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Please post a BOY anime character with blonde hair?

79 answers | my answer: Nagisa Hazuki from Free!

The most handsome anime character.

290 answers | my answer: Mako-chan!! He so cute

What type of 'dere' are you?

38 answers | my answer: Tstundere and kuudere :3

Who is the coolest black haired anime male character (in your opinion)?

10 answers | my answer: Sebastian from Black Butler

Post an anime character who has the same hair and eye color.

15 answers | my answer: Gou Matsuoka from Free! I think she has same hair a...

Post picture of an anime with Red Eye!!

18 answers | my answer: Sebastian from Black butler

anime Art Contest!

42 answers | my answer: I tried to draw Rize Kameishiro from Tokyo Ghoul I...

Your least inayopendelewa anime character?

10 answers | my answer: Yuno From Miraii Nikki au Future Diray I hate her b...

Post a series that is family and kid-friendly

7 answers | my answer: Azumanga Daioh it might a little bit of curse words...

Post your juu 5 anime guys!!

44 answers | my answer: 1. JAPAN from Hetalia (also pic shown below) 2.Ita...