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Christina0924 alisema kuhusu Lovelyz
Happy Birthday to the adorable and dorky vocal of Lovelyz Ryu Sujeong! ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita
Christina0924 alisema kuhusu MYNAME
Happy Birthday to our amazing rapper of MYNAME Seyong!! ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita
Christina0924 alisema kuhusu Kpop
Ok so this has been bothering me and if course I'm going to stand up for my faves because they deserve better...but why is YG insulting group's about their concepts on MIXNINE?This man has done nothing for Lee Hi 5th anniversary, never can manage IKON & just keeps shoving them to Japan, BLACKPINK get one au 2 songs a comeback and still no album yet and they have even complained themselves, WINNER basically get no promotion and INNERCIRCLES had to wait over a mwaka for a comeback, he+ ilitumwa siku 15 zilizopita
Christina0924 ametoa maoni…
obviously showed a long time zamani that he didn't give a shit about 2NE1 and always delays comeback and shit but had the nerve to come at LOONA''S concepts! wewe guys probably don't know who they are because I know people like to sleep on talent but then as soon as something big happens to them au they mention your inayopendelewa boy group au girl group wewe are all of a sudden a "fan" but they are a pretty decent group with beautiful video & vocals. Then he tries to come at A.C.E's Donghan for the shorts that they wore during the "CACTUS" promotions..well he put him in his place and brought how your IDOL YG MINO WORE THE SAME TYPE OF SHORTS IN "LOVE ME upendo ME" So wewe have no room to talk! He left YG speechless cause he replied with "AH" & that's it...I'm also sick of wewe CL stand running your mouths about other female rappers and bashing them and comparing them to CL. Screaming lyric into a microphone doesn't make wewe the best & siku 15 zilizopita
Ieva0311 ametoa maoni…
But I think bringing hate to groups is also wrong because it's not they fault it's agency who decide how should they dress, what to sing, how to act. People believe that they fav idols can act how they want but in the end company decide everything. siku 13 zilizopita
Christina0924 ametoa maoni…
Yeah which is why I alisema IT IS YGS FAULT. I never alisema it was MINO's FAULT! YG should sit his old self down and quit uigizaji like everything he put on his idols is "cute" just cause it cost thousands and millions of dollars siku 10 zilizopita