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Spiritwolf1011 posted on May 04, 2012 at 01:27AM
Alright, I saw the first episode of the new season of Young Justice and in some ways I'm happy and in some ways I'm not. Let me explain...

1. What happened to Wally, Artemis, and Aqua Lad??? Did they just randomly disappear or something? Everyone else got into the Justice League but them, which makes no kind of since. Hopefully why they aren't around anymore will be explained later on.

2. I actually kinda understand why they had the old team move on into the Young Justice League. Its been five years, they needed to move on, and their not going to stay teenagers for their entire lives. And the new team they added seems okay to me except for one little problem which I will explain in #3. I also don't like the fact that they added a new robin. I tired of all these reaccuring robins in DC. It makes it all confusing on who's who.

3. WHY THE HECK IS BEAST BOY A FREACKING MONKEY?!?!?! I saw the series 'TEEN TITANS' and saw the entire series. Beast Boy was my favorite character out of the whole team. The fact that they changed him so much in Young Justice is pissing me off. First off, he looks and moves like a monkey...HE HAS NEVER BEEN A MONKEY NEITHER IN THE SHOW OR THE COMICS!!! Second, they replaced his pointy ears with A TAIL! The pointy ears is what made him cute!!! The tail is soooo uncalled for. Third, his voice actor sounds like a 10 or 12 year old kid. He isn't suppose to be that young!! Yeah he was the youngest, but he's suppose to be like 15! Fourth and final, his uniform. The uniforms ok, especially since they made it close to the uniforms he wore in the old comics, but I like the purple and black better. Thats only because those are my two favorite colors. AND WHERE ARE HIS SHOES???

Thats all I can really say on the subject until I see more of the season. But until I do, please put your own opinions on the new season. I'd like to see what everyone thinks.

PEACE!! --Spiritwolf1011

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