Zutara: Of moto and Water Give me your honest opinion of Zutara(And Kataang)

gwevin12 posted on Sep 26, 2010 at 07:44PM
Hey everybody could you give me your HONEST opinion of Zutara and Kataang. Thanks:D
 hujambo everybody could wewe give me your HONEST opinion of Zutara and Kataang. Thanks:D

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita mary6pink said…
I'm a hardcore zutara. But a while back I also liked to read kataang. But the reason why I love zutara is that it's not a little crush, or a summer fling. Zuko and Katara have been through alot. Sure Aang and Katar have been through alot too, but zuko and katara were enemies but at the end great friends. Zuko took a lightning bolt for her. And she healed him, I would think that after that they would have kind of bond. Now my best friend, a hardcore kataang, says that aang saved katara's life plenty of times. I agree with that, but I wouldn't see that as a big thing, because at that same fight aang saved sokka's life and togh's life too. I also favor zutara over kataang is because of the age difference. Think about it, if we want all of the gaang to be together with some one inside the group, it would work if aang is with togh, katara and zuko, and suki and sokka. All of them are closer in age then combining them. I also love zutara because they are so cute together.
PrettyBender commented…
Good point X3 zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
narales commented…
if im just the writer of Avatar i think it would be zaidi better if zuko an katara end up together than aang and katara... zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita pandora1225 said…
Zutara sucks. It dosent even make sence. Kataang was ment to be And you zutarians know it you just wont admit it. Aang and Katara have a kid. You zaturians are not thinking right. ovio
 Zutara sucks. It dosent even make sence. Kataang was ment to be And wewe zutarians know it wewe just wo
PrettyBender commented…
Okay honesty is the best policy but wewe don't have to be rude. zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mistery17girl said…
ZUTARA FOREVER!!!shitaang i mean kataang is the worst thing to happen in the show!!!
PrettyBender commented…
I'm a zutaraian 2 but insulting other couples isn't nice. zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita V-GIRL96 said…
Critisizing zutarians is uncalled for pandora1225, only your opinion on the pairings was asked for. This is a zutara fanclub so you shouldn't be insulting people, it will only start a stupid fight. Obvio
PrettyBender commented…
Your so right! zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita gwevin12 said…
I agree with V-GIRL96.:D And with they other Zutarians. I'm SICK and TIRED of Kataangers coming on our fan club and ruining it for us. I mean it's not fair that you come over here and call us crazy or insane. Their are real people with feelings on the other side of your computer. All I'm asking is that Kataagers will please stop being so jerky, I'm not saying all Kataangers are that way, but the ones who are you stay on your fanclub and we stay on ours.Thank you. P.S. If someone took lighting for you wouldn't you fall in love with them.
last edited zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
 I agree with V-GIRL96.:D And with they other Zutarians. I'm SICK and TIRED of Kataangers coming on ou
PrettyBender commented…
I agree, I've never gone to the Kataang club let alone flame it. zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita ka1ley said…
I definetely AGREE
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita pophead101 said…
Zuko and Katara are a match made in heaven! They both had a hard time growing up. They are so alike but differnt. Yet Aang must have major feelings for her. Shes his whole world. But I think Katara acted as a mother to him most of the time.Even though they did kiss a few of times.
PrettyBender commented…
IKR <3 zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita xDark_Angelx said…
I've had feelings for Zutara during their talk in the crystal prison. It showed that they really had a connection based on their pasts, and that, war aside, they could be friends, or more. Zuko showed a side of himself to Katara, and she was the first person that trusted him. In the end, he wanted Katara to trust him the most, even going on a journey with her for that sake. It showed that this relationship is passionate and real.

As for Kataang, it just doesn't make sense. The only way it could work is because Aang is the Avatar, the protagonist, and Katara is his best girl friend who he crushed on. It was a usual idea from a show that almost always ends on a good note for the protagonist. Besides, did Aang ever really care about her? When she told him that her mother was killed by the Fire Nation ("the Southern Air Temple"), he pratically ignored her and talked about how things had to be alright for his people. He didn't understand, not then or in "the Southern Raiders." He said he understood, but he didn't have a mother; he was just trying to sound like he knew he did. They had their moments, but it didn't seem so real (especially in "the Ember Island Players," when he kissed her when she SAID she was confused) until they actually kissed. Which also makes no sense. Katara and Zuko had a huge moment during their confrontation with Azula, but it was like it was nothing. Zuko went back to Mai, and Katara refocused on Aang. They didn't even say anything to one another; just stared, then hugged, then kissed. I just wasn't as fascinated with this kiss than I thought I would.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita kataang123 said…
big smile
I think there both a good match i mean katara and zuko both lost there mother. Aang and katara both lost someone they love (monk gyatso and katara's mother). I am just a little more for kataang.So there is not any real reason to fight.
 I think there both a good match i mean katara and zuko both Lost there mother. Aang and katara both l
PrettyBender commented…
Exactly wewe alisema which couple wewe like with niceness! Thanks ^^ zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita domodomo said…
^ I love sokka in the background. Oh yeah and.........Go ZUTARA! Zuko and Katara both lost their mothers! Sure aang lost his whole race BUT to Katara IT WAS THE SAME THING actually Katara practically lost her whole SOUL. Katara is only a prize to Aang, when Aang first saw her he only liked her for her looks. AND not only that but Aang doesn't really understand what Katara is going through, it's shown in Amber Island Players(hoped I spelled that right.) Anyway JUST BECUZ U SHIP KATAANG DOESN'T MEAN U COULD JUST RUIN OUR FUN HERE! Oh and ZUTARA is literally To good to be true! FANON IS CANON. Domodomo out! peace!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita livelovelax said…
I think one of the reasons that some of us at least like Zutara is the symbolism. I love Zutara they look so cute together but think of it, Yin and Yang, Push and Pull
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita PrettyBender said…
Zutara is the best and most popular couple in Avatar the Last Airbender. Yin and Yang, Fire and Water, Push and Pull, Good and Bad, the symbols of life. They aren't innocent, they make mistakes, it's seems more real. I look at it this way, if A:TLA was set in the modern world Katara would be a high schooler and Aang a middle schooler. Even if she liked him she would be to old to date him (or be to ashamed) Now Zuko on the other hand would probably be the jock, the high school football star! They would be an item. I'm fourteen I know what I'm talking about cause a eleven (almost twelve) year old likes me, so I can relate to Katara.
PillePalle commented…
no one can say what would have happened had zuko much earlier group of connected whether katara maybe then it would have fallen in upendo and he in she. katara and aang have much time to fall in upendo and that is now happening. at the beginning hated katara zuko because it could only poor bingung arise. she could no longer fall in upendo with him, but now they are good friends. I find it so sad that zuko has not found its proper away earlier. they were such a great couple, but this is not so. really sad :( zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Thesunandmoon said…
yo :D I posted this on another poll, but who cares.

Zutara... Get ready for a long ass rant..

Hmmm for me I'm a hardcore Zutarian shipper, I will take it to my grave. But I can also understand why people would chose kattang,it's so simple, unlike zutara.

zuko and katara would have made such an epic couple for many reasons. And here are my reasons.

1. Pilot~

From what I've heard zuko was originally mean to be Katara's love interest. At the time katara was actually named kya,the shipping name was going to be kyko

Eventually her name was changed to Katara and Kya became her mothers Name.

From seeing the pilot episodes I can understand why they would have been a couple.

katara was very motherly( I mean season 3 mode lol) and even put aang in his place. But they had to change it ( due to many reason including the age of the fan base).

Still even if zutara never happened in "Cannon", it's just good to know that they were originally meant to be a couple, katara was "literally" made for zuko(sketched,imagined) and zuko for katara.


I love the chemistry between the charaters, it just keeps you on the edge and always wondering. I mean think about it . It's a 14 year old girl holding a deadly grudge against her 16 year old ex-enemy, it just screams drama and romance. It has that tension that keeps you excited and wanting more.
(yes and even some sexual tension,it's all part of growing up. Aang would not understand that, he's a monk and only 12. As I stated before, Katara is at the stage of becoming a women, she needs a "man" not a "little boy".

I also agree with the age thing, although aang is not to far from katara(only 2 years apart ) that is still a big gap. Katara is a young lady/becoming a women. Aang is still a child, he's got a lot to experience and learn.

Plus there's always the rule about boys. Take his age and minus it by 2, that's his "real" age and mindset. In reality although Aang is 12-13, Katara is dating a boy with the mindset of a 9-10 year old. It's just seems wrong and very creepy . Zuko however is 16-17, minus that by 2 and you get either 14-15. It's perfect, he's at Katara"s level of mindset, they grow at the same pace.

3.Opposites attract?~

Another reason would be opposites attract. Zuko represent male energy it's power,logic,heat roughness,sun,father and husband.

Katara represents female energy, it's change,creativity,coldness,smoothness,mmoo­­n,­m­o­th­­er and wife.
Seems familiar? It's ying and yang, balance, harmony. Polar opposites yet still one.
Katara and zuko represent balance and peace. Even Iroh stated that the fire nation needs the moon, it must balance out the power of the sun.

Both elements water and fire can be creators or destroyers.Fire can burn and Roast with its intense power and hear. But It can also bring life from the sun, create warmth and heat".

Even water can be a killer. Not only can it purify and wash away evil and pain , but it can wash away, drown and suffocate all of it's enemy's when not controlled.

Water and fire are both formidable elements, they balance out the other.

Think about it..

If we had no sun,there would be no summer and spring,( important for farming and such, it's also the seasons of love, growth ). In the end there would be be no heat to wash away the snow of winter and fall. While fall and winter cool the heat of summer and spring, it's a never ending cycle.just like the rise of the sun and the moon.

4. Back story's~

• everyone knows that katara and zuko have both lost something precious. Both have lost there child hood to the war. Katara cause she had to care for the village and zuko, because he was banished at 13.

let's be honest zuko never had a childhood, it was more like a never ending nightmare. I feel bad for him. His life in the palace was like a mind field, one slip up and you could lose your life( in Zuko's case his scar.

• Both katara and zuko have lost there mothers, katara"s mother being killed in a fire nation raid and zuko's mother leaving to keep him safe. Both can understand the pain of loosing a parent and someone they care for on a deeper level , zuko and katara can bond and fight though the pain together.

• Both have an absent father figure. Katara's father leaving for war and zuko leaving for 3 years of early life.

•Both katara and zuko have faced there deepest fears. Katara when she battled hama, she refused to blood bend. Zuko during the black sun, when his father shot lighting at him and he redirected it. He refused to become like his father.

5. The healer and the scared~
It just makes sense that katara would be with zuko, she is the "healer" and he is the wounded "boy" stuck inside the scared "man".

literally; mentally and physically, he has been punished for caring.this is why he shut away love,even when it came from his uncle

I feel like katara can calm and wash away the burning fire inside zuko, the fire that's been feeding off pain and anger through this life.

We see this when he looses his bending. (his fire was created due to his anger, but once he lost that he needed to learn an alternative motive)

Also water is the natural healing element. It purifies and washes away dirt, pain, anger.

Zuko is a warrior, his entire life has been a battle " he was luck to be born". He is stubborn and honors his pride highly.

Katara is the one who could care for him getting him to open up and become vulnerable. ( the crystal catacombs).

She should be the one to keep him calm and heal him thought the rest of his life; he deserves it.he deserves some R&R, he deserves some loving.

6. The good,the bad and the ugly~

Zuko has seen Katara's good side multiple times.

~ she offers to heal his uncle( an enemy, yet she wishes to heal him, she's seems bothered to see the strong pridefull prince, weak and broken.

~ she offers to heal his scar( he's her enemy, he's chased them abound the word).but she saw good in him, for a moment she believed that he was only a boy just as she was only a girl, both effected by the war.

(But he has also seen the bad)

~her anger and hatred at the temples
~Her rage during "the Southern raiders".He understands that she is a formidable enemy.
(Her ugly side consisted of the)
~souther raiders
~when he first joins"team avatar".

Zuko is able to understand all aspects of Katara. Not only the loving,caring and gentle side of Katara, but also the anger that she holds and what power it has over her. He sees that she not a perfect down to earth "angelic being". She's human and feels pain,anger. He understands that she not perfect.
He does not judge because he is the same, he is not perfect.

It's something that Aang could not understand, he wanted her to stay as the sweet and innocent girl that he had first met, when in reality she is not.

He hates the idea if her being filed by anger, and he judges her and "chooses" what"he" believes is right.
(Even if it is to let go of her anger and pain)

He would not understand her anger and hatred for the man that took her mother, he is a monk. He was raised in a time of peace ; she was raised during time of war and unbalance.

7. Trust*~

•Katara had open up to Zuko in the catacombs,(even if he was her enemy,she let out very delicate information). Zuko did the same,he became vulnerable and weak(in his eyes) to katara. Zuko is not the type to show weakness.
~ you must understand that where he was raised weakness is a dangerous trait, not only because his family was heartless but because he was a royal, his people would judge him as a future ruler; there is no place for weakness.

Ps: (fire is the element if power).

•Zuko trusted katara enough to allow her to touch his scar( she's the only known character to touch it after the palace healers), not even his uncle or "girl friend" has had the chance.why is that?of all people? Why not trust Iroh? Why did he trust katara so easily in the catacombs?

~ This has always been a biggie for me because of the very meaning. The scar represents Zuko's fears, his pain and when he was fragile. it shows just how miserable his life was as a child.The scar is a big "I don't love you slap " in the face from his father,and it's for the should entire world to see.
I've been burned multiple times thought my Life.I even have a scar on my shoulder from one of my more serious burns. The event was just traumatizing, after that i couldn't stand the though of fire or anything heated; I developed a deep fear.

The pain from the accident was excruciating,it felt like being cut by millions of little heated shards( well to me it was),it's not pleasant and has to be one of the most painful moments in my life. I had to care for it for about a month or two, maybe even longer.

Imaging the pain Zuko must have felt,(even if he is a fictional character). He cannot hide this scar,it's something he will never forget,this was caused by his own element; he cannot cower away, it runs in his vanes. And as I stated before,the whole world has a front row seat.

Anybody who has ever been a burn victim would probably understand. People pity you, they stare and sometimes judge; it's painful mentally and physically.
-back to rant-

•Although his scar represents pain and hatred off his father, it also represents Zuko's strength and "honor"( he never lost it). It shows that he will never be like his father,that he had a heart and cared for the people of his nation.
To me when Katara touched it, it was like she was saying "thank you"

looking after him,it's something that Zuko rarely gets, he's always been alone and a strong person, he's very independent (in my opinion).

• Zuko was able to give closure . He knew what could happen to yon rah if Katara was brought to him, and yet he still did it. He did not try and talk her out if it, he understood that it was something she need to "decide" for "herself". ( just as he had when returning to the palace after 3 years, he needed to see that nothing had changed, and nothing was going to bring back the good old days).

Katara had to learn that killing yon rah would not bring her mother back,
that buy killing him, she was going to give him an easy way out; away from guilt. Zuko was able to give Katara this experience,thus character growth.

In the end he let Katara "choose" for herself and that what really matters. He "trusted" Katara even if the outcome could have been deadly, he let her "choose" for "herself".

•Zuko trusted Katara enough to know that she was going to catch him,(after he battled Azula and was free falling off the blimp).No one else had bothered(even if in the end they would have lost Aang's "only" fire bending teacher.)

But Katara had been "watching" out for "him". Out of all the people? Why would she be watching for him?
(remember she loathed his guts). In the end it was "she" was concerned about his safety, and was willing to put her own life in danger.( they both could have fallen off,but she took the chance).

(Also if you watch as she catches him,you'll notice how she must pull him in to keep both if them from falling out of Appa. It would be a compromising possession for both. He would literally be laying flush on top of her, Katara's arms possible around his neck.) Zutaraians you should go and rewatch it ;).(to me) that's pretty intimate, especially for Zuko and Katara. But then again it inly adds fuel to the burning fire that is Zutara.
-back to rant-

•Zuko trusted Katara enough to bring her to one of his biggest challenges, to face one of his biggest monsters( his sister Azula).

He knew that Azula was powerful,
that this moment would be one of the most crucial milestones in his life.There could be blood shed, and not just anyone's blood; but his baby sisters blood.

(Even if she is wicked and far gone, Zuko is still her older bother. Once that was something dear to Zuko.
It was when life was flawless).

However the forthcoming of the consequence should be, Katara was yet selected to uphold the impending task . Why not bring Toph? She most likely could have ended the battle within moments. After all she is the "head" and "chief" when it comes to bending her element.

Nonetheless,Zuko knew this moment could be his ending and final. He's battling not only for his birth right( royalty and to be freed from his sisters fatal grip ), but also for his country and there we'll being. Who he choose will define the Eternity of not only his people but himself. It's vital that he triumphs in this looming trial.

8. Love?

The connection Katara and Zuko posses for one another is not meek, it's very complicated and involves deep thinking.There love needs no kisses or romance, the bond they have can transcend time, they are forever bound.
What I mean by that is they are TwinFlames. *another biggie for me, we would have to start a whole other convo for me to explain its complexity.(or you can search it up)
Aang is her soul mate,but Zuko is her twin flame.
-back to rant-

Aang states that he feel in love with her at first sight( she's the first girl he ever seen in 100 years). The love he feels for Katara is simply puppy love, one of a child with a crush. Where there would be innocent kisses and holding hands. Mentally Katara should be passed that stage in life,she's a young girl becoming a women.

How would he understand what true love is if he has never felt the love of a mother? Or the difference Of a crush? Of a first love? . He shouldn't since he was raised by male monks and was frozen in an iceberg I for 100 years.(He has no experience).

I understand that even the air nomads had a way to repopulate( we all know what that is) but that was probably when they we're in the ages of late 20"s early 30s and 40s(just my theory).

Anyone who has ever been in love understand that love at first sight is impossible.one cannot simply fall In love over night, it takes time and it takes understanding.

Love is not an easy task, it is one of the most beautiful thing you can experience but it's also dangerous.It can brake you or make you stronger. It can turn the purest of hearts dark.
(The outcome of Zuko's betrayal to Katara).

Zuko shows he "loves" or cares for Katara on multiple events.

•I'm pretty sure he not only felt guilty about disappointing his uncle, but for also betraying her.(beach house scene)

Katara was one of the first people to treat him like a human being, she offers to heal without payment,without thinking or judging, he was simple an "injured" boy needing her help.

"She was saving it for someone(important,special)". Originally zuko was going to join the gang at the ends of season 3, but they also changed that for some strange reason.

In the end Aang was injured and needed it or he would have died.
"Thus the end of the world".

•Zuko wanted Katara's trust.

"To trust someone, is to love that person"

If he never cared,"loved" her why would he want her trust so badly? He was so bothered,even if he had the rest of the groups approval. Why would it bother him so much? Do you see the resemblance?

~Zuko wanted love from his father and would do anything, even go on a wield goose chase to find a non- existent person. (Whenever Zuko says "honor" he means his fathers love"... Whelp that's what I feel and think).

~Zuko also wanted kataras trust"love", he was willing to do anything, he took her anger and hatred,her disappointment.
(Like he had with ozai, it's like he was trying to gain it all over again,can you imagine what strength Zuko must of had?)

-He was willing to put not only his life, but the gang's life in danger. What if they had been caught? Zuko would have been returned to his family , beaten to the edge of death then probably killed. Aang would not have a fire bending teacher.(he also needs to learn about redirecting lighting).( I know it's a bad thing, but people do crazy things when "in love".

•He saved her from being crushed.If you watch the show carefully , you can see that he actually "shoves" suki out of the way to get to katara.

Suki was much closer to katara and could have saved katara herself,but it was zuko who was "watching" out for her,the one who had saved her.

If you watch how he tackles her, you can see that he cares for her. From the way that he uses his own body as a cushion so she won't feel the impact of the floor,his body skids against the ground as he keeps her from harm, or how he shields her away from the shards of stone that could cause injures to her.

( we don't think much about these details due to it being a cartoon and a child's show, but if it were reality, thous factors could add up to an injury).

• Zuko takes lighting for Katara. What's there more to say? He risks his own life and the future of his county to save a girl that was once his rival and enemy, a person that once despised and loathed him.

By taking that lightning he saying something to Katara,he cares deeply about her life ,in a way he "loves" her.
(I understand he might not realize about the "sacrificing his country" at first , but in a way he does. He knows he could loose his life if he saved her).

Even before the agni kai began he challenged Azula alone, knowing of her power and gift as a skilled master. He know"s what damage she can create and that he could possibly loose his life in the process.

In a way I feel like the situation was similar to his agni kai with ozai, but this time it's azula.

Zuko cared about his country and the people serving and risking there lives, he was willing to challenge the general( not knowing it was his basterd father) ,not only for his honor but there honor and lives as well.

It's the same when he challenges azula. When he agrees to the challenge he's willing to fight to the death , not only for his county but for the life and honor of Katara,for her
"And this way no one else has to get hurt" (I think that's what zuko said, it's similar). He's willing to get hurt, but he dose not want any harm to katara.
I'm not implying the he thinks she is weak. Zuko understands that she can fight, he knows of her passion and will power to win, this is why he chose her to be his "battle buddy".

He chose the person he "trusted" the most, the person he knew who would have his back covered; a person who could finish the battle if he failed himself, a formidable bender.

9. Equals~

When I think about Katara and Zuko as a couple, I can see them as equals. But when it comes to Aang and katara I feel that it's unbalanced.

Katara has always been the mother/sister figure. Either with her brother or the gang,she was the glue that kept the group together.

Katara mothers everyone with the exception of Suki and Zuko. She looks after Sokka,Toph and Aang as if they are her children. she cooks cleans and does the shopping.

Zuko however is her senior, he's already considers a young adult(although he's only 16/17).Zuko has always been "alone" and on his own ; Although he was somewhat accompanied by his uncle Iroh.