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waigizaji maarufu

Who are your celebrity crushes? Plz post a pic of your biggest crush :)

26 answers | my answer: ♥JUSTIN BIEBER ♥TAYLOR LAUTNER ♥ZAC EFFRON...
waigizaji maarufu

WHY do so many people think Rob Pattinson is ugly? He's GORGEOUS!

55 answers | my answer: no u got it ALL WRONG.....JUSTIN BIEBER IS DA SEXIE...
Justin Bieber

what do u think causes bieber fever

11 answers | my answer: omg where 2 start... his looks,hair,music, and how...
Justin Bieber


6 answers | my answer: ha this isnt da 1st time ive seen it
Justin Bieber

Okay can anyone help me out my cousin says justin bieber is from canada.My brother says justin bieber is from washington.Can wewe help me figure out which one is right?

17 answers | my answer: omg!! he is from....CANADA!!!!! im srry but who doe...
Justin Bieber

ok feel free 2make maoni but i' just asking for those who hate justin bieber y do u? like giv me a gud reason and i'll leave u alone about it

5 answers | my answer: yea i mean i upendo him as much as his mother but SER...
Justin Bieber

If wewe met Justin Bieber in front of your PARENTS, what would wewe do!?

10 answers | my answer: i wud get rlly excited!! thn hug him and start talk...
Justin Bieber

who ever uploads the hottest pic of justin bieber will get 15 heshima 2nd place 8 heshima 3rd 5 heshima 4th place 2 heshima and 5th place 1 prop..good luck..REMEBER HOTTEST JB PIC...:D

8 answers | my answer: Dis da HOTTEST PIC!!!!
Justin Bieber

Ok im having a contest to see who can put up the best picture of Justin :) u will get heshima for first, sekunde and third place

20 answers | my answer: This da BESTEST pic!!!!
Justin Bieber

ok what would wewe do if justin bieber knoked on your door and asked wewe out what would wewe do

9 answers | my answer: I'd jus act calm & not freak out then i wud just sa...