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I&# 39; m deleting all old pictures of me. Here&# 39; s a new one(:
Ahh. One Year<3 -Tuesday- photo
Ahh. One Year& lt; 3
Cristofer Drew:) -Tuesday- photo
Cristofer Drew:)
Cristofer Drew aka Nevershoutnever :) -Tuesday- photo
Cristofer Drew aka Nevershoutnever :)
Yuki And Tohru :) <3 -Tuesday- photo
Yuki And Tohru :) & lt; 3
Gotta Love
Gotta upendo &# 39; em
Best band ever!! -Tuesday- photo
Best band ever!!
California is for lovers :) <3 -Tuesday- photo
California is for lovers :) & lt; 3
Alex evans :D -Tuesday- photo
Alex evans : D
SEXAY!!!! -Tuesday- photo
Heartbreaker <3 -Tuesday- photo
Heartbreaker & lt; 3