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  • Favorite TV Show: ➳ anime (of any kind) ➳ 13 reasons why ➳ arrow ➳ criminal minds ➳
    Favorite Movie: ♚ moana ♚ the legend of johnny lingo ♚ annie (1982) ♚ war room ♚
    Favorite Musician: // te vaka | aradhana | nicole scherzinger | bruno mars \\
    Favorite Book or Author: ☂ any book of romance/drama/fiction/fantasy ☂
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Vilabu Vyangu

ukuta wangu

It's tear-jerking to find that they won't be waiting for us to come and play..
(rest in peace, lynn thigpen! ;-; (voice of Luna) ilitumwa masaa 3 yaliyopita
LightSoul99 alisema kuhusu The Proud Family
one of the best 90s shows ever on tv.
(i'm so happy i was born in the 90s! >.<) ilitumwa masaa 3 yaliyopita
LightSoul99 alisema kuhusu Sukitte Iinayo.
such a cute shoujo..
(i admit .. i felt a little frustrated with mei, but! she's still my favourite!) ilitumwa masaa 15 yaliyopita