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This is for the Supermartian fans!

Chapter 10-

Venice, Italy
17:46 CET December 19

Artemis knocked the two guards out while Wally struggled to get out of the mashua without falling in the water.

Which he failed at.


He gasped and sputtered, his arms moving at super-speed trying to climb up the dock. Hedid nothing but splash water.

"Hush!" Artemis whispered, turning to him. "You wanna wake the whole base?"

"Better than drowning!" Wally pointed out.

Artemis sighed.

"Oh for the upendo of-"

She walked to the end of the docks and grabbed the speedster's hand, hauling him onto the dock.

"I almost had it."...
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Sorry it's been so long, but I'm back!
Note: This Fanfic will be finished on krisimasi Day!

Chapter 9-

En-route from Bologna to Venice, Italy
11:24 CET December 19

Wally zoomed along at juu speed across Italy. He was traveling as fast as he could go, and kept speeding up. He was well past the sound barrier and nearing the speed of light. When he finally slowed down, it was because of hunger.

"I'm starving. I need something to eat." he said. Artemis grabbed a few hotdogs and the two ate them, before speeding off again.

Pacific Ocean
14:23 CET December 19,


"Clark, is that you?"

"Uh, yeah, Lois....
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posted by Robin_Love
Emma-Rylan heard a loud, frustrated scream. She sighed, turning to Alisa.
“Jade is frustrated, Ali,” Emma-Rylan said.
“I can hear, Ry. What did she do this time?”
“I don't know. Let me check.”
Emma-Rylan touched the Alisa's computer. She followed the signal, watching for the main computer line to mgawanyiko, baidisha up. She reached the power core, heading to Ra's' computer. She opened up Jade's file, kusoma the latest update. Emma-Rylan released contact with the computer.
“Jade broke down again. wewe know what that means.”
“Patrol,” Alisa alisema flatly. “Yay. I'm overjoyed.”
The door opened...
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posted by 66Dragons
Young Justice: Courageous-

Before wewe read the book, you'll need some background information about Revenge's world.

The third book in the Revenge series, based on Earth-16, dives into Red Revenge mythology. In order for wewe to understand, here is a brief story:

Samuel Grant lived happily in New York City. His father was the owner of Grant Industries, a large national corporation. However, even though he was CEO of one of the largest companies in America, Sam's father had little money. He was planning to change his status kwa signing a multi-million dollar secret contract with Bruce Wayne when he...
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posted by kikibibi
Name: Krystaleene

Age: 16

Secret ID: Kristina “Krissie” Haldan

Known Locations/: Denver, Colorado, Mt Justice

Personality: caring, nurturing, motherly type, constant worrywart, neatfreak

Powers: Anything she touches turns into pure crystal, she can make crystal shards like daggers au swords au other blades, has a super-form where she turns herself into solid crystal, and an ultra-form when she fuses with her twin brother

Appearance: Short curly blonde kind of like Goldilocks hair along with a white hair band, mask like Robin’s except pink, pink and white v-striped tank top, pink...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca snuck inside, tiptoeing across the floor. She was halfway to her room when the light to the living room flipped on. She froze where she was. Robin came into view and Becca looked like a guilty child.
“You really shouldn't hack into the system. Especially when I'm upgrading it.”
Becca bit her lip, looking even zaidi guilty.
“So...I'm in trouble?” she asked.
Becca rubbed the back of her neck, looking at her boyfriend.
“Where are wewe coming in from? It's well past midnight.”
“I just had to run an errand. To my house.”
“Oh. I thought I may have left my house...
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posted by Robin_Love
This is not a tie to ANY of my other stories. Becca is not in this; it's just for fun. Mclovin_69 and Bakes 2389 are guest starring in it, along with myself. Moved couples around so if wewe don't like, tough luck. That's your deal, not mine! XD Enjoy~!

“There is no real evidence about this theory, but the League is positive the Light is harboring three heroes. All are female.”
Batman pressed a button and a picture of a sunny-red, long-haired girl appeared on the screen. Her brown eyes looked cheery and smiling, matching the smile on her lips. Her white onsie was worn over a red onsie that...
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“So what do we do?” Connor asked.
“Easy,” Ali put a box in his arms “You help with decorations,”
Megan levitated a box of décor out the room and walked after it, but Robin and Ali had to resort to jut picking them up.

A saa later, the Cave was covered in decorations. They even managed to build a moto place in the living room. The whole team was in the living room working on their part of the party, Connor, Robin, Ali and Megan finishing up the décor, Wally on the computer yelling out names of people, and Artemis on the computer asking about food.
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posted by Codby
Artemis POV:

I was practicing in the gym. Arrows were going straight in the targets heart. It has been 2 days when Batman told us to babysit. The girl still hasn’t woke up. But that wasn’t the reason, that I was angry. I pulled to hard. An arrow went so fast that it went zaidi than 4 centimeter in the wall. (and people that is far). Robin told us he has been lying. Batman ordered him to deceive his teammates. He told them he was sorry and stuff. But I didn’t like it. “Deceive. uigizaji and lying.” She let out a disappointed sound. “I never thought robin would play with us like that.”...
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posted by Robin_Love
Robin hadn't known what to expect. Zatanna had told him to go talk to Wally. He had attempted to. But seeing the upendo of his life kissing someone they knew almost nothing about-Robin had freaked. He had let a small, sad whine escape him but had immediately rushed away. He had found Zatanna practicing in the missions room. She had smiled until she saw is face. As he slumped against a wall, she had come close. And with her gentle touch and her being so close...Robin couldn't resist. He'd kissed her. At first it was small pecks. But it had grown zaidi intimate and tender with every new one. So...
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posted by Robin_Love
Jade cut the communication short and stared at her friend.
“Are wewe really going tomorrow?” she asked.
“Have to. No choice. wewe heard everything.”
“I know Becca. But what are wewe going to tell them?”
“Nothing. I'll sneak out and besides, I meet X at midnight. No need to fear Jade. I've got this. No one will ever know.”
“That's what I'm afraid of Becca. Don't we want people to know?”
“Not yet. Besides, it's loads of fun this way.”
“Secrecy hurts me.”
“Jade. wewe aren't the one doing this. I am. How do wewe think this makes me feel?”
“I know. But wewe seem so excited. You've...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Team, I'd like wewe to meet your newest member. Jade Smith. Also called Exaliber to the newspapers.”
Batman's announcement was a surprise to the team. After what happened last time, they didn't think there would be another member. And another shock came when a girl with long brown hair stepped through the door. Her outfit was similar to that of the Green Lantern's. But her's was with a white skirt. A mkufu like that of the one Isis owned was around her neck, a green mask of her eyes.
“Hello,” she said.
The guys looked uneasy. Artemis and Megan shared a look, a little worried. Becca...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Again. wewe need to focus more.”
Robin growled in his frustration. The Angel that had saved him, Devin kwa name, was trying to help ease his mind. Since the siku he woke up healed, Robin had worried about his friends. They all thought he was dead. And Robin wanted to get back to them quick as possible. Devin had other ideas.
“Why do I have to do this?” he asked.
“To teach your mind. Robin, not all powers come from scientific breakthroughs au mutated genes. If wewe really want to see your friends, focus. wewe will see them.”
Robin stared at Devin. He was puzzled as to how she'd known his...
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Cassie walked out of Happy Harbor, turning her head to look back at the mountain. She turned her eyes back to the road. She walked a short distance away from the traffic. Hidden among a group of trees, Cassie slid a dhahabu ring off her finger. She placed it on the ground, in the middle of a pre-drawn S. The S started glowing, turning from dirt brown to blood red.
“Magic from that of my master, take me to the one who must be delivered!”
A portal opened and Cassie, grabbing her ring, stepped into it. A moment later, she arrived in a stone tower. She listened for a moment before...
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posted by Robin_Love
An saa au so later, the medical wing was filled with bustling JLAers. The Young Justice team sat outside in the “waiting room”. Shouts rang out and beeps could be heard from several different locations. Every one was filled with worry and fear. Tension was clearly inside the mountain and there was too much activity to think quietly. Eventually, Batman exited. He walked towards the team, mainly his son. His face was grim.
“Is she going to be okay?” Robin asked.
“Eventually. But not for a few weeks. Several of her lungs were punctured, multiple fractures, blood loss, and a very high...
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posted by Robin_Love
“We've been watching them for three hours Megan. Becca isn't doing anything but having some fun.”
“Are wewe sure? She seemed really sad when she left. And she lied about needing to be alone.”
“Megan, Becca has other friends,” Artemis explained. “She's bound to have zaidi than we know of. And that is obviously someone she needed right now. Becca's happy. Can we go now?”
Before the Martian girl could answer, a blue mist filled the bio-ship. When it disappeared, Becca and her friend stood in the cockpit.
“Why hello my little snoops!” Becca teased.
The girl behind her giggled.
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posted by Robin_Love
Megan entered the mountain with Artemis and Becca. All three were panting and a little ruffled. Megan and Artemis flopped down on the kitanda while Becca took the beanbag chair.
“Whoa! What happened to wewe guys?” Wally asked. “You look awful!”
“Thanks Wally. Just what every girl wants to hear,” Artemis quipped.
“I-I didn't mean-!”
“I'm just teasing you. Megan, Becca, and I just had a rough day.”
“Well, what happened?”
“Nothing much. We just got into a little mitaani, mtaa fight.”
“I started it,” Becca said. “I wasn't going to let some stupid football jocks beat...
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posted by Robin_Love
Megan smiled as Becca opened her eyes and yawned.
“Hey,” she said.
“Hi,” Becca returned. “How long did I sleep?”
“The rest of the siku and all night.”
Becca turned to look at Artemis.
“Don't be,” the archer said. “You needed it. But I have a question.”
“Why did Devin call wewe Sparrow?”
“My mom use to call me that. Now my closest Marafiki say it. You're both allowed.”
“Hmm. So. What did I miss?”
“Cassie is getting zaidi sympathy. For being snapped at.”
“Uck! I wanna ngumi, punch her through a wall. Why is it that everytime we stop her,...
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posted by DaPeople316
I was walking down the hall when I heard wally and artemisis talking I went to wally's door and saw them about to kiss. I created a camera out of thin air and took a picture.
They herd the snap and I alisema "Say cheese."
"Son of a ..." Artemis started but I never heard the rest.
I tore down the hall laughing, Artemis was close behind and I ran a little faster, I could have easily out run her but it was pretty funny staying just out of reach.
"GIVE ME THE CAMERA!!!" Artemis screeched.
I took a turn right into a ukuta but shadowed through it. Artemis on the other hand ran straight into the wall.
I clicked...
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posted by DaPeople316
When we got back to the cave I went to my room to get some rest. I lied down on my kitanda staring into space.
A while later max came in and sat down inayofuata to me.
"what?"I said.
"how did wewe end up here?" max asked.
"ummmmm. Not really shure. I guess I just beat up some bad guy and Batman came up to me and here I am." I replied. "What about you."
"Same here" max said.
I smiled, but my smile faltered.
"So what did happen to the others?" I asked max.
She sighed and alisema "I don't really want to talk about it right now."
I nodded."That's fine." I sighed.
Judging kwa the look of loss and guilt in her pretty brown...
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