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  • Female
  • Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, nyota vs the Forces of Evil, MLP: FiM, Devil May Cry, Soul Eater, Ghost Hunt, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto
    Favorite Movie: The Lion King, St Trinian's, Bolt, Alice in Wonderland, Ghost Rider, The Nightmare before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Studio Ghibli
    Favorite Musician: Within Temptation, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Sum 41, X-Ray Dog, Creature Feature, Vocaloid
    Favorite Book or Author: Skulduggery Pleasant, The Demonata Series, Wicca Series, manga
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kateandme alinipa heshima za my articles
A bila mpangilio heshima for a great old friend! ilitumwa siku 8 zilizopita
JadTheWolf ametoa maoni…
oh thanks, you're like the first person to talk to me in like ages siku 8 zilizopita
kateandme ametoa maoni…
That stinks... I'm around fp for a few weeks so if wewe wanna talk I'm here again for a bit :) siku 8 zilizopita
JadTheWolf ametoa maoni…
Thanks :) siku 8 zilizopita
whatsupbugs alinipa heshima za my comments
Thank wewe for adding me. ilitumwa miezi 4 iliyopita
JadTheWolf ametoa maoni…
No problem miezi 4 iliyopita
pipcool2 alisema …
hi ilitumwa miezi 8 iliyopita
JadTheWolf ametoa maoni…
Greetings miezi 8 iliyopita