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Do wewe want jellal and erza to be together as an official couple?*JeRzA*

8 answers | my answer: no, i'm starting to warm up to the idea of Gray x E...

What are wewe watching right now?

33 answers | my answer: a lot of things. juu priority to watch to the fini...

Do wewe tend to stick to a specific genre of anime?

18 answers | my answer: Nope. 40% Seinen, 40% Shonen, and 20% Shoujo.

Post a short anime character!

35 answers | my answer: Poplar from Working!!

Post a picture au a video of a mecha anime

6 answers | my answer: Escaflowne. I find it very odd that I'm not really...

~Post an anime girl with a dress/skirt on

22 answers | my answer: Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

I need to watch a new anime! But I need a good one with good fighting in it and it is also funny!!

14 answers | my answer: If wewe want an anime with funny fighting in it, I'd...

any good anime with romance, fantasy/ Supernatural?

6 answers | my answer: Karin. The manga is called Chibi Vampire. Here'...

post a guy au girl who can do something only they can do for their gender.

1 answer | my answer: That's a tough one. Not sure if this counts, but N...

post an anime character thats making an attack

16 answers | my answer: Shinigami Chop! (Soul Eater)