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13 mwaka Old Self ~Robin

Kaldur's Betrayal

Episode 4 Preview Clip 2

Episode 4 Preview Clip 1

upendo this vid!

Tribute to Aqualad

Robin-When I Grow Up

~ Something's Not Right Here ~ ( SuperMartian(?) )

Earthlings Preview Clip #2

Earthlings Preview Clip #1

Lukey imba britney spears as a kid and being scared kwa his mom XD

Something for Fang...

Young Justice - How Far We've Come

SuperCanary-Only Have Eyes For wewe

Audio Correct Batgirl YJI Preview

Spectral (Brayden Woods)

YJ New Years Eve clip

Miss Martian//Lady From Mars

YJ Chat Room 2

preview of young justice season 2


New trailer!

Young Justice Black Canary & Superboy - Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young

Corruption Garden

Phoebe's song

Lukes Lullabye


Review: Young Justice [Episode 1-20]

Robin and Artemis on VALIUM!!!

The Morning After...

TOTALIzzyluver talks about....stuff

Robin sees the mirron on the ukuta

shadow's song for Batman

Birds of Prey

don't mess with tex (blaze)

Episode 21 scene

Project Justice

Robin Cosplay Skit (Young Justice vs. Teen Titans

Young Justice

Sh*t Batman Says


Say the Word//Robin//

YJ Ep 24 Performance preview clip 2

YJ Ep 24 Performance preview clip 1


From Devin

Failsafe Tribute- Hero

Young Justice "Secrets" Review kwa Monkey Jim, Puppet Esq!

My inayopendelewa song.

My inayopendelewa Song!!!!

Batman Hosts a Cinnamon Challenge Party

Young Justice Review Batman and Robin (Clips from Agendas and Disordered Clips)

Young Justice... If wewe were Drunk

Eclipse is the Angel of Darkness

Young Justice Goes To Hogwarts

Young Justice full theme


this is blaze in blood lust form

One of Luke's siku Dreams

(some of) the team having some fun (being weird) xDD


I'm Just A Kid- Young Justice (duh)

geeks will inherit the earth young justice

This is so mean.

Wally West- Edge of Glory

If wewe were gay

Sex, suits and sayign good siku = Roy!

why wewe don't go on holiday with wally

Season 2 Trailer featuring the Team, Blue Beetle, and the Flying Graysons!

Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas preview #2

Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas preview #1

Kisses [spoiler altert]

Me on Valium

I Like It Like That!

Anything Wally Can Do, Artemis Can Do Better

"Young Justice" Season 1, Episode 21 - "Image" Preview #2

Young Justice" Season 1, Episode 21 - "Image" Preview #1

Superboy is too sexy

Luv this

What Artemis does in the morning

How To draw Robin

Oh Robin....

Is it wrong if this guy reminds me of Wally xDDD

FlashSpell Dreaming

coldhearted clip 2

coldhearted clip

For my sister dearest!

DC Nation Trailer

A Miss Martain/ Megan Tribute

Can anyone explain this!?

Hello Megan!!

What TOTALIzzyluver did while waiting for YJ preimiere

Black Canary Superboy kiss

abridged Video

Loser Like ME!!

Batman's therapy...

hujambo guys it's me! *updated*

RobArt Crush

Interview with YJ Producers Part 2

Interview with YJ Producers Part 1