loud swallow, Wally...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I can't believe how much has happened,” Becca alisema aloud.
A wind blew her hair and she attempted to tuck the loose strands behind her ear. She sighed as the sun set. It was a gorgeous summer sun set with cool breezes. The siku was as perfect as the weather. Except for one minor detail.
“Megan has become like a sister to me. She's always there to help me and she trusts too easily. Kaldur is...I don't know him very well. But he could be a close friend if we were to talk. Then there's Connor. He is very temperamental but he has a sweet side; he's a brother. And so's Wally. Ohmygosh. Wally...
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