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 Becoming Dead
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While Drew tries to score with his hot date, Olivia, his roommate Brian gives him some last dakika advice...
dorm of the undead
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OK, Ash always gets into trouble.But not like this.WE'RE SURROUNDED BY THE WALKING DEAD!Well he's not, physically.Actually the zombies are surrounding the house that he's in.thousands upon thousands(a lot) of corpses surrounding the mansion.Even more shocking, is that his girlfriend, Misty is in the house with him.He didn't want to leave her, but he had to.But, I'm getting ahead of myself, so, let's go back to the beginning.
They were dating, like any other day.But then they heard screaming.Everyone ran from the terror that was the zombie apocalypse.Gary tripped.He got back up.But by the time he did, the zombie had grabbed him.He broke 4th pillar:Don't allow the zombie to get a grip on you!What an idiot!I explained."It was horrible,"I said"Delia(his mom) was nothing but bones.And the, and then, she got worse.Like a zombie".Ash saw a zombie behind misty."LOOK OUT!" he said.*to be continued
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