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 My proof that Robin's eyes r LIGHT blue
Proof that Robin has LIGHT blue eyes
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13 years into the Forseen Future:

Kaldur is 29 yrs old
Robin is 26 yrs old
Wally is 28 yrs old
SuperBoy is 29 yrs old
Roy is 31 yrs old

M'gann is 29 yrs old
Artemis is 28 yrs old
Zatanna is 27 yrs old
Harley is 27 yrs old

SuperBoy and M'gann have baby girl named Miranda
Wally and Artemis have boy named Alex (AGE-3)
Zatanna is Pregnant with girl (Five months)
SuperBoy pressed on the brake of the old car, and shoved the door open. "Yeah, make it Roy who just HAS to have a reunion...
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