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  • Favorite TV Show: Say Yes To The Dress, Four Weddings, Cake Boss, I Found the Gown, Haley Ever After: The Dress
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BelleRose829 alisema kuhusu BelleRose829 (Olivia)
Even though my club was absolutely shat on kwa Jessowey, I'm not uchungu, chungu at all so long as my kura za maoni are still in good shape! ilitumwa siku 9 zilizopita
BelleRose829 alisema kuhusu Disney Princess
hujambo guys! I know I haven't been here for a while, but if anyone wants to stay in touch follow me on twitter @theyruinedwinx

We can start a group chat there too if wewe like, me and some other users started one a while zamani if anyone wants to join. ilitumwa siku 9 zilizopita
deedragongirl ametoa maoni…
Thanks, I'm not really THAT active on twitter. siku 9 zilizopita
BelleRose829 ametoa maoni…
^its all good, I'm just looking for a way to us all to connect since this place is dead all the time siku 7 zilizopita
UnholyNoise alisema …
omg those ikoni from the camh kura ya maoni are gorgeous!! ilitumwa miezi 6 iliyopita
BelleRose829 ametoa maoni…
thanks! Only 2 of them are mine tho, I did a lot of searching for the others, glad someone noticed! miezi 6 iliyopita