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if wewe could what anime person would wewe go out with??????????????

30 answers | my answer: Len Tsukimori !!! upendo him ❤

who do wewe think is the most creepy anime character wewe have ever seen

27 answers | my answer: Alucard

Post a picture of a pink Haired anime Girl

63 answers | my answer: luka megurine - vocaloid

Post an awesome picture of a Bleach character(s)!!!

20 answers | my answer: this one :3

Who is the bestest, custest.,awesomest and hottest anime boy? (only for girls)

45 answers | my answer: LEN TSUKIMORI !! >.<

(CONTEST) Post a picture of any anime (girl au guy) playing au holding a violin!! \ (^0^) /♥

29 answers | my answer: len and kahoko from la corda d'oro i upendo len !!...

what wouldyou choose anime au manga?

12 answers | my answer: both :)

post a pic of anime girl with short hair

64 answers | my answer: shoko from la corda d oro :)

Post a picture of your anime crush! (For fun)

31 answers | my answer: ♥ Len Tsukimori from la corda d oro ♥

What manga do wewe really desperately wish they would make into an anime?

20 answers | my answer: ''Dengeki daisy'' and ''why do wewe upendo me?''