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Why do wewe hate Pocatontas 2?

1 answer | my answer: I don't hate it, particularly. In fact, I admire it...
Rachel jogoo

What is your inayopendelewa song kwa Rachel?

3 answers | my answer: 1. What A Song Can Do... 2. Mean Girls... 3. Lemo...

If wewe could make your own anime what would wewe put in it and what would your characters be in the story?

1 answer | my answer: I don't think I could... I mean, I have a couple of...

What did wewe think of anniewannie when wewe first met her?

1 answer | my answer: When I first saw her, I thought she was a beautiful...

How did wewe discover "Hal"?

1 answer | my answer: Through Google! I basically just searched anime mov...