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Well, my advice is, just choose any profession that suits wewe and truly makes wewe happy. Also, the profession that will guarantee a succeed future for wewe in 5 years au so. Don't worry about that tho, just focus on your high school first. Yeah, I know! It's very clear that they are all uncomfortable when Doni and Coni asked them the question, wewe can see how uneasy everyone is! I was so pissed when that happened. People have the nerve to call Shownu useless leader -,- ilitumwa siku 18 zilizopita
Miraaa ametoa maoni…
The fact that ppl are accusing and hating on mx bc of what doni and coni did was hilarious and just stupid. I feel so bad for them ugh I hope these won't effect them emotionally, we know how sensitive Wonho is, and he can easily be down bc of this. Ugh I hope they're happy and well tho, they deserve it! siku 18 zilizopita
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BTS career will end soon if their mashabiki keep talking shit and calling the KINGS BIGBANG & Super Junior flops & starting shabiki wars with every fandom!! I hope Karma au GOD deals with them soon!! ilitumwa siku 18 zilizopita
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& whats with them being so hype of John Cena?? LMAOOO its not a big deal!! siku 18 zilizopita
I know this is Infinite club but I am going to make a club for their brother group GOLDEN CHILD!! They have amazing vocals & and incredible in synch dancing skills like not surprised!!!! They also have amazing visuals! Ill put the link here when it is made!!Thanks Inspirit!! ilitumwa siku 18 zilizopita