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Big Bang

Put in order your favourite to your least favourite Big Bang member :)

78 answers | my answer: 1. T.O.P <33 2. G-Dragon <3 3. Daesung >.< 4. Ta...
Big Bang

G-Dragon contest! Props!!

14 answers | my answer: This is my inayopendelewa picture G-Dragon from 'Breath'...

♥Post a picha of Park Bom!~♥

15 answers | my answer: She looks so nice ~ 'MelOn muziki Awards 2012' on th...
Girl’s Generation/SNSD

Post your fav picha of JeTi {Tiffany&Jessica}~♥

10 answers | my answer: ~~ Aww <i>JeTi</i> ! ^.^

Post The MV of your favourite song at the moment

17 answers | my answer: This is the best.. <3
Teen juu

Post a gif of Ljoe♥*♥*♥

10 answers | my answer: And that's my L.Joe ! ~❤ ❥ I ♥ he smile ^.^...
Teen juu

Ljoe on stage~ post a pic of ljoe on stage♥*♥*♥

10 answers | my answer: I looked so long time but I got it ~! L.Joe on the...

♥Post a picha of Lady Gaga with brown hair~♥

9 answers | my answer: Cutee brunette ~ ℳo†her ℳons†er ♠

Post picha of Kyungsoo~♥

11 answers | my answer: <b>Kyungsoo</b>~♥ <i>D.O.</i> ~ bigger size:...
kpop 4ever

Can someone tell me all infinite's songs?

3 answers | my answer: Now what I remember and what I have got on my playl...