Zayn <3
Best thing about being a boy? I get to tarehe girls.
Best thing about being in One Direction? All the free clothes and I get to do what I upendo everyday.
Best cure for One Direction infection? There isn’t one.
Favourite aftershave: Unforgivable kwa Sean John.
Favourite grooming product: Hair wax.
PJ’s, pants au nothing in bed? Pants.
Bath au shower? Shower.
What mobile phone do wewe have? I have an iPhone 4 and I have a blackberry too, but I don’t use it. I like the iPhone better.
What do wewe cuddle up to at night? Nothing not even my duvet!

What kind of boyfriend are you?
I’d like to think I’m caring, considerate and pretty chilled out.

Are wewe a loyal boyfriend au do wewe have a roving eye?
I’m definitely loyal if I’ve got a girlfriend.

What would wewe wear to go on a date?
I’d probably keep it causal – jeans, a t-shirt and trainers.

If the rest of the band didn’t like your date, would that put wewe off, even if wewe really liked her?
it wouldn’t put me off, but it’s a big factor ‘cos we’d be with the boys constantly.

Where would wewe go on a date?
Before being in One Direction, I probably would have done something relaxed like going to the cinema au going bowling. I can’t do that anymore- I can’t even go shopping, even when I’m wearing a hat and glasses. So I’d probably take her for a nice meal somewhere.

Would wewe pay for everything au share the bill?
I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to things like that and I’d definitely pay for everything. I like to open doors for girls and that sort of thing, I like to feel as though I’m the protector.

Would your tarehe get a kiss at the end of the night?
Definitely! Especially if she’s hot!

Would wewe take her number? And would wewe call au text?
Yes, I’d probably text the inayofuata siku because it shows I’m interested but not desperate.

What makes a good girlfriend?
for me, everything needs to be casual, nothing that’s too in your face au clingy. I find a girl uigizaji cool attractive.

Is there a certain type of girl that wewe go for?
I actually didn’t think I had a type, but looking at all my past girlfriends, I’ve realised I go for brunettes with mizeituni, mzeituni skin and brightly coloured eyes. Eyes play a big part in my decision. Megan fox, mbweha looking would be my ideal!

Is it scary au exciting being surrounded kwa screaming girls?
it’s a mixture of both- it’s something quite new for all of us.

When did wewe first realise wewe wanted to sing?
I was about nine years old. I joined the school choir and realised from then that it was something I wanted to pursue.

Did wewe think you’d come this far on X Factor?
I planned to audition last mwaka but got too scared, and at the very last dakika didn’t turn up. In fact I wasn’t going to this mwaka either but my mum dragged me along to it! I never expected to get through the first audition, so being here right now doesn’t feel real.

wewe seem like the shy type…
Definitely! I’m not your most outgoing person, I’m quite reserved, which I really can’t afford to be in this industry. So I am learning to be zaidi confident and outgoing. Simon Cowell forcing me to dance when I was ready to chicken out really helped my confidence.

So are wewe comfortable dancing now?
I did ordinary dancing at weddings and what not, but it was never my thing. But I have professional choreographers helping me out now so it’s less daunting.

How are wewe dealing with the screaming female fans?
I think it’s nice to have support from anyone out there but for them to be female is always better! To be called a heartthrob is obviously flattering and I appreciate it, but it’s a bit weird.

How much has your life changed?
A lot! Just the other day, I was getting up in the morning, going to school, coming nyumbani and chilling like a million other kids, and suddenly we’re having these long hardcore working days where we don’t have a sekunde to ourselves – but I’m loving it!

Does fame suit you?
It’s very strange because it’s been such an overnight thing – one dakika nobody knows who wewe are, and the inayofuata you’re being viewed kwa 16 million people! It’s a surreal feeling meeting people who know wewe already. I’m too shocked to let it get to my head!

Your folks must be over the moon!
I’ve always felt like I’ve had the best of both worlds from my parents. In terms of heritage, music, tastes, everything. I’m very close to my dad, he’s like my best friend… but I am pretty much a mummy’s boy. She does everything for me!

Does your baby face get wewe out of trouble?
It has been known to! I always got away with a little bit zaidi than I should have because I was a bit of a rebel but learned early how to work a smile!

Any truth in the rumours about wewe and Cher?
With any competition wewe are always going to get people speculating.

How are wewe getting on with the boys?
They’re great but as you’ve probably seen, our room isn’t in a very nice state and it does stress me out a bit – I’m very organised and like to keep my things in order. So it’s something I have to deal with seeing as there are five of us sharing one room!

Why are One Direction the inayofuata big thing?
There isn’t a boy band out there that is as young and diverse as us, with so many blends of voices in one.

Are wewe hiding a six-pack under there?
Er… yeah, kind of! I don’t really maintain it but it is there naturally. I’m not vain au anything!

Are wewe currently single?
Yes, although if someone catches my eye they’ll know. But if wewe happen to talk to Katrina Kaif…